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Entertainment ~ Weekly Update

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

This is a new segment I like to call Entertainment Weekly! Lol. Once a week, I will talk about what show, movies, and books I am obsessing over and basically just have a lot of spoilers to try to start a discussion. I like to talk a lot about my favorite shows and what’s going to happen next and so on. So, be prepared for spoilers and if you haven’t watched these and plan to, I would say stop reading now! If you are like me and are obsessing over these shows, please comment with our ideas and opinions or even if you’re not, explain why. I am only going to be putting up a few tv shows today, because it’s getting really stormy here and I want to post this before it gets worst!

TV Shows I’m Obsessing Over:

Pretty Little Liars:

Pretty Little Liars Complete Cast
Pretty Little Liars Complete Cast

I am really loving this series! I am up to date on season 4 and I cannot believe how intense the show is getting! I wonder who really killed Wilden. For some reason, I think CeCe Drake probably killed him. I feel so bad for Hanna’s mom though. I cannot believe Pastor Ted had that much cash to get Ashley out of jail on bail. Talk about really lovig someone. Then, we have Emily’s drama, which is more true to life than A related. Aria’s problems are normal things as well like jealousy. Spencer wants to be on A’s tail and who could blame her? Toby is all messed up , because of her. Ands I know! We all think A is a girl, but wouldn’t it be surprising if it was Lucas?! Speaking of Lucas, where did he go? I miss him. A lot of people have disappeared from this show and many have been added. My little complete cast poster needs to be updated to reflect the new cast members, plus where are the parents and siblings?! Lol. I guess, it is the complete cast of important characters. At least Ezra is in there. Does anyone else think Ezra’s part is now boring and dragged out? Aria and Ezra were starting to get to be a boring couple. I’m glad they decided to spice up the show again.


Season 1 Poster
Season 1 Poster

I am really enjoying this new show. I thought that I wouldn’t like it r be as invested in it like I am with other shows, but I have to say that the plot is very interested and very twisted. There is a lot of mystery, but I wish there was a little more mystery than who is dating whom but I guess that is what a lot of teenagers like to watch. The show is kind of soapy, but not enough to get me to stop watching it.  There is still a good dose of mystery to this show, if it ever disappeared, I would stop watching this. I cannot believe all the twists and turns this show is getting into. I am up to date on the season and was surprised by the corporation having the same design as the necklace. Is this a secret society?!

Switched At Birth:


I am up to date on the season of this show. I cannot believe all that has happened! John is so nice now to Regina. Is the wedding going to be called off between Toby and his girl? I kind of hope that the wedding will not take place, because I want Toby to be signal. He is my man in the show. I cannot believe that Ty would be that mean to Bay! Of course he apologized, but she had to go to the hospital, because of him. I would have been POED with that had been my man. It was nice to see Emmette developing as a character and seeing his mom finally involved with someone. Is it just me or is this show a little blah now that there isn’t a whole lot of drama going on? It seems to be a bit more boring and I tend to get a bit bored watching it. I want it to be exciting again!

The Fosters:

End of Season 1 poster
End of Season 1 poster

I really liked Season 1 of The Fosters. I thought that it is a unique show and I have never seen anything like it before. I really like the concept of a family fostering children and really ironically, their last name is Foster. This show is filled with drama and it is the really sweet kind as well. There are intense moments, but I feel it is a good family show to watch. I cannot wait untilo next January to watch season 2, hopefully this show will not get cancelled like a lot of shows on ABC Family.

What shows are the rest of you loving? Anything I can add to my collection? I have more shows that I watch other than this, but that storm is brewing stronger!

With Love,


FTC Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I am not being paid to promote these tv shows.


7 thoughts on “Entertainment ~ Weekly Update”

  1. well actually I haven’t seen any of those shows so can’t really comment about them. Sometimes I watch a lot of TV but other times I end up being on netflix watching movies (some of which are pretty badly written). for TV, I seem to watch way too much adult cartoons.

    1. I remeber watching Drama Island in secret as a child. Lol. I watch some adult shows as well not just young adult. I like unforgettable and psych. It’s still storming here. What cartoons do you watch?

      1. I do like Psych. pretty funny. the cartoons I watch are The simpsons, family guy, american dad, south park, the cleveland show, futurama, and maybe some others I forget.

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