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My Top 10: Quotes

For some of you who read my blog who may not know, I am a budding novelist. I have a collection book out right now called Never Enough: A Collection of Poems and Short-Stories on as well as the Barnes N’ Nobles website. I am currently working on my debut novel titled Finding You (Sith Souls Trilogy #1).

The protagonist of this story is a male and he is a Sith Prince who loses his first love, murders his mother in an act of bittersweet revenge, and escapes persecution by leaving the Sith dimension for the Mortal Realm, or what we humans call Earth. There he meets interesting characters and some very Gifted humans and some not so gifted. He learns to love again, only to have his hopes dashed to smithereens. He creates friendly bonds and unfriendly ones. He falls for another girl and has a whole book dilemma about kissing her. He decides to share his whole life story with her and the reader learns so much more than just the surface of the main character. This is a first person narrative taking place in the present tense. The second installment titled Discovering Me (Sith Souls Trilogy #2) is from the third person he falls in love with from her perspective in the present and past tense.

Anyways, now that everyone is filled in on the story, I can list my top ten favorite quotes from the book now that I have copy written the first draft. NOTE: For those who are interested in my first novel, it will be published some time in 2013. So, you can definitely look forward to it.


1. From Noel’s (Main Male Lead) POV (Point Of View): “We are deadly beautiful with the grace of angels and the curse of Satan” (Copywrite 2012).

2. From Noel’s POV: “There are worse people than a jealous best friend” (Copywrite 2012).

3. From Noel’s POV: “I twirl my pen in my fingers as I listen to the teacher, a Mrs. Glibber, gibber jabber about the hierarchy of Gifted society. I diligently take notes, if only to later mock these individuals for believing in such nonsense” (Copywrite 2012).

4. From Hannah’s (Headmistress of Wayward Instituition For Troubled Youth) dialogue with Noel: “‘Be careful, Noel. There are people here who wish to destroy what they cannot understand'” (Copywrite 2012).

5. From Noel’s POV with Kat (Backstabbing friend of his third love): “I try hard not to roll my eyes at her obvious display of female manipulation and play into the ruse allowing my expression to soften a tiny bit” (Copywrite 2012).

6. From Noel’s POV in dialogue with Hannah: “‘It’s good to know where a hypocrite stands'” (Copywrite 2012).

7. From Noel’s POV with Lolita (his once close friend): “We skirt around the topic we most want to discuss and try to decipher the deeper meaning behind innocent questions and gestures” (Copywrite 2012).

8. From Noel’s POV after his showdown with Derik (Hannah’s fiance who is part of the Scottish Paranormal Mafia): “Holding out a hand towards the building, I close my eyes imagining a bow and flaming arrow in my hands. I strap the arrow onto my bow and pull the string taut and tight. I take aim and release the arrow. Opening my eyes, I see the factory bursting with licks of flames. I keep walking, my path illuminated by the flames of my destruction” (Copywrite 2012).

9. From Noel’s POV with Serena (tumor patient): “There are authority figures that could find me out, if they cared to dig deep enough, instead of just barely scratching upon the surface of their students’ minds and lives” (Copywrite 2012).

10. Serena’s words to Noel: “‘Horrible acts on their own do not turn someone evil. People choose to be evil and so they are'” (Copywrite 2012).

Thanks so much for spending your time to read my blog. I know my readers are just as busy as I am, so your dedication and commitment in my success is greatly acknowledged and appreciated.


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