Quick Tip #1

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I told all of you that on the days I cannot do a long post that I would do a quick tip to keep the posts flowing. These will be uber short. I’m sorry, but I simply have no time to sit in front of my desk top sometimes.

Quick tip #1: When trying a new product, use it in your routine for a month before you use your current cleanser up (if current cleanser is working for you of course!). Then, use the rest of your old cleanser up. If you notice an improvement in your skin, than stick to your old cleanser because the new one isn’t working. If your skin gets worse, throw out or give away the old cleanser and stick with the new. Your face really likes your new product better than the old.

Well, that’s it for now! Did you like my quick tip? Let me know in the comments below! Do you have any quick tips?

With Love,


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