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The Final Verdict: Maybelline Baby Lips

For Maybelline New York Baby Lips in 60 Melon Mania

Lip Balm

What it is: A healing lip balm that improves lips’ texture with a hint of color.

Key Ingredients: To be honest, I did not care enough about this balm to do the research to see what is in it. Since, I do not plan on repurchasing it. If given as a gift again, I would still like it and use it, but I think the whole baby lips thing is a gimmick. I do like trying gimmicky things though. I like the concept behind them. I just realized that there is an “ick” in gimmick. laughs

How it feels/smells/looks: The pink balm smells like its flavor: watermelon. It feels smooth going on and gives lips a nice wash of color without looking like you are wearing makeup. This really is a your lip color but better look.

Why I like it: It conditions lips with a touch of color that makes my lips look plumper on no makeup days. I did not see a real improvement in my lips when I finished up the tube. My lip lines were still apparent and my lips were in no better condition than they were before I started using this balm. I take good care of them, so maybe there was nothing to improve? More likely a gimmick than anything else. Also, my lips were a bit drier than usual when I was done with this and a bit flaky.


4 thoughts on “The Final Verdict: Maybelline Baby Lips”

  1. I have 3 of these Baby Lips (all opened and haven’t finished any of them) but I don’t like them all that much. They seem sort of drying, which contradicts the whole point. I find the packaging cute which is why I have 3, but I won’t let the cute packaging lure me in anymore.

    1. You say that now, but you’ll be lured in again. I always fall for pretty packaging. I can’t help myself! They are a bit drying. I have to use it more often than my other balms.

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