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Body Wash Inventory 2018

body wash

I am actually really proud of myself that I only have three body wash back ups. I don’t know how long this will last, but probably the whole year. I don’t go through a ton of body wash. I also have two bars of soap currently. I am happy that I will be shopping for new soap next year as well. Marshalls always have nice vegan soaps from local handmade shops and they aren’t too expensive. I would love to buy some from there after I am done with all of these.

It is actually good to me that some of these categories won’t take too long to write. I need to keep myself accountable and not shop for something just because they are on sale. I’m not saving money, when these purchases sit for years in my collection untouched.

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Top 5 Posts of 2017

I got this idea by reading Stella’s post HERE and I thought that it was a really great idea. So, I am copying this one with express permission from the blogger herself. I really love this community and how no one has a problem with swapping content. I always give a link back, so I’m sure that helps out both of us. ­čÖé Without further ado, this is my top 5 posts of 2017 and no, I didn’t peek first.

Pan That Palette 2017

I realized that project pan posts were really popular last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t stick with this project last year. Panning whole palettes aren’t my thing, but I am discovering more about my beauty preferences. This was my most popular post in 2017. Oh, and I am listing these in descending order starting with number 1. I am continuing with project pans and this was basically my start, but more popular than my first two projects. lol

Tophatter Auction Site Review

I almost forgot about this site and I really do like it. You can score really great beauty items at a low price. I will be hauling from here in a few months. I want to spend some of my birthday money here. I’ve had my eye on a few items and if I can get stuff that I want for 1/2 of the original price, why not?

Sephora Shopping List 2017

I should do an updated list and try to get the items on tophatter for way less than Sephora price. I like to see what stays on my list year after year. Do I not really want it? Or am I too on the fence about it? Or can I not bite the price bullet? I like seeing what others want to buy. Sephora is a real treat for me, so I am very wise about what I spend my hard earned money on in there.

Autism Talk on Beauty Blog

Most popular probably because of my comments section. I really want to do more controversial posts that I care about. I want to talk about some serious issues and this topic kinda opened the door for that for me on this blog. So be on the lookout for some posts in the future about my theory on social media and more autism posts for sure.

March Empties 2017

Most surprising is that March was a favorite empty post. I don’t think I used up anything exciting and by glancing through it, I only used up a couple popular items. I think it was also my second or first empty post of the year, so maybe that’s why? It was up for a long time? Empty posts are popular though and I like seeing the amount of stuff that I managed to use up/declutter.

Those are my 5 popular posts of 2017. What was yours?

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Project 200 Pan: Intro

I have so many posts to write and share that I feel like I won’t be caught up until March. I haven’t posted a product review in FOREVER and my blog used to be all about the reviews. I want to get back to that, but for right now, I have so many posts to write for the new year. Once everything calms down, get ready for a storm of reviews. LOL. I’m going to try to sprinkle some in when I can, but gosh, inspiration can be a bad thing as well. I was feeling so uninspired in 2017 and now, I am full of ideas and projects.

My Project 200 Pan is to hit pan and use up 200 assorted beauty products including but not limited to makeup, body, skin, and hair care. Basically anything beauty related and I will count foil packets and perfume samples. 5 of them will be counted as 1 item. I am counting full size and deluxe as well in this project. I am counting every time I hit pan in a powder product as 1 as well. So, if I pan an eye shadow, blush, bronzer, highlighter, etc it will count and if I finish it, I will be counting it again.

I will be doing my empty posts as well. These Project Pan posts will be more about counting the items and adding up the monetary amount and keep me accountable every month. I hope you all enjoy these posts this year.

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Dean’s EI Week 1/12/17

Feels so good to be caught up on all of these posts. I was starting to get anxiety, because I was so far behind. Now, I can relax and enjoy these posts more. Dean has had a fantastic week and I just found out that I’m having another interview for a claims position if I don’t get my preferred one. Not sure I would take it if I got it, but it is good to have options. I like having options and it pays more than what I’m getting now.

1/8/18 – Speech

Dean is off today. New tilting of head and toe walking. Dean was seen with Mike after a session with HMEA. Mike reported that it was a tough session today. Dean was not interested in choices today. He enjoyed turning pages in books and pulling apart duplo blocks. Dean was happy and calmed when swung slowly. Dean smiles and complains to let others know his feelings.

  • Continue to model word for book, ball, eat

1/9/18 – OT

Mike responded that he has been tippy toe walking as well as tilting his head and spinning. Spoke about that both are signs of seeking vestibular stimulation. Dean did excellent today. We interspersed swinging today between “time to work” activities. He was able to pull apart pop beads independently exerting enough pressure 100% of the time with minimal assistance. He attempted to push beads together 90% of the time. He calmed very well and was still when swinging which was nice to see. He was able to stack items into stacker with moderate assistance to independently.

  1. Try to keep manipulatives like stackers, ball drop out of reach until 1:1 working with him.
  2. Try to swing him in a sheet or a blanket when 2 people around him to do this every two hours.

1/10/18 – OT

Dean had ABA this am and it went well. Dean had a great session. He continues to make improvements with manipulating toys appropriately. He was able to stack all shapes and star stacker and all wooden shapes onto pegs. He made more of an attempt to place shapes into shape sorter. He continues to pull apart pop beads and he tried pushing shapes together. He continues to love swinging.

  • Continue to intersperse “time to work” sitting in booster seat with sensory play – rice bucket, bean bucket, swinging in blanket between two people.

1/12/18 – OT (Make-up for 1/5 missed session)

Mike reported that toe walking and spinning less over past few days. He also has not been walking backwards. Less jumping noted today. Dean did amazing today. Great eye contact upon arrival. He sat in his working chair was able to place all stars on stacker and all wooden pieces onto stacker. Also worked on attending to name. Mike had pieces to stacker and I had pieces. We took turns calling his name. He did very well looking towards his name greater than 60% of the time, about 25% he needed visual cue of holding up shape. He loved taking swinging break. He responded to prompt for high five and came to sit in chair 1 time.

  • Continue to do 1:1 work
  • Encourage pointing to desired items
  • Sensory play throughout the day

I learned that he really loves to swing this past week. His OT is making him a custom swing for his doorway. It usually costs around $500, but she is making it for us and charging it to her work. That is great that essentially the state is paying for him to have a calming swing. It will make it easy for 1 person to swing him in it. Today is a bit of a sad day for me. This is the first time I’ve touched him and he freaked out. He wouldn’t go near me for a minute or two. The longest minutes of my life. I couldn’t why he reacted that way. I wasn’t yelling or upset. I was trying to see if he was okay after falling. I guess, that could have been his way of saying that he was fine. It still hurt nonetheless. He just wants me to know that he’s a big boy.

With Love,


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New Furniture

So, I bought the cube organizer and desk during Walmart’s black Friday. I got $20 off the cube shelf and $210 off of the desk. It was a $300 desk for $90. It was such a steal and it is made of real wood. The cube organizer has some real wood but then it also has some processed wood and really hard particle board stuff. I really love both. I didn’t like the knobs on the desk, so I’m on the hunt for my own.

My dad bought me a black desk chair, so I bought a white fluffy seat cover for it. It came in the mail a few days ago and I’ll get a picture up of it soon. It looks so much better in the room with the white cover on it. I’m not crafty enough to make my own. Now, I’m inspired to do a room tour. I’m gonna do a room tour, so you can see my bedroom and I’ll say a little something about every picture. Gosh, I’m excited!

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Dean’s ABA Week 1/12/18

Dean had a break through week this past week. He did his ring stacker toy all by himself and can continue to do all by himself with me at home. He has acquired a ring stacking skill! I am so proud of him that I even took him out for ice cream. I am just so proud of him in general. He never really gets mad and is mostly a happy little guy. He’s not letting a thing like autism hold him back from having a good time like any other child. I’m sick of hearing “I’m so sorry” when I tell someone he has autism. I want to hear anything else but that. I’m not sorry. He wouldn’t be my boy without it. All it is is a challenge. He isn’t dying and I’d rather him have a life long condition than have cancer. Is that a horrible thing to say for people who have kids with cancer? I’m sorry but its the truth.

1/8/18 – Ann

Make-up session for last Thursday. Dean sat briefly for different toy activities. Seeing some toe walking. Liking textured puzzle, books, and stacking blocks.

1/9/18 – Joyce

Very good session! Dean independently placed ring on stacker right after being frustrated. Progress with books, eye contact. Using many toys.

1/9/18 – Ann

Dean did well today. Looking for prompting to complete toys. Great doing ring stacker. Great eye contact when playing bubbles.

1/11/18 – Ann

Dean had a great day! Did ring stacker independently many times. Also starting to do more to put in puzzle pieces, pull handle on see & say, and stack blocks.

1/12/18 – Ann

Dean did great again this morning. Really watching my mouth when I spoke – “buh, buh” for bubbles. “mmm” when eating. First time put all the balls on hit-a-ball toy. Tried to put block on stacking boxes.

This week was full of progress, which makes every week before worth it. I know he won’t always have great weeks, but this was a great one. My life has big changes coming up ahead and some of it is scary but it is all good. I’m hoping to get my dream job as an Operations Specialist I, so I can work with the Data Analysts. I want to be a Data Analyst as my career. This would get me one step closer and being able to support my family financially would be great. My interview is today! Wish me luck!

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I actually got to paint my nails and toe nails this past Monday! I am going to be painting my nails every Monday or hopefully every Monday. I might miss some just to give my nails a break. They get a bit brittle if I paint them too many weeks in a row. I think every three or four weeks, I will do a bare week and cuticle cream every night. That usually keeps them in tip top shape.

In different lighting, my nails can look more lavender or more pink. They are mostly pink, but look lavender in natural lighting. I am using Julep’s IT GIRL nail polish in Carly. It is also a nail strengthener, which I appreciate. At least, it isn’t making my nails as brittle as other polishes. I really enjoy this nude color for the winter and spring time. I will be getting most of my use of it during that time. It might look good with a tan, but it is way too light for Fall. Danielle bought me this for my birthday one year and I just tried it now and I am in love. I wish it was a bit more lavender though.

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