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Dean’s EI Week

Dean has been frustrated lately, because I have been starting to more vigorously discourage him putting any toy in his mouth. I have been redirecting him to mouth his chew tube instead. Dean will no longer be having two OT sessions a week, not because he doesn’t need it. His OT finally admitted that she can only commit to once a week. She has a lot of personal stuff going on in her life right now and I wish her the best. She will no longer be coming on Mondays, so this frees up Monday mornings for ABA to start another session and to run the full week Monday through Friday. This way, Dean gets more service hours with the group that I think has been making such a big difference in his life and I credit them with helping him learn to talk just as much as us.

6/7/18 – OT

Dean was a little more tired than typical. Mike reported he had gotten up earlier than typical. He is drooling more and isn’t allowing tooth brushing as easy, so he probably is getting some molars. Dean did excellent. He has loved working with manipulatives. Puzzles are his favorite. He sat for about 40 minutes working through a variety of toys. He placed 2 beads on string independently today and all other beads he only needed minimal help. Could not do pictures for snack time, because he did not want a snack. Will try to print pictures of toys/TV, so he needs to use those to ask for things.

6/8/18 – Speech

Mom reports – He is answering some yes/no questions, “Good night, Good boy”, “I love you”, “yes”, “no”, “nuh-uh”, “I don’t want it”, “Have it”, “Gimmie”, and “mom”. Dean was seen at home with his family and ABA team. He had a nice attention span to books and shape sorter. He is allowing hand over hand for help sign. He continues to point on his own. Using more vocalizations with intonation. “See” and “pick me up”.

  • LEA referral with Hannah on 6/18/18

I am very proud of Dean’s accomplishments and look forward to spending my Sundays and days off with him. He is a big part of my life and happiness. With college starting around the corner, I want to cram in as much Dean time as I can. Later today, we are going to go in the pool and have a swim. I hope the life jacket fits better this year and I can at least have my hands free. I would love to show him how to paddle. Even just sitting in the pool with him is fun. I love watching him grow and turn into a little boy. He has changed so much other these past few months.

With Love,


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Makeup Monthly: June

Another month gone. I lost my May photos as you may know if you have been reading my blog. So, I cannot comment on last month really, because I cannot show you the photo and recap the month. Let us start off fresh with the June makeup that I will be using and wearing. I wanted bright, fun, but also easy to wear makeup. On work days, I get up early and only have time for few things. This is reflected in my makeup choices. On my days off and work from home days, I can put in a bit more effort and use all of these products or a good amount anyways.

I really want to use up this B&BW perfume once and for all. It smells great like a lime freshly juiced. The problem? It lasts as long as a body spray, so an hour at most. I like my perfume to last all day or at least, most of it. I totally forgot about this BareMinerals trio that I own. I remember not liking the bronzer, so I am going to try it again and see my thoughts on it. The blush, I don’t think I liked either. I really love the highlight though. I remember getting this on sale at Sephora. If I end up not liking the blush and/or bronzer, I am just going to crack them out of the pans and keep the highlighter. I have a good dip in that. I love the Kat Von D liquid lip in Pool Party. I want to get serious use out of it. The Avon I just want to use up and plan on using at work on my desk. The PIXI cheek gel is SUPER old. I want to use up this gel blush this month. I love how easy eye glosses are to use. But I love my Stila Glitter and Glows. Would love to use up this gloss in June.

This is all the makeup that I will be using this month (for the most part). Do you do a monthly makeup bag to rotate your stash?

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

It has been a big week of Dean starting to talk and being able to communicate with him. Words cannot even start to describe the joy that I am feeling right now and the pride, oh the pride. I am so proud that my little boy has finally been confident enough to speak and to learn how to talk. I will never be tired of hearing that little voice tell me that he loves me or ask me for milk. He still relies heavily on nonverbal interactions, but that was all he knew all his life. Talking is really, really new to him and I don’t expect him to be an expert any time soon. I will talk anything that I can get. I am not picky about what he says or how he says it. I am just happy that he is talking.

6/5/18 – Ann

Dean had a lot of energy this morning. Moved quickly through toys. Started new inset puzzle. Pushing monkeys away, has become non-preferred. Pointing looks great. Fully independent with 3 different shape sorters.

6/6/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. Did well on programs. He was very vocal. Went over programs with Joyce.

6/6/18 – Joyce

Mom and Mike reported lots of language! “I don’t wanna have it” “Yup” “Goodnight good boy” We heard “Do” and “Yeah”. Lots of nice eye contact. Blew through his toy play. Excellent progress. *Kitchen chair usage-concern.

6/7/18 – Ann

Dean had lots of energy. Enjoyed active play – chasing bubbles, rolling ball. Not interested in snack today. Lots of chewing on chew tube entire session.

6/8/18 – Ann

Dean was eager to play and great eye contact this morning. Pointing looked great. Lisa observed starting at 9 am.

6/8/18 – Joyce

Met Lisa. (Part of Ann’s session). Observed Dean outside on trampoline. Talked briefly about programs and progress.

If I could share any advice right now to someone in my shoes whose child is nonverbal, I would tell them to never give up the hope that their child will speak. Never stop having a one-way conversation to your child. They absorb so much and if it wasn’t for my constant babble, I don’t think he would be talking right now. I talk to Dean about everything from makeup to cleaning. Even if I was just narrating what I was doing, I was always talking to him and I continue to do so. Now, I get the occasional reply, request, or comment. Sometimes, he’ll just repeat a word I say back to me. He’s listening. They are all listening, even if they can’t let you know that they are.

With Love,


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5 In: Dean Edition

I decided to rename my haul posts, because I always just feature 5 products at a time (unless it is a store themed haul like Macy’s or Sephora) and I am going to be naming my review posts 5 Out. I will be reviewing 5 empty items at a time. Do not worry. I am still doing a listing empties post, but now my reviews will be a block of 5. A fellow blogger pointed out that my reviews are really short for a full post, so I thought that I would group 5 together to make it interesting enough to read and not annoying. I hope you all like this new style. I also wanted to announce that I will be going to an every other day posting schedule to prepare for college. So, every week there will be 3 to 4 posts instead of 6 to 7. Thank you for understanding.


Dean has been OBSESSED with Deb’s bubble wands lately, so I bought a pack for him for us to use at home. His Paw Patrol bubbles were running low anyway. He has a preference for the pink and blue. I don’t think he knows that the bubbles aren’t any different in the other tubes. lol. It is super fun to watch him pop all of the bubbles or at least try to anyway.

This squish ball caught my attention while looking at the swings in Walmart. I gave Dean the option of green or blue and he picked the blue. It is a really cool, fun ball. I remember having a similar ball minus the texture pieces and smaller. It was also filled with a shimmer liquid that was deemed to be toxic if swallowed, so it was taken off of the market. These are empty but like huge stress balls. I kinda want one for my desk at work now if they have a purple one. Dean loves the different texture that this ball has. It is very sensory engaging.

I bought two sets of crib teething guards on Amazon, because Dean has been eating the paint and wood off of his. I knew that the gelly ones wouldn’t cut it for us, so I opted for the cloth. It took two packs, a total of 6 pieces to fully cover his extra wide crib.

They are washable and I plan on washing them once a week. They took about 45 minutes to tie on all of the pieces securely. It requires some retying maintenance throughout the week of a few of them that he tends to pick at. He hasn’t been able to remove them yet and I hope he doesn’t learn soon. He is not ready for a toddler bed, which is my last resort (a plastic one) if he removes me and starts eating the wood again.


I bought Dean his own stringing bead set, because this is a skill that he needs to build on. He loves trying, but gets easily frustrated. He hasn’t mastered how to get the string in the hole by himself yet. Once you get it in for him, he can push it the rest of the way through and pull it through the bead on the other side independently most of the time.


I had to buy another straw cup for Dean. The other two were worn out and started pouring out. I am going to be buying a few more. These are the only cups that he is really into and works well with him. He sips assisted out of a cup, but he is just too hyper to learn right now how to drink out of a cup. These cups make it so easy to keep him hydrated. When I buy a few more, I will try to get him to drink his milk out of them. I think that I will finally throw away the bottles for good. It might be time for him. I will have to see how he does in the next couple of months. I want to make sure that he is ready to let go. The dentist isn’t worried about the bottles, just that he brushes his teeth and doesn’t drink milk in the crib to sleep. I brush his teeth every night and morning and he gets a bottle of tap water at night. It’s been hot at night in his room.

Well, this wraps up Dean’s purchases over the month of May and a bit of June. I love to spoil him. I forgot to photograph the four books that I scored at Marshall’s for him. I paid $9.70 for 4 hard cover baby books, which is a steal. Three of them were $3 each and one was 70 cents. He goes through books a lot. He flips through them so much that the spine breaks and he’s not exactly gentle with them either. It just makes it super affordable to enrich his mind by saving at least 50% off of his books.

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

Because of the Memorial day Holiday, Dean only had one OT session this past week. He has been doing very well. He is very independent, but does initiate play with me. He’ll be reading a book (looking at the pages) and he will come over to me with the book. He just wants to share it with me, so I will point things out in the pictures for him. He loves to be chased from his room to the living room couch and play “monster” where I chase him on all fours. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t think I’ll ever have another person this great in my life. He’s good for me and he loves me, even when I get frustrated. He understands more than others think.

5/31/18 – OT

Dean said the word “star” the other day and “hot dog”. He sounded like he said help 1X today. He was obviously tired today. He was eager and willing to complete manipulatives today, but any demands for interaction except pointing to desired items, he would get frustrated. Bead stringing he did well with attempting to place dowel in hole and was independent 2xs.

  • Continue to use pictures for food especially during snack times.
  • Offer chewy tube throughout the day so hopefully it will replace biting dresser.

It’s times like these where I love him even more, because he shows me just how lovable he can be. His foulest mood makes me smile. His cries make me giggle sometimes, because he just looks so cute doing it. I couldn’t imagine life without this beautiful boy in my life. I always knew that something was missing inside of me. I walked through life aimlessly with no purpose, until he came along and showed me that I was worth being loved. He loved me without me having to love him first. He saw me and loved me. Your first love doesn’t have to be sexual. My first true love is my son. John didn’t love me. He loved the thought of me and how I looked. He didn’t care when he hit me and verbally lowered my self worth.

Dean loves me with the purest kind of love. The kind of love that having a child links you with. I would never hurt him and sever that love that I hold so precious. The love that I never had as a child that made me vulnerable to the likes of John: the first guy to show me any kindness and then broke me. Dean put me back together again. I was broken before him. I don’t know if anyone knew, but I was. Now, I have a purpose again. To give this boy the best life that I never had and it requires me to give thought to myself. What do I want? What do I want that I can give to Dean? And so, my journey to a degree begins. The first thing I want for Dean is a home and I want to give that to him.

With Love,


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Birthday Haul

My best friend in the whole world recently gave me my birthday present and I want to share what I got from her with all of you. She always knows just what to get me and it is so funny. She is the one person that I find hard to shop for. We are both into beauty and books and she has a ton of both. Most of the time, she already has what I am thinking of getting her. The past two years though, I had been giving her a book in a book series and she really loved that, but she bought the next book herself. lol. I always ask for hints every year, because I don’t want to be that person who gets them something they already have. Luckily for me, I have an idea of what to get her this year and she will be impressed. Impressed, I say!

Who doesn’t love some sheets masks? The best part? She got me a cruelty free brand. Yes, you heard that right! She has been listening to my recent beauty rants on my blog. I couldn’t be happier! The brand is The Sharing Co and they donate a small portion of their sales to animal shelters. The Hyaluronan Mask is to help Pit Bulls, which I would own one if I could. The Soothing Mask is to help out Dalmatians. The Elasticity Mask is designed to help the Tabby Cat. The Brightening Mask has no animal in mind, just that happy animals (like playing in the snow) give them a better chance of survival at a shelter. The backs of the packets are so educational and when I start to use these up, I will definitely share what they say in my reviews. I cannot wait to try these and I have been more into pampering myself lately. I have been masking a few times a week and try to do a sheet mask every two weeks or so.

And of course books! My two passions in life: books and skin care. LOL. All kidding aside, I am really excited to read all three of these. I have already cracked into the Sarah Dessen book, because I read an excerpt in the most recent one that I read Saint Anything and it made me hungry for another Sarah Dessen novel. I really like the more mature themes in her recent books. I have to say that she is back up there with my favorite authors. Dangerous Creatures is a spin off series to Beautiful Creatures. I am unsure if I should read it or read the other three books first in case this one contains spoilers for the other books in the other series. Since You’ve Been Gone seems like the perfect summer read to read by the pool, which I totally plan on reading it there.

Thank you so much D! I really love everything and it was so thoughtfully picked out. I am so grateful that God brought such a great friend into my life who has been my rock through all of my ups and downs. Living life with me is a roller coaster for me and I’m glad that you have my back and I get to spend my life growing up with you.

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

I will say that some of the things his therapists have been writing have not been news to me. I have been practicing stringing beads with Dean, since I bought him his own kit. He has been independently threading the beads and pulling them through on a 50/50 basis. So, it was no surprise to me when his OT wrote that he attempted to put the dowel through the hole for the very first time, because for him, for us, it wasn’t. Makes me really proud of my boy. He is continuing to accomplish so much and growing at a rapid pace. I don’t know how I manage to keep up most days. It has been so nice having one day a week to dedicate to my boy. Once college starts we won’t be spending as much time together. I plan to do my college mostly while he is sleeping during naps and bedtime. Also, when I got to work at lunch, so I only have to take away a little of our time together. Time when your children are young is so precious.

5/21/18 – OT

Dean has been eating and sleeping well. Hannah ordered cloth crib guards since he has been chewing on crib. He goes to foot doctor on Wednesday. Dean’s visual motor skills are good. He was able to complete 4 puzzles with good visual scanning. He matched all pieces! With travel puzzle, he needed help with orientation to insert. Puzzles he has done before, he was able to place in board independently. Stringing beads today he did well with not putting dowel in mouth today. He also attempted to place dowel through hole today first time ever.

  • Continue to use pictures for him to choose what he wants to eat for snack time.

5/21/18 – Speech

Dean wanted to be on glass table today and was very upset when told no and removed. He was persistent until he was able to jump on his trampoline. He enjoyed working with shape stacker for a few minutes.

  • Use repetitive words with actions
  • Continue with pointing

5/24/18 – OT

Dean has started a new habit of sticking hands down his diaper front and back. Dean did very well today despite also having a busy morning. He sat and played with items of his choosing for 35 minutes. Including 5 puzzles and bead stringing. He is beginning to initiate placing string into bead hole which is new. He also did excellent visual scanning at snack time to select picture of item he wanted.

  • If hands down the pants continue, suggest having him wear onesies. Kids go through developmental exploration phase but Dean may not receptively understand when told to stop or deep pressure demands may be too extreme for him to stop.

Yup, we got to the stage where Dean has started to put his hands down his pants and hump his pillow more often. He mainly likes to itch his butt cheeks and grab the front of his diaper when sitting down. Nothing too extreme. The humping though. The humping has gotten so much worse. He is humping every day and sometimes tries to hump my leg or arm when wrestling. He hasn’t gotten any sores yet (like he has in the past), so we are just letting him be and not bring any attention to it unless he is doing it to me. Then, I redirect his behavior after telling him no. My fingers are just itching to write another blog post. I am just so used to writing that I never want to stop. lol. So therapeutic.

With Love,