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The Haul Of My Life

I thought that I would share a haul that I bought for myself. I am only showing 5 things in this post, so you might see a few haul posts in the next few weeks. I will try to keep them spaced out, but I love sharing what I bought with all of you. I was going to write my Sephora Play! post, but realized that I didn’t take pictures of it yet. So, I decided to do a haul post instead. Kind of a fail on my part but I think you guys will still appreciate a great haul post. I also neglected to take a picture of my manicure for Manicure Monday, so I need to do that as well and have it just go up next Monday. I am starting to get back into painting my nails again. I love how my nails look painted. So pretty!


I bought this deep repair mask at Marshall’s for $22.99. This originally goes for $48, so I know I got a great deal on something that I have always wanted to try before. I plan on bleaching my hair heavily and doing something cool with it. I am putting on a hair mask every week to prep my hair for the intense bleaching session that is to come. My hair is getting a bit greasy from doing a mask every week, but it is worth protecting my hair and strengthening it for what is to come.


I bought a Tiffany blue ruffle bedding set from Walmart for $40 and I bought the sheet and extra pillow cases separately in a similar color. I love the ruffles in it and the color goes with the theme of my room. It brightens up my room as well and adds some much needed color when all of the furniture is white and the bed is a nice cream.

I bought two pairs of shoes at Walmart for a total of $6 dollars. It was $3 a pair and I am in love with the gray sneaker and the cowboy boots. I just love them both so much especially considering the cheap price. I highly recommend buying shoes during clearance events. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean they will fall apart quickly. My shoes always last for years after I buy them, never a season, but I also take care of them. I don’t have a ton of shoes, so these really rounded out my collection.


I needed a new wallet and I thought this one looked cute at Walmart. It also protects against the newest way to rip off people’s credit cards, so I also feel like my cards will be okay as well. It it very roomy and holds my phone. Speaking of my phone, I need to get on the IPhone bandwagon already. I need a new phone.

I bought this mirror for $4 at Walmart in the clearance section, because I needed a mirror to apply my lipstick and gloss at work discretely. I think it is perfect for the job. I can chose the magnification that I want and apply. Best invention ever.

I am sure that I will be back soon enough with another haul, because I am looking through my pictures and still see a lot of items that I have yet to share with all of you. more stuff that I bought Dean than for myself though. That boy is my life and I spoil him accordingly. I’m going to have to start deleting old photos again soon. I have yet to upgrade my wordpress, so I am always deleting photos. I use up all my room. So, if pictures start disappearing off of old posts, you know why. I never delete photos from the current year. So, nothing will be missing from 2018 until 2019.

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Dean’s ABA Week

I think I am currently behind on this update and need to write one more after this one. Dean has been doing great with his therapies, although it has been a little hard. He had that week off plus more time off due to all of the snow storms we have been having lately. I am actually three updates behind. I just have been so busy lately I guess. I am for sure setting aside the time to write these and try to stay on top of these updates better than I have. I know some of you really look forward to these. I am tackling Dean’s closet these coming weekends. I need to declutter and organize. I want to make Dean’s closet his own storage closet and a place that I can organize his clothes, toys, and diapering supplies. I want to get rid of my old dresser that he has been using for clothes and utilize his closet. We have just been throwing whatever in there. Wish me luck.

2/21/18 – Ann

Dean did great playing a game putting a hat on my head every time I made it fall off. Getting closer to putting bead on pipe cleaner. Closing and covering eyes more.

2/22/18 – Ann

Dean had a good morning. Did well with all toys. Looking for my hands to sign “more”. Pointing needing less of a prompt, tapping his upper arm to prompt point.

2/23/18 – Ann

Dean was a little tired this morning, still did great with all toys. Tried pictures at snack on page in book. Did fine this way no issues.

He had a short week, because of a snow storm that we had from Thursday into Friday. I’m going to try to space these, so they don’t get too overwhelming or too many updates in one week. I will have the other ones go up periodically until I am all caught up. I thank you all for reading and I hope that you find all of my content interesting and not repetitive.

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Just Dean Hauling

I told you all that I have been hauling a lot due to tax season and Dean’s monthly stipend. So, I thought that I would share some of this hauling with all of you. There will be tons of hauls going up this month and probably the next. I don’t take pictures of EVERYTHING that I buy, but they have been piling up lately. I also love a good haul and I know others do as well. I recently put in a Macy’s order for clothes for Dean, a Hautelook order for me, and an Amazon order for Dean as well. I bought 4 cute outfits from Walmart today, but I forgot to take pictures before throwing them in the wash. When they are dry, I will take some pictures, because they are too cute not to share.

Paw Patrol Bedding Set

I bought Dean this Paw Patrol 4 piece bedding set from Walmart for about $40. Dean loves it and I am super happy about the quality. I still need to get him something thicker for the next Winter, but this is a great bedding set for the warmer months that are fast approaching. I don’t want anymore snow.


I bought this big wooden block puzzle at Savers for a few dollars. It is something simple for Dean to master and easy for his little hands to pick up. His ABA therapist has a different animal puzzle that he loves, so my boy definitely loves animals.

I paid less than $15 at Walmart for both of these books. One was $8 and the other $5 I think or somewhere around there. Dean loves Paw Patrol so this was a find at the Walmart that I go to. The book section is always in disarray and picked over by the time I get to it at the end of the week. He really loved the Love book from the doctors and I was able to find this love book which is similar.


I bought this at Savers and it has not been a hit so far. His ABA therapist has some thing similar, so I thought that he would like it. Maybe when he gets a little older or has a bit more patience for a toy like this.


Another purchase at Savers that Dean actually likes. His ABA therapist has the exact same toy, which is why I bought one. I like to have toys that he likes at home that his therapist also uses, so I can carry on that teaching and learning process for him. He loves the animal sounds and I am starting to see a pattern of him loving anything that has to do with animals.

I don’t like to write a huge haul post, so I always wait until I have 5 items for my posts. I might make my lap top purchase a separate post, just because I have so much to say about it. I still have to take some decent photos of it as well. I hope you are all having a great weekend. I’m sorry for not posting everyday like I have been doing lately. I never meant for my blog to be an everyday thing, but it has been such a relaxing activity for me lately. I have been making time for it. When I am too busy, I don’t post. I just wanted you guys to know that. The dogs went to the vet yesterday, so I just didn’t feel like posting afterwards. I go to a vet school clinic, so the vet bill was amazing. It was $109 for both dogs that includes two physicals, two 3 year Rabies, 2 3 year distemper, 2 6 month supply of Hartguard, 2 6 month supply of Netgaurd, 2 nail trimmings, and miscellaneous fees. I have to wait until April 1st to book Serena’s dental cleaning which was quoted between $250 and $350 max. Very happy with their clinic. Makes it affordable to have pets again.

With Love,


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Cozy Autumn Cuddle

Glade Candles


These little candles are so expensive at $3 a piece, but they are so worth it. The scent throw on these are amazing and I love the seasonal scents the best. This smells like a warm pumpkin pie. It also burns down really nice and even. I think it took 2 to 3 Saturdays burning this one for about 6 hours. I have to find out if Glade is cruelty free before I allow myself to purchase another. It is my favorite drugstore candle brand.

With Love,



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Raspberry Rescue

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Bubble Bath Raspberry Rescue

bubble bath

I really enjoyed the light fluffy bubbles that this created. You couldn’t smell it really, but it added moisture to the bath. The more Dean moved around in the tub, the more bubbles this bubble bath made. I will repurchase, because Dean loves a good bubble bath. This bottle lasted a long time, because he only does a bubble bath once a week. He doesn’t try to eat the bubbles and a lot of the time, he doesn’t pay much attention to them, except for when he wants to smash all the bubbles. He will move around so much that the bubbles just keep recreating. He’s such a silly determined boy. I wonder who he gets that from? lol

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Weekly Update

I am back this week with Dean’s week with Early Intervention. I am actually working from home again today, so I got to sit in on sessions with Dean. I just hook up the big tv to my computer as my second screen and listen and observe while I do my work. I really love working at home, even if I can’t makeup my own hours and it is not an every week thing. I cannot wait until it is full time work from home. I saw so much progress less week from being home for two days. He was communicating nonverbally like a boss! He told me exactly what he wanted by pointing and just grabbing food off the counter.

3/5/18 – OT

Dean missed a full week of therapies due to illness! He had a stomach bug all week. Dean did excellent today with manipulatives. He sat willingly in working chair for 40 minutes. He completed coins into piggy bank, ring and wood stacker, shape sorter independently. He had great joint attention to complete a shape puzzle. He would randomly try to place puzzle pieces but once pointed out where to go, he would place the pieces. Worked on signing more, all done, and worked on picture exchange. Dean did well!

  • Continue to work on pointing, sign more or all done.

3/5/18 – Speech

Dean is using pictures with objects and handing them to adult to make a choice. Dean used pictures to request “beanies”. He sat for shape stacker and pig with coins. Modeled “all done” with sign several times. Dean allowed hand over hand for all done sign. Dean has much more of an attention span with toys. Mike asked about after age 3. Discussed some possibilities and types of programs.

3/6/18 -OT

Mike reported that Dean had a very difficult morning with ABA Joyce and Ann were here this am and Dean had several tantrums complete with crying and arching his back and task refusal. He was obviously tired today but worked very well. Played in the beans as part of sensory play. He was able to complete shape sorter, ring stacker, and placed puzzle pieces once they were pointed to. Distracted with pictures today – kept choosing item he didn’t want. Then threw item. So we just worked on handling one picture for item he wanted.

  • Continue to encourage pointing and using pictures to point to items.

He had a pretty good week last week. He regressed a bit when it comes to the picture communication, but that is okay. He did lots of pointing and signing more instead. I make sure we have a lot of fun and just play. I’ll label items as we play, but I don’t get hung up on him always being taught “the right way” by myself. I’d rather see him smile and learn than be frustrated. I love my son and I would do anything for him, which is why I am looking into preschools for next spring/fall. He won’t be able to go this fall. I don’t mind though, because EI doesn’t end until he turns three which is at the end of the year. Then, I will be evaluating him by the state next year and see what programs he qualifies for. I just want him to be happy and learn like any other toddler, because he is just like any other toddler. To me, he’s my son, not my autistic son. I’m not gonna let a label limit his potential.

With Love,