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Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It is time for my belated entertainment update for last week. I noticed that my friend Danielle has been rating her movies that she watches and I am going to do the same for my movies as well. I’m not doing it for my shows, because I think that I would five star them all! lol. For some shows, I might just do a season recap, especially if I am watching it on Netflix just to warn you guys. All the shows that are currently in season on tv will be reviewed episode by episode, since they occur new weekly anyways. I have a haul coming up that will most likely be up tomorrow, if not Thursday.

T.V. Shows I’m Obsessing Over:

Pretty Little Liars:

Pretty Little Liars Complete Cast
Pretty Little Liars Complete Cast

I was very shocked with everything that happened in this episode. (Not today’s, but last weeks!) I couldn’t believe that Toby would take it that hard and he almost got arrested with Caleb! A definitely wants Toby out of the way. I feel really bad for Ezra and I hope that Aria gets back together with him. Then again, I really like her with the new guy as well, but I cannot help but think that he is also on the A team to keep Aria and Ezra apart. Hanna is going through major drama herself with that guy, who finally agreed to testify. Thank Gawd Hanna’s mom might be out of the woods, pun intended! Emily’s problems, I felt, were not really highlighted in this episode. Yeah, she is having girlfriend troubles, but what about the investuigation about her house and the supossed child abuse?! Is A trying to set up Emily or Hanna for killing Wilden? Spencer has Toby troubles and that’s really it. I feel like only one or two star(s) problems are highlighted in every episode.

Switched At Birth:


The season finale was incredible and I couldn’t believe all of the things that happened in it. Bay was lied to by Ty, who thinks he will die in the war. I think that Bay will try to make it into that German art school anyways, because she has such a positive energy about her ever since Ty showed up this season. She is not so much the downer that she used to be, but love can change all things, right? Daphne seems to have picked up her “sister’s” negative and bad arse attitude in this season, so much so that she can actually to time for the wrongs that she has committed. I knew that Angelo would want an open adoption. The baby is just too much for him to handle and he wants Regina back, so go figure that he would do something like that. I love that Toby got married and no one knows but the two of them. It was more suiting in my opinion and quite unexpected.


Season 1 Poster
Season 1 Poster

It was just a recap episode that I missed last week. I watched it today and it was nothing special. It just went over the season, before the finale tonight. You didn’t miss much if you missed it.

Project Runway:

New Season
New Season

I was really yelling at my telivison to do the Tim Gun save and guess what?! IT HAPPENED! I was so excited and happy. I did not want to see the guy go. He may be deaf, but he is an amazing designer. I hope he wins aloing with Jeremy and Kate. All three of them are my favorites. The deaf guy, the brit, and the talented young woman. Who are your favorites from the season? I did not really like the creation that ate made last week. It really did look like a pregnant faerie and I wished that Jeremy would have won! He deserved it compared to Alexandra with her poopy pants. LOL.

The stormy we


7 thoughts on “Entertainment Weekly”

  1. Gosh! My post got cut off!!! I will be redoing this post on friday with the stuff that got cut off and some new stuff. It must have been the stormy weather that I was just going to joke about in the post. Never joke. It becomes a reality!!!

  2. I like some tv shows but prefer to watch them on netflix or elsewhere with no commercials. I haven’t seen any of these shows but might try to see one or two soon.

  3. I was enjoying reading this and then it was cut off and I got sad. 😦 I just watched the last two episodes of switched at birth this morning, and I was so mad that Ty lied to Bay, even if he thought it was the right thing to do.

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