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Candy Coated Madness

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Today is #ManicureMonday and I am about to join in on this madness. Today, I have a candy inspired manicure that has a touch of edgy glam. I enjoy mixing polishes together that one wouldn’t think would go together, but this manicure definitely works. I love how bright, but edgy my nails are. I have surprised myself yet again. If you are wondering what the finished product looks like, this is it:

Completed Candy Coated Madness
Completed Candy Coated Madness

NOTE: Whatever mistakes that I make on my cuticle washes off by the next day. So, don’t stress out for coloring outside of the lines. Your manicure will be looking even better by the next morning.

I tried to capture the texture, shine, and coloring as best as I could and this picture is very true to life, except that the crackle on top of the polishes is more of a metallic gold and in this picture, it is looking a bit more silver than gold. Now, I will show you step by step how to achieve this look:

How To Achieve Candy Coated Madness:

Step 1: Start with clean fresh nails that are trimmed and shaped just the way you like. You can add a base coat if you want, in order to reduce the likelihood of staining and nail damage. My nails are fairly strong and my polishes tend not to stain, so I do not apply any base coats. I am trying to look for a good protein one, so if anyone could recommend one, I would appreciate it. 🙂

Clean Nails
Clean Nails

Step 2: Apply one coat of mint green polish to your thumb and index finger on either your right or left hand. Since I am right-handed, I am painting my left hand first with all three colors before moving on to my right hand. The color green I am using is Avon Nailwear Pro in Sweet Mint. Then, apply one coat of a light/bright lavender to your pointer and pinky finger. I am using Avon Nailwear ro in Loving Lavender. Lastly, apply one coat of a bright pink to your middle finger. My pink is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in 05 Flyin’ Fuchsia. Now, repeat these steps on the opposite hand. Let dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

One Coat
One Coat

Step 3: Since the colors are a little bit streaky, add another coat to make it completely opaque.

Two Coats
Two Coats

Step 4: For a more edgy  glam manicure, add a coat of crackle polish on top. I wanted to go with a classier crackle polish color that also sat with the theme of summer,so I chose a metallic gold color. My polish is O.P.I Nail Lacquer in Gold Shatter. This is thick polish that will create a pretty mosaic design. Make sure you apply a thick coat and fast! This stuff dries quickly.

Completed Candy Coated Madness
Completed Candy Coated Madness

This is the end result! You may add a top coat to make your mani last longer. I have currently used up my top coat and am searching for a new one. If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment below. If you do this design or any variation of it, please post a picture or ping back to this blog so that I can see it. Have a happy Monday!

With Love,

4 thoughts on “Candy Coated Madness”

  1. looks cool. I should try out putting on different polish colors on different nails. Seems the OPI crackle works pretty well. I tried a crackle one by Sephora and it must have been old (it was on sale) because the effect didn’t really work out. You are right that the mistakes on the edges of nail polish either come off on their own in a day or in the shower. That is how I usually deal with it instead of trying to correct it immediately.

    1. It’s really fun. The children I work with were in awe. Lol. I get my opi shatter from the salon. I have two. The gold and the turquoise. They were 6 bucks which is cheaper since it’s usually 8 each. I never fuss over it. I end up making an even bigger mess when I attempt to correct. You get cotton on wet nails. Not a good fuzzy look.

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