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The Retail Diaries: Day 6

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Wednesday was a very busy and hectic day for me. I know that I am saying hectic a lot, but this is seriously the last consecutive time that I will use this word. It was my first day at the register doing my job. I was expecting to spend one more day observing, but everyone thought that I could do the job. I had a lot of questions and made a few mistakes. It was a bit overwhelming and I felt like I was drowning a bit. I was going super fast trying to get everything right. I think if I would have taken it slower, I would have felt a lot better and performed a lot better as well. I only ran into one rude person at work, which wasn’t a big thing at all. I can deal with rude people with a smile. It’s angry people that I have a problem with. I signed up three new people for memberships with my company. I felt really accomplished, but a bit over my head. I had a Doctor Pepper and a yogurt for my break. I love my fifteen minute breaks. Lol. I haven’t worked a 6 hour shift yet, so I haven’t been given an actual thirty minute lunch. I think I would rather work shorter shifts though, because working is still very new to me. I promise to be better at writing these on the actual days I work. Until my next post!

With Love,



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