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The Final Verdict: Charmed Life

For Bath & Body Works Charmed Life Triple Moisture Body Cream

[Picture unavailable]

What it is: This lotion is definitely more of a cream that hydrates skin and leaves it supple for days. The heaviness of this cream is between a lotion and a body butter. It is the perfect lotion for summer skin to keep it hydrated without being greasy.

Key Ingredients: There is so much yummy goodness in this cream that I do not know where to start. There is guava juice, pear, and vanilla musk. The cream is also made with milk proteins, rice brain oil, and acai berry extract.

How if feels/smells/looks: The cream feels super moisturizing upon contact with skin. Charmed Life needs a good five to ten minutes to really sink into the skin before getting dressed. I love the discontinued scent and I really wish that they would bring it back. You can definitely smell the warmth of the vanilla with hints of fruity notes. The tube looks festive and bright like a privileged tube of cream. With a name like Charmed Life, I knew that I had to have it and it did not disappoint.

Why I like it: I love this hydrating cream on my skin. It leaves my skin hydrated for days and soothes my skin after spending the day at the beach. The scent is to die for and I wish that I would have bought more than one tube. How was I to know that they would no longer carry this or that I would fall in love with it? I like the triple cream better than their regular lotions, which I think do not feel as nice as these ones and they are not as hydrating either. I wish this wasn’t any empty, but now, I can move on to other scents in my beauty cupboard, which makes me extremely happy and gives me a feeling of  accomplishment.

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