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The Retail Diaries: Day 1

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Wednesday was my first day of online training at my job. I pulled a four-hour shift and even got a paid fifteen minute rest period. It was an ah-mazing first day and was pretty exciting. Isn’t something new alway exciting, though? When I came into work, I had to do a tiny bit of paperwork and was assigned  locker. A locker that is very hard to open, I might add. I had to ask other people to open it every time, which was twice. Seriously. I am not going to lock my locker, until I can open it myself. I am going to be practicing that on Monday, when I am doing register training. It shouldn’t really be that hard. I think that I am making it a bigger deal than what it actually is. Anyways, I was then given an employee number and punched into the system on the register for the very first time. I worked on the computer all day, doing my e-learning and training for the job. Doing the training on the computer was fun and engaging, but near the end of my four-hour shift, it got very annoying. I took my fifteen minute break and bought a bag of Cheese-Its in the vending machine in the employee lounge. I was also given an employee name tag on a fabric chain that goes around your neck. I also signed out of the system at the end of the day and it had a cute survey asking how you felt at the nd of your shift, so you know I picked “unstoppable”. That is so cute! Overall, I really liked my first day, but I cannot wait to actually start my job and end my training.

Until my next post!

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