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Computer Update

Heya Fellow Gurus!

My computer at home is very old. 6 years old to be exact and it does this wierd thing that when you try to put it on, it stays on the blue screen and doesn’t turn over into the HP homescreen. Yes, my computer is a HP. Jiggling the mouse usually helps as it turns over;however, nothing is working. If you may know the answer to my problem, please let me know. I love having a computer to do long posts on, but now, I don’t. I’m typing on my Kindle Fire at the moment and this thing is a pain in the butt to blog on. I cannot add any cute custom pics, just ones found on the internet. Please help me, if you can. For now, I’ll keep restarting my computer hoping something works.

With Love,


7 thoughts on “Computer Update”

  1. I wish I knew more about computers. But really I have no idea. I can see how blogging via kindle might be tedious. I tried blogging from my phone once and it ended up being pretty short since it was hard to type.

    1. Me too. I hate blogging on it. It has to be short, because my pointer finger gets tired, no spell checking, and no going backwards to fix something. You wont be able to finishing typing the post then. Hopefully, it will come back on tomorrow. Last time it did this it was gone for 2 weeks and deleted all of my info but it wasn’t important anyway. Anything important I back up on a flash drive.

  2. I don’t know a ton about HP’s because I don’t have that type of computer. But since I used to use windows you may want to try pressing the F8 key repeatedly to put it in “Safe Mode.” This will make the colors look weird but if it is an issue with the actual computer, it should at least get it to turn on.

    As for writing on your kindle, do you have the wordpress app? I have one on my tablet, and it auto corrects for you. Or if you go into the kindle’s settings, you may be able to turn auto correct on. Also, if you have something to prop it up against, it is slightly easier to type on. Also, this may be interesting just for a future reference, but you can actually buy keyboards for tablets. I don’t know how much they cost, but it’s an idea. Hopefully this helps a bit?

    1. This does help. I’m going to try the F8 on my computer in a bit. I should get the wordpress app. I have autocorrect on my kindle but it sometimes gets it wrong anx then you go back and it just gets all messed up. Lol. Seriously though. I’ll let you know about the f8 thing in an hour or two. I want to finish this movie first. 🙂

      1. The app is better. I imagine its bringing you to the regular page, which is probably a pain to work with. It makes it easier to type, at least on a mobile/tablet device. Hopefully F8 at least turns it on for you! What movie?

  3. You are a genius, Danielle!!!! I love you so much! I got it on my second try. I hit F8 a bunch of times then esc ajd it worked! I can do my blog post tomorrow on my computer with cute pics! I cannot thank you enough!!!!

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