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The Retail Diaries: Day 2

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Thursday was my second day on e-learning at my new job. I worked another four-hour shift from 1 to 5pm. It was more of the same thing, except I had a sore throat that day. So, I was also popping lozenges like crazy. I brought a better snack to work also for my fifteen minutes break. I bought a Sprite and add corn chips from Tostino’s or however you spell it. I punched in and out of work on the register. My supervisor had a lunch that smelled very good and made me starving, so I took my break earlier than usual. The security at my work was monitoring a shoplifter in progress. That was very exciting, although the shoplifter did decide not to shoplift after all, so there were no cops involved. Security cannot apprehend a suspect, until they try to leave the store with the stolen merchandise. There was nothing really exciting going on at work. I was learning more and more about my company and what their policies are and things like that. I learned some things that I didn’t already know and was very impressed about the things that I learned about the company. These things I am not privy to tell you about, since I have a confidentiality agreement with the company. I am choosing not to disclose the name of the company, so that I can bypass their social media rules. I still cannot disclose specific information, but I can tell you of good and bad experiences that I am having at my job without endangering my job. I have one more retail post to do today for this week and day 4 is going to be on Monday, since I am going in at 11 am for register training.

Until my next post!

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2 thoughts on “The Retail Diaries: Day 2”

    1. I hope not! It’s really a nerve wrecking event. It’s usually young teens though and they get a stern talking to. The police will talk to them but usually no arrests are made which is what I was told.

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