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The Final Verdict: Eucalyptus Mint

For Bath & Body Works White Barn Eucalyptus Mint

Mint candle

What it is: A scented candle that burns for twenty-five to forty-five hours. My candle burned more along the lines of forty-five (I usually just light candles for relaxing in the bath).

Key Ingredients: The candle contains the following essential oils: eucalyptus, spearmint, and citrus. The wax is vegetable based with lead-free wicks for a smoother, more even burn.

How it feels/smells/looks: The scent is crisp and relaxing. It is the perfect companion scent to a bubble bath. I would love to receive another one as a gift, but I would rather try other scents with my own money. The white candle and gold lid is very royal and luxurious. The scent carries very well and fills up my whole apartment when I burn it.

Why I like it: First off, I really enjoyed the scent of this candle and how strongly scented it was. If you do not like the smell of the candle at the store, you will hate the way it smells when it is burning. The candle burned very even and lasted practically forever. The three wick candles are definitely worth the investment, when they are on sale for 2 for 22 USD. At the end of my candle’s life, there was about a fourth of an inch of wax left in the jar, so none of the wax went to waste like with some candles where only half of the jar burns down. I do not really feel like scrapping out the wax to use it in a tart burner, but I will be reusing the jar to hold my cotton balls, cotton pads, and q-tips. These candle jars are perfect to reuse and I will be decorating the jar. I will be doing a post on decorating in the near future. These candles are worth the splurge. I will be repurchasing in a different scent.


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