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Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I am so sorry about not posting this yesterday, but my little brother had homework and I couldn’t publish this until today. I hope you enjoy it and like always I would really like some requests for posts. I also love doing collaborations, so let me know! I will have at least 4 more posts for you this week and I have a three-day work week that is coming up in a couple of days. So, my Retail series will be picking up soon. My FOTW should be up by the end of this week. Maybe sooner. Onto the entertainment! I know most of these do not have pictures yet, but I have to run and wordpress is not letting me upload! I will be updating this most likely tomorrow!!!

T.V. Shows I Have Been Obsessing Over:

Keeping Up With The Karsdashions:

On Season 3
On Season 3

This tv show has been my new guilty pleasure, since all of my favorite shows are off air. I have been missing my shows some weeks, because of my stupid dvr being old and getting screwy. I am on season three of this show and I love watching it. It allows me to escape from my life and I have to say that I poke less fun at this family since watching the show. Sometimes with all the drama, you can forget that they have their meltdown moments as well that make them human. I look forward to watching more of these episodes and getting to know the family a bit better. It isn’t all drama, but there are very funny moments in every episode as well. They are a very loving family and that really shines through.

Project Runway:

New Season
New Season

I missed last week’s episode, so I will have to watch two this week. I cannot believe that my British man is out! Now, I only have my two favorites still in the game. I hope one of them wins. It would be amazing! I really want Kevin to go home! I do not like him at all. He explodes at people like Helen, who wasn’t doing anything wrong. Gosh! I really do not like him at all. I wish that they would send him home already. His fashions aren’t even that great. He hasn’t won one competition yet. I cannot wait to watch the two episodes this week. Hopefully, none of my favorites went home. I would hate it if they did. I really love this show, because of the challenges and the drama. I do not think any of the designers really make it in the real world though, except for Christian S. I have seen his fashions adapted for Payless.

The 4400:


On season 1
On season 1


I have just started this series and am on episode two or three. This show is very intense and weird. So, I like it of course. I like shows that have supernatural elements to them and this one has that and then some. I love the forbidden romance and the twisted web in this show. It is almost believable that this could really happen. That is how realistic this show is set up. I like the life sucking and life saving forces that the teenage character has. The old guy with the destructive tornado power, I do not like. I cannot wait to see what powers the other characters have. I think the little girl has seer abilities, but only time will tell.

Movies I Recently Watched:



This was a very cute and stupid movie that I couldn’t help but watch. Sometimes, I just have to watch movies with people who I like playing in it. I know that shouldn’t be a good enough reason to watch a movie, but that is how I roll. Deal with it. This movie was goofy with Ariana Grande in it being the empty-headed cheerleader, who is actually really smart. I loved Jennette in it being a really annoying actress. Who could forget GIBBY! Lol. I really liked this movie a lot because of the actors who starred in it. If this movie was played by different people, it would have been less enjoyable and I never would have watched it in the first place. 3/5 stars

Books I’ve Started Recently:

Dancing Days: Helicon Muses Series:


I am really into the supernatural. It is like my thing, but I also love literature. Hello English Major! This book combines Greek Mythology in a new and endearing way. I like an author stayed clear of Shakespeare and his faeries, but made off with a new/old idea of muses. In this story though, muses have a lot of power, which I love. I am not really far enough into it to really judge the book, but so far I like it. I like that has some reality to it, instead of making it too far-fetched. I review all books after I finish then, so you will be seeing this soon enough.

Remember to request anything and leave a comment if you like. Have you been watch/reading these?

With Love,



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