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Ultra HD

MUFE Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder


The powder seemed chunky and would not stick to my flat top kabuki brush, which is the type of brush I like to use my powders with. The Sephora and Covergirl powder did not have that problem. The powder also made my face feel dry. I am not a fan of this powder and I will not purchase it. I will be keeping the container, because it is the perfect size to scoop in some of the cream product from my Smashbox palette and it has a lid so it won’t dry out. I think I’ll scoop in some of the purple corrector for the first go around.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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Stuff I Bought Lately

I have been buying Christmas presents and a few things for myself lately. I thought that I would share what I have bought for Dean so far for Christmas. I have plans for his birthday. His birthday present is really pricey, so I’m waiting until sometime next year to buy it for him. He will love it though! I’m hoping I can save up the $80 that this present costs over the first two months of the new year. I usually like to celebrate his birthday again the next year. I get him a cake and a card for his birthday, but he doesn’t get his present until the next year and I do the cake again.

Spark Fire Truck


I bought this for Dean to learn how to roll a truck on the floor. It is a nice big size, so he can really handle it. It is also too big to go in his mouth. He enjoys playing with it and it is fun to sit with him on the floor and try to get him to use the truck the “correct” way. He still prefers to kick it across the floor though.

Crayola Color Bath Dropz


I love surprising Dean with different colored baths, when I have the time to let him play in the tub for 10 to 20 minutes. He’s a shower boy, but he loves his tub play time. His face lights up when he sees the colored water. He hasn’t tried to drink the color water, but he tries to “catch” it in his hands. The color drops leaves the bath water really moisturizing, which makes you a slippery tube. Dean likes to “walk” in the tub, so he was slipping around a bit. I’m going to try a different brand when these are done.


I’m trying all different cups to try to get Dean off of the bottle. So far, he just drips this one all over himself. It isn’t going to waste though. I’m sure he will love to drink out of this when he gets older. It just gathers dust right now.


Another one that Dean likes to use as a squirt gun. Again, he will appreciate it when he gets older. He uses his 360 cup for everything BUT milk. He refuses to drink milk out of anything but a bottle. This will gather dust as well, but I bet this will be his favorite water bottle in a year or two.

Dial Seasonal Collection Paradise Limeade Hand Soap


I bought another hand soap and this one smells SO GOOD! It smells like a raspberry lime Rickey. I am enjoying the fruity tart scent. It makes washing my hands enjoyable. I cannot wait to buy another seasonal scent. I didn’t enjoy the pine scented one, but maybe they have something with apple, pumpkin, or cinnamon.

These are the stuff that I have bought lately. I’m waiting to have enough presents for Dean to make a post. So far, I have gotten him three things. I want to get him another two or three things for Christmas and then, I will post what I got him here. I’m still trying to find him toys that are engaging enough for him, but also easy for his autistic brain to comprehend. Simple toys are the way to go with him. I’m hoping to find a few more things that he doesn’t already have. I’m also wiping up a couple of toys to donate that he has grown out of like his walking zebra and the little activity table. It will make room for all of his new toys coming in.

With Love,


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$200 Before 2018 Update #8

We are on the second to last update for this series on my blog. Looking at what I used up, it really isn’t much, but I remember that I don’t have much of this challenge left. Maybe I used enough to call it completed? My total used up is 19 out of 20 totaling $157.69 out of $200. I only needed to use up $21.15 X2 to call it quits. I wonder if I used up that much. Looking at what I have, I think I have $10 to $5 more to use up in December, but we shall see. I am super excited to see the totals of what I used up.


I used up a perfume sample, so let’s call that $1. $158.69 is the new total. I used up a mini Mark lip gloss that costs $2.49. $161.18 so far. Now, I want to add up the little benefit tubes that I have. I have wrote about them both before on my blog, so I am just going to look up the amounts that I said that they were. The gray tube is worth $8 and the shiny tube is worth $8. Apparently, they both hold 1 gram of product. I throw these away when I got pink eye and the report that these are toxic. I think it’s the reason that I got pink eye in the first place. Now, we are up to $177.18. I don’t think that the mascara will take us there, but it will take us pretty close I think. $12 for the mascara mini, so dadada!!!!! My new total is $189.18, so all I need to use up is $10.82 worth of makeup. I’ve already used up over 20 items, so now I just want to use up the rest of the $200.

I am so ready for my 250 items use up project in 2018 of all beauty related items.

What projects are you starting in the new year?

With Love,


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Peroxyl Mouth Rinse

Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse


If you burn your mouth on hot food or are plagued with cold sores or an irritated mouth, this is a must. It is expensive at around $8 for almost 17 fl oz, but so worth it! I am always burning my mouth or have irritation from too much acidic fruit and this soothes and numbs the area. It doesn’t numb your whole mouth like Oragel or make you drool like crazy. It is gentle yet effective and I highly recommend it. I used this in the morning and at night, but it can be used up to 4 times a day if you need to.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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Dean’s Recap 11/17/17

It’s been a hot minute since I did one of these posts last. I’m like a week behind. I’ve been so busy this past week with a mouse trapped in Dean’s bedroom, so naturally, he had to sleep in bed with me. We are finally getting back into the swing of things. I’m going to post later this week how my visits went with each of the ABA service providers and tell you which one I chose and why. It’ll be an educational post if you like to hear these things from a mother’s perspective. If you have any topics you want to request on Autism or any questions you have, post them down below and I can incorporate them into a post if the answer warrants its own post.

11/15/17 Speech therapist:

Respiratory virus with fever past couple of days. Dropped off Authorization forms for Hannah to sign to get ABA referrals in the process. Hannah has opted to meet with all three providers and decide from there which company is a better fit.

11/17/17 Speech therapist:

Sick all week with cold. Not eating as well due to cough, congestion. Better eye contact when settled in his chair. Worked on shape sorter and was persistent – longer time willing to work. Able to place circle in several times. Square 1x. After work time, he went back to bucket to throw shapes in. Happy sounds, nice smile and laugh.

  1. Continue “time to work” with shape sorter.
  2. Fax referrals to Autism providers

It was a short week for him, because he was still sick. The next one of these that I do, he has three visits, so it will be a bit longer with more information. I’m proud of my boy. He conquered his first cold AND I SURVIVED!

With Love,


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November Empties

Hey guys! Another month gone and Christmas and Dean’s birthday are right around the corner. I had quite a few empties this month, so I was very impressed. I have a ton of reviews to write now in my spare time. I’ve been building the furniture I bought on Black Friday this weekend and I’ll be able to show them soon. I just want to buy some super glue to glue back some broken pieces on my nick knacks so they look good in the pictures that I’ll be taking. I’ll be having two VS hauls coming up soon. So, stay tuned!

1. 2. International Delight Coffee Creamer


3 – 8. Gerber Graduates Lil’ Beanies


9. Lipton Green Tea Acai Dragonfruit Melon


10. Dunkin’ Donuts Colombian Coffee


11. Equate Cotton Rounds


12. Halls Defense Drops


13. Pearls Taco Infused Large Ripe Olives


14. Dial Himalayan Pink Salt & Water Lily Hand Soap


15. B&BW Tree Room Spray


16. Equate Acetaminophen


17. Pantene Pro-V Intense Colorcare Conditioner


18. 19. PaperMate InkJoy & Profile in Black & Pink


20. 21. Benefit Gimmie Brow


22. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara


23. Chanel Gabriela Perfume


24. Mark Lip Gloss

lip gloss

25. Korres Antiwrinkle Night Cream


26. Origins A Perfect World Moisturizer


27. IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel


I finished off quite a few minis, but also some full sizes as well. I’m very proud of what I have been able to accomplish. I am looking forward to seeing what I can finish off before it is time for my January inventory to start off the new year with. I will be busy inventorying my whole collection and making plans for my 2018 year project pan where I want to use up 250 beauty related items next year. There will  be plenty of fun posts in the new year. I’m happy that I’m only doing one project next year. Simplified.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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Victoria Secret Haul

Unlike other hauls, I won’t be showing you my purchases. I’ll say what I purchased and my experience using the VS website for the first time. You can take the time to look items up on the website if you like. I don’t want to “show” you my underwear. I think that crosses a line for me, but I’ll tell you why I bought what I bought and everything like that. I used to post actual pictures of my underwear haul, but I got creepy comments one time. Never again and plus, I know some people I work with read this blog and that would be tres awkward. lol

First, let’s talk about my first online purchase. It was super easy to sign up for the credit card and super easy to order online. Most of the sizes are true to size and you can return items in store. There is a VS near me, so I knew that if something didn’t fit, I can return it and just reorder a different size the next time I’d order. I used two coupons with my first order. I used the free shipping and the free underwear coupons. I also got the $20 coupon to spend on an order of $40. The coupon was supposed to come in my order, but it did not. A quick call to customer service later (My rep sounded like James Charles!) and I have my coupon being shipped to me in the mail. I will be shopping online again. I just got my coupon in the mail and for the inconvenience, they sent me TWO!

VS has really changed since I last shopped there. I remember VS not being the store for me. They didn’t have any bras that weren’t push-ups. Now, they have high neck bras that show zero cleavage, but still make a girl feel good about herself. One of my bras were too big. I ordered a medium and I needed a small. A SMALL?! I haven’t been a small in FOREVER. Plus, I am a 34-36 C, so a small? While the sports bra that I bought in a medium fits like a glove. It must have just been the style then. I’ll be returning the bra and keeping the other. What I love about high neck bras is that they look like tank shirts, so if something is a little low cut, I no longer have to wear an actual shirt underneath it.

I then bought 7 pairs of underwear for $28. I love boy short cuts, so I bought a few cute pairs. I bought a lilac pair that says “Sleigh My Name” on the butt. Obviously my favorite! I bought a pink scallop edged pink pair that supposedly is panty line free. It’s a weird feeling material, too. I bought a light blue kinda see through cheetah print brief. I also bought a plaid brief for those school girl day vibes. I also bought a pair that said Angel and another that says “I’ll be nice next year” on the upper thigh. I needed more underwear and now, I have really cute ones!

That is my VS haul. My next two VS hauls I’ll be able to actually show you what I buy. I plan on buying pjs and some beauty products.

Are you a fan of the high neck bra?

With Love,