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Noble Currant

For Illume Noble Currant Soy Candle


This burned very even and it had a nice strong scent. I would not repurchase though. I feel like this would give me a headache sometimes when I burned it. I bought this off of Birchbox with my points, I believe. It is a nice small candle for small spaces. I burned this in the bathroom or on the kitchen stove, which is right next to the bathroom. I like small candles, because they are a nice size to try out a scent you are ify with before you commit to a larger size. I burned this candle in about 12 hours. I used it two days for about 6 hours each time. Technically, two weeks because I burned it on Saturday mornings. I am down to 2 candles and one is almost done. I bought the other one the other day at Marshalls.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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June Sephora PLAY!

I really liked that Sephora did something different from their store brand design on the play cards. This beach design is very festive and true to the June Theme: Summer Starters. All of my products fit with the theme of an easy breezy summer. I will be using everything that I received in my box this month. The past two months, I have set one thing out of each box aside, because it wasn’t something that really fit for me.

I will tell you up front now that my box is a 5 out of 5 stars, because I will use each product. It gets 4 personal stars for me, because two products I’m just meh about. Still will use them though. This box just doesn’t excite me that much.

Benefit The Porefessional 3ml for $4.50

This is a small sample, but a little goes a long way. It is a pore filler and not meant to be used all over the face. I use this on my chin, forehead, nose, and the pores that are around my nose on my cheek area. I tend to have large pores in these areas. I like the way this makes my face look, but I am unsure that I would buy a full size. I’m still looking for that holy grail primer for my face. I feel like primers just don’t do that much for me. Maybe, I haven’t found the right one yet.

IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel 15ml for $2.70


This hair product smells nice and you put it on wet hair and let it air dry. I am all about air drying my hair, so I couldn’t be happier with this sample. I am currently using a split end mender, so I’ll probably not use this sample for a bit. I will definitely use it though,  because this is the kind of product that I like for effortless hair that has texture without a blowdryer. Maybe someday I’ll have time to heat style my hair again. Once in a while would be fun. I enjoy balmy leave in hair treatments rather than cream. I feel like cream makes my hair shiny/greasy looking, but balms really absorb into my hair.

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil 9.2ml for $2.90


This has a sweet, floral rose scent that I really enjoy. I am using this strictly as a body oil, because I am very picky about the oil that I put in my hair. I have a ton of hair products right now as well. I’m on a nobuy for hair products specifically. I’m fine with using this as a body oil for after the shower or bath. I can see this being really luxurious. Maybe, I’ll add some to the bath and soak in it! The ideas are endless, but I think I might just stick to using it as a body oil the old fashioned way. 🙂

F.A.B. Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer 0.34 for $5


This moisturizer is tinted and I haven’t tried it yet. I’m almost done with last month’s moisturizer, so this one will be tested soon. I’m going to see how well it performs as a primer as well. Moisturizer is not that exciting to me, but I love trying out skin care. I’m not mad at it. I like that this is a decent sized moisturizer sample. It is almost half of the size of the travel version. FAB is also supposed to be gentle on the skin and since I use a lot of acids on my skin, I really like that about the brand.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium 1.2 ml for $2.80


I really like this perfume. It is sweet, candy like but musky as well. It isn’t powdery at all and smells familiar to me like I have smelt this scent before. It smells like B&BW Twilight Woods!!! I thought this smelt very familiar. I will be buying this in the full size. I really like Twilight Woods for the fall and B&BW no longer makes the scent. I’m so glad that I found a dupe, even an expensive one. It’s about $100 for a full sized bottle, which is not that bad. I’ve seen worse and I’m too in love with the scent to care.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub 3ml for $9

I didn’t think that I would like this liquid lipstick, but I actually really enjoy the color. It is long lasting and I don’t think that it is overly drying on the lips. It fades on the lips as it wears throughout the day and at the end of the day, there was still lipstick to remove. I’m adding this lipstick to my project pan, because I want to enjoy it all summer long. It is a summer color for sure. I like that it lasts all day without touch ups through eating and drinking. It is also transfer proof. I can wear lipstick and kiss my little boy, too. I will buy this lipstick in a nude shade, when I have used up some more stuff in my stash. I love the formula and the drying is something that an overnight lip treatment can fix. I notice no lasting drying effects with this lip stick.

My box totals $26.90, rounded up to $27. That is over double of my subscription box. I am very pleased with the value and the selection of products.

With Love ❤


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My Birthday Haul From D

I was very grateful to receive a really great birthday present from my best friend. This blog post has been a long time coming. The past two weeks, I have been having problems with my laptop that is now fixed. Basically, the touch pad wouldn’t work and I brought a wireless mouse. My computer ended up “fixing” itself during an update, so now the touch pad works again. I’m keeping the mouse as a back up though. I also had to buy a new charger for my lap top as well. Now, my camera won’t work for pictures. I can turn it on, but all I see is pixel blackness. If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know. I’ve only had this camera a little over a year and the limited warranty is up. Never mind! My camera magically fucking works again. I spent $10 on a new mouse, but I’m keeping it just in case. I have a funny feeling that my 7 year old lap top will screw up in the near future again.


The gift bag is gorgeous and so me. I have to stored in my closet now. It holds all of the letters I have received from my best friend. From the very first letter to the latest ones on top. Speaking of which, I’m going to mail you a letter soon. We need to get back to writing each other letters again. I loved doing that.

Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block


I haven’t even started this one yet, but it is on my to read shelf. I figure once I finish my last class of my degree program which is in August, I will be back to reading at least two books a month and 25 a year. I’m excited to read this, since it comes highly recommended. All of my free time right now, goes into blogging and doing my course work. I get like an hour a night and an hour during the work week to go it in. Otherwise, my days are really busy and I only get to blog a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes, I’m able to on my days off, but usually, I have something planned on those days. I plan to have a lot of posts written during fourth of July weekend though. I’m going to try to have a post up every day in July.

Yes To Grapefruit Vitamin C Boosting Sheet Mask


Spoiler alert! This sheet mask will be in my 14 Before Fall Project Pan post. I love wearing sheet masks and I love the Yes To brand. I’m hoping that this will lessen some of the pigmentation I have on my skin left after having severe acne in my teenage years. I don’t use sheet masks often, but when I do, I notice a difference in my skin, even if it is just more moisturized than usual. It is supposed to refine pores, but mine are huge so I doubt it will do much for my pores personally.

Soo Ae Charcoal Clay Bubble Mask


Spoiler Alert! This is also in that project pan that I mentioned previously. I am super excited to try a bubble mask out. Because this is a clay charcoal mask, I think that it will help to refine my huge arse pores. I’m hoping that it really does bubble up instead of just foaming up. I don’t think my face is ticklish, but I guess I’ll find out for sure in a few weeks. I try to do a mask every week, even a few times a week. This one I might try out in a few days. I need to get up that blog post before I use it up though. :0


Danielle also included some samples and a tanning product that she got in one of her sub boxes. I haven’t tried the samples yet, but I have tried the lotion. I love the Jergens lotion so much that I am considering buying the full size. It is a wet skin moisturizer that gives you a light, health glow. It doesn’t really tan my skin, but it evens out redness and makes my skin look healthy. I just need to use up a few lotions first before I buy it, even though I can only use it when my skin is wet. If I had a full size, I don’t think I would use regular lotion all that often.

Ulta Beauty Sharpener

I think that Dan got sick of me saying that I would use my eyeliners if only I had a sharpener, so she got me one for my birthday. I will be getting some good use out of this guy and my eyeliners! I’ve already sharpened all of my pencils and I cannot wait to create some looks with my pencils. I haven’t used much makeup at all this month. My weekends have been busy going places and cleaning up the house and rearranging furniture. Hopefully, things will die down and I will get more use out of my eye shadows and other makeup products that I don’t use during the work week.

Soap & Glory Happy Pamper Gift Set

I haven’t used any of this set yet, but the packaging is adorable. I love the rose scent to these products and the fact that I can repurchase at CVS if I want more. I’m holding off on the butter until it gets colder outside. Summer is not the time for body butter. I plan on using the shower gel after I go through a few of my older ones. I cannot wait to use this stuff on my body!

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask


This is the mask that purifies pores and mattifies the skin, both of which I need. Even though, I finished off three masks, I still won’t open this one until I make more room in my medicine cabinet for my beauty stuff. I have two more masks to go through before I would open this baby up. I don’t want my products to go to waste by going bad. I’m excited about using this even if it’s not for a few more months. I have a lot of skin care in my back stock right now, because I cannot live without having backups apparently.

Well, that is it! This is everything that Danielle got me for my 25th birthday. She got me a ton of stuff and I am so grateful to her. I will be using each and everything. I think I’ve talked in the past about everything that she got for me.

With Love ❤


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3D White

For Crest 3D White in Arctic Fresh


I really like all toothpaste as long as they make my teeth feel clean and whiten my smile a bit. I’m not looking for super white teeth! I really enjoyed the taste of this toothpaste. It wasn’t overwhelmingly minty like most toothpastes can be. I did not repurchase this. I do prefer Crest over Colgate, but I’m into more natural toothpaste at the moment. Toothpaste is not something I really think about. I just buy whatever I have a coupon for and/or what is on clearance at Walmart. What is your favorite toothpaste? It takes about 6 months to go through a whole tube of toothpaste, so you won’t see another toothpaste review from me in a while. I’m interested in trying those black charcoal based toothpastes. Has anyone tried those?

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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So Luminous

For Avon So Luminous Dazzle Body Moisture Gel

Cat 024
Did you say Chicken?!

You know a product review is old, when I no longer have a picture of it anymore. This was heavily perfumed and gave me a slight headache while applying it. I enjoyed the thick gel formula and would get a less perfumed one if Avon made it on a gentler scent. It smelled like a grandma and it even bothered Dean how I smelt. I’m glad I used this one up. I was avoiding it, because of the scent. Now, I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I would not repurchase, because I cannot smell these products before I buy them. I don’t want to end up with another one that I cannot stand. Another lotion down and still about 20 more to go. I really think they are multiplying on me. They are breeding in my bucket!

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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Lil’ Meals

For Gerber Graduates Lil’ Meals White Turkey Stew with Rice & Vegetables


Dean was not a big fan of this one and only ate half of the container before I had to throw it out. For reference, I keep these containers for about a week before tossing them if he doesn’t finish them. It is a 6 oz meal that he just didn’t like the taste off. I have since backed off of the little meals and have been feeding him more from the table. I think I might pick up a few meals now, since he has had a break. He’s been eating the fruit and veggie pouches good. He can finish off a pouch in two to three days. He loves his fruit and veggies. I think he might have not been ready for a soup, when I tried this one. I will probably repurchase and try it again, but I will definitely buy some of the other kinds.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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For Davines Rebalancing Shampoo


Probably the only Davines product that I really enjoyed and would repurchase if it was a brand that was readily available. It was a nice clarifying shampoo for my oily scalp and got rid of all the product build up in my hair. I have a hard time finding clarifying products that work well. I just got one in my Sephora Play box, so I am excited to try that one. Sephora is readily accessible to me, because I buy everything from makeup to skin care to hair care from there, not to mention perfumes, gifts, and household items. I love high end items that go on sale that I can buy at Sephora as well. I almost never buy things for myself during the year, so Sephora is like my one indulgence. If they carry this online, I would consider purchasing it there next time.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤