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April Makeup Bag Monthly

I just wiped off my April eye shadow pick. lol. I totally forgot that I was wearing eye shadow. That is how comfortable it is. I also love the shade with my new hair. Anyway, it is that time again when I swap out my March makeup bag with my April makeup bag. I chose 5 makeup products every month and the bonus 6th product is always a perfume that I am trying to move through in my collection. Let’s recap on March’s bag:


I put a good dent in the perfume. It was full before and now I finished up a fourth to a third of it. I totally used up the sheer glow lotion. I have been all about the glowy look for the past three months now that my skin is more combo than oily. I am still working on the pore-fessional and I have to say, I am not loving it. It is okay, but as soon as I put anything from powder to foundation on top of it, it starts to peel up. I am so close to being done with that lip gloss! I am going to get it back out in the warmer months, because it has a really strong cooling sensation that I wasn’t a fan of this past snowy month. I love using the MUFE blush as an eye shadow. It is super pretty and easy to use for a one shadow look. I threw out the crayon when I dropped it on the bathroom floor at work. I couldn’t bring myself to sanitize and use it.


I have my Marc Jacobs Sugar, Sugar lip gloss that I have been loving in my April makeup bag. One application lasts until lunch at my work. If I am high maintenance enough to wear a liner underneath, I brought my Victoria Secret nude one to work with me. I am working on my deluxe sample of the Black Opium perfume that I got with my Sephora points. I have an Hourglass foundation stick and a foundation sample for when I use up the rest of my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla that I have been using as a foundation. It was too creasy under my eyes to use as an under eye concealer. I have a duo chrome cream eye shadow that shifts from silver to a yellow gold. I also have Benefit’s Highbeam if I still want a glowy look then I can mix this in or use it to highlight.

The point of my make bags isn’t to use up my makeup, although I do love it when I do. The point is to cycle through my makeup and make sure that I am using everything evenly. I am going to be starting to put my palettes in my makeup bag. I am always forgetting to add them! Four months in a row. LOL. It’s okay. I’ll choose my favorite one for my birthday month.

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Dean’s ABA Week

I have some exciting new for all of you. I am going to be working from home on Saturdays and taking one day Wed to Friday off of work. Also, one week a month, I get to work from home, except for Tuesday the only day I would still need to come in. My tuition reimbursement request has been accepted by my place of employment, so that is exciting as well. My blogging schedule might be looking a little different, because my week is going to be structured differently now. I pre-upload most of my posts on Saturday for the week, so I think that I will be doing that on Sundays now. I still do posts spontaneous during the week, but to be able to do a post everyday requires pre-written content every week. Also, I am starting college again in July, so I will be resuming to 2 posts a week in July. I might have more posts (reviews), but two unique posts are the only guarantee that I can give.

4/9/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He sat very nicely today. We were able to get more tasks done while sitting. Dean was independently pointing today. He also was independently handing pictures for snack. Dean did great and went on trampoline after session ended.

4/10/18 – Joyce

Fabulous session! Dean had fantastic eye contact, very engaged. Pointing independently! Water cup much better. Very good PECS (snack). ❤ the TRAMPOLINE!!

4/10/18 – Ann

Dean had a great morning. Pointing to everything independently even when not asked. Great with all the toys. Very playful and lots of good eye contact.

4/11/18 – Deb

Dean did great. He was sitting great longer periods of time. Did great with toys and pointing. Also great with PECS. Great eye contact. Did great with the trampoline.

4/12/18 – Ann

Dean sat well for toys and books but tired throughout session. Pointing looks great with everything. Got more tired as session went on. Used swing and helped him to calm.

4/13/18 – Deb

Observed session with Ann. Dean did well today.

4/13/18 – Ann

Dean had a good session. Sitting for shorter time than he does in the early morning. Discussed with Deb how Dean has been responding with each of us. Tried string instead of pipe cleaner with beads and did much better.

Dean had a very productive week this past week and I love him dearly. I want to start taking him to museums and other fun places like that. Even to just go and get an ice cream. I remember having really fond memories of growing up and being treated to a Friendly’s ice cream and eating it in the car or driving to the park and having it there. I want my son to have the same great memories about his childhood. We have an in-ground pool in the backyard, so we won’t go to the beach very much. He loved the pool last year and napping out in the son. I want to make more memories this year.

With Love,


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A Mermaid Worthy Manicure

Happy Manicure Monday ladies!

I absolutely love how this manicure came out! I painted my nails last Tuesday and it didn’t start to chip noticeably until about Friday. That is a long time with traditional polish. I got so many compliments and the nails went really well with my new hair color.

nail polish

I put down one coat of the Julep Nail Color in 2282 American Beauty Amy and then I put down one coat of the L’Oreal Glitter Polish in 605 Sparklicious. It catches the light beautifully and it is such an icy Winter combination. I realize that it isn’t Spring appropriate, but it complimented my hair, so I don’t care. I think this week I might so the light lavender Julep nail polish again for a more Spring manicure.

With Love,


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Grey Hair, Don’t Care

The story of my hair goes like this…I have never been happy with my hair. In my youth, I was too blonde and too curly. Then, my hair was too long, too short. Too brown. I added highlights at age 10 to be blonder. Then, layers to my hair for movement. Senior year, I did a really bad ash blonde hair dye. That sparked my dying journey. I then added purple extensions. I dyed my hair little mermaid red. I dyed my hair brown, black. I added bleached chunks underneath that I did myself. I dip died my blonde hair purple. I had my hair bleached and it ended up too brassy, but I didn’t know about silver shampoo then.

My current hair: Last Saturday, I went to the salon for 8 am. My stylist Charlie Cook from 126 Post Salon in Worcester MA (He requested a plug in. 🙂 He has never done the grey hair before, but two other girls at the salon had and added their two cents in. My guy has been doing it for years, so I’m sure he knew everything that they were telling him already. So, he applied the bleach to my hair and did my dad’s haircut and wash and blow dry. Then, he checked my hair and did my son’s hair cut. I had my hair rinsed out and blow dried. I had bleach put on a second time for a shorter period of time a few inches from my roots to a bit past my ears where the hair was still orange. That part was still brassy after the bleach rinsed out. I guess that is the darkest part of my hair.

I had the Pravana silver color and developer (just a clear add in) mixed and put in my hair for about 5 minutes. I wish it would have been left on a bit longer for a stronger silver hue. He then rinsed out my hair and I had a final blow dry. I had $150, which I think is a really hair price. Each bleach was $50 and the toner/color was $20. He ended up with a $30 tip, which I thought was very good. It came out a bit blue, which I wanted a more lead pencil grey tone. More due to the dye than anything my stylist did. I have only washed my hair once since then and the blue tone came out. In sunlight, my hair is a very pretty light silver, grey. In my bathroom lightening, it looks more ash blonde and a little gold. My hair has very strong gold undertones. A little blonde is peeking through, but I think with leaving a toner on longer, it will coat it grey.

I’m going to try the Wella grey toner in three weeks, since I want to keep up the grey color and not look white/ash blonde. So, I will be sharing before and after with the toner. Here is the final look though!!!! I love it!

As you can see, when the light hits it, it can appear a bit more blonde. It is actually very grey if you can tell by the photos. It is hard with indoor lighting to show the grey hue. It looked more grey away from the light. At work under the florescent, my whole head looks light like the far right picture. I feel like grey is a hard color to take a picture of. My camera kept on auto fixing the tone of my hair. It matches my grey eyes perfectly!

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

This is the week where I only had one visit from Early Intervention. I had to cancel Speech, because Dean had a fever and OT had to cancel one of her sessions for personal reasons. I don’t have much to say for the past week. So, I will tell you about this morning. This morning when I went in to wake him up, he was already awake standing up in bed blinking at me. I told him Good Morning and greeted him with his bottle. He takes the bottle and immediately starts drinking. I lift his sleepy body out of bed and carry him to change him in the living room. He NEVER opens his eyes again until he drinks all of his milk. Only then, does he open his eyes again and hands me the bottle. He is such a sweet boy and I usually get a drooly milk kiss, too.

3/27/18 – OT

Dean had a cold over the weekend. He fell asleep in high chair yesterday by about 11:15 am. He already had ABA this am for about an hour and forty five minutes. Dean did well today despite being tired/getting over a cold. He had several tantrums and throwing himself backwards in his chair, but he did well with redirection/finishing tasks before moving on or taking a break. Continues to do manipulatives well. Refused a snack today.

  • Continue to encourage pointing
  • Limit TV time

My dad is the guilty one here with the tv comment. I only let Dean watch tv during lunch and dinner and maybe one or two times during the day. My dad ALWAYS has the tv on for background noise. So, instead of having it on a kids show, he’ll have it one the news or something. Now, that it is baseball season, baseball. Instead of Dean’s shows. He does watch too much tv with my dad, but not more than your average kid. He probably watches tv for 4 or 5 hours a day. He’s not actively engaged in a show except during lunch and dinner. Otherwise, he is playing and stops for two minutes to watch and is playing again.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

I had the day off on Wednesday, so I got to be a part of Dean’s ABA therapy. I love getting involved and I learn so much from it. Update: Dean can now point independently to everything that he wants. It is automatic to him now that if we present him with something, he points to it before taking it. We are really making some great progress here in the communication department. I cried the other day when he started doing it without being asked. He has become second nature to him and I couldn’t be happier. He has also been in a great mood this week and Dean had a lot of treats because of it. I like to celebrate and reward him for all of his great behavior. Tantrums are not rewarded but they aren’t ignored either. As a parent, I try to learn from them and see what caused the tantrum. I try to make it not happen again. Sometimes, it is a two year old being a two year old and other times, it is me not seeing the signs that he wanted a snack.

4/3/18 – Joyce

Great session! Dean placed the gears “on”, he’s never done that before! Did very well requesting snack. Excellent review of toys. Looked at a new book.

4/3/18 – Stephanie

Discussed the difference across therapies as well as the lack of generalization. Discussed the new cup and how he is doing with that. Played with new toys. Did great during snack item exchanging the picture. Joyce and Mike discussed use of highchair for more.

4/3/18 – Ann

Dean was in a happy mood this afternoon. Did a variety of toys. Looking for my prompts for pointing but not every time.

4/4/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He was trying to grab my left hand to point but when object was in my left hand would not grab my hand and would point independently. Did well with toys needed help with links, string beads, and shape sorters. Did well with new straw cup and did well with snack. Some flipping and mouthing items. Very vocal.

4/5/18 – Ann

Dean did great this morning. Sat well for all toys. Lots of independent points. Handing pictures for snack.

4/6/18 – Ann

Dean was very active and happy this morning. Making lots of sounds. A lot more independent pointing. Did jumping on his new trampoline. Seeking out tickles and movement play.

As you can read, he had a great week with everyone else too. My boy has been super bubbly and I love his personality. He is very sweet and loving. He is not naturally angry or mean natured and I am so grateful that I got such a sweet little boy. We will have challenges facing us all throughout our life time, but I am sure we can conquer everything with love and drooly Dean kisses.

With Love,


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Project 200 Pan: March Update

I actually did better than I thought that I would do for March with 27 empties total. I enjoy using up my products and I usually target a mix of fuller and near empty products to make them go faster. Hair care products always take forever for me, because I rarely wash my hair. Even styling products take a while, because I don’t use them daily. Having thin hair that is a bit past shoulder length doesn’t leave a lot of hair to cover with product. As my hair continues to grow longer, I am sure styling products will be faster. I also don’t go through a ton of body wash or soap, but I’m constantly switching things up. I’m sure that doesn’t help. lol The current count sits at 31/200 15/100% done.


1 Body peel is done here and that is because I finally threw it out. It is WAY too old to use now. The negative side to being a hoarder. 32 items.

hair care

3 hair care products: 2 hair masks and 1 shampoo. I am pretty proud of myself, because it takes forever for me to use up hair products. The shampoo was on it’s last legs and each pot was about 1/4 full. I used them up in 4 weeks to treat my hair before bleaching it. I ended up bleaching my hair twice and toned it grey. I will be sharing photos soon. I just have to get good pictures of myself and I hate selfies. lol 35 items


1 makeup brush that I am decluttering because I don’t like it and don’t use it. 36 items.


1 packet of exfoliating cleansing wipes and 1 deluxe sized cleanser out of the way bringing my total to 38 items used up this past March. I need to get more wipes, because I love to use them when I am lazy and I am almost in need of cleanser. I don’t have that much left at all. This post is actually a nice reminder that I can do a little beautylish haul and buy some The Ordinary Serums, cleanser, and wipes. I am obsessed with that site. It has so many brands and free shipping over $35.

38/200 items done and that is 19% completed. I achieved the 4% increase that I wanted for this month, so I am very happy and pleased. I think that I could do a big 8% in April. I am not saying that I have a ton right now. I think I currently have like 2 empties, but I see so many almost empty products that I think I can say with positivity that I can get that 8%. There are a few makeup items that are looking empty, so I am hoping to clear them out and open up some fresh products. I am no where nears any lip empties, so I don’t think that I will have any. I am currently working on a new Marc Jacobs gloss that I am loving and enjoying. Next month, I will probably have a lip empty. There are a few things nearing the end, but I wanted something new to play with this month.

With Love,