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Book of the Month: Gone

Gone (Gone, #1)Gone by Michael Grant

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

My May book pick was Gone, which is the first book in the Gone series. This book was a real miss for me, you guys. I really did not like this book. I liked the concept, but I do not like the way it was written. As always, here is the low-down on Gone, after a brief disclaimer.

I promise to be brutally honest with my opinion, but it should not be taken as fact. Any reader should read it for themselves, before they decide if this book has any merit or not. Do not judge this book biased solely on my opinion. If you do, you might miss out on a great read. You never know. It could happen. My review may contain spoilers, but I really strive to be spoiler-free. I borrowed this book from my local library. This book was not suggested to me by the author. I have no affiliation with the author or his/her publisher.

Strong Main Character:
What I really love about this book is that Sam is not all that strong. He feels inadequate and does not want to wield any power over anyone. He learns quickly that if he wants to survive, he will have to start leading instead of following. I love the character development in this book. It is like nothing that I have ever read before. Throughout the whole book, it seems like most of the characters grow, but Sam is the most noticeable in his growth of the bunch. He is the main character after-all, so it makes sense. He can be a bit annoying though with constantly running away instead of facing his problems in the last few chapters. I guess it is more realistic, though I found it more annoying.

Evil Antagonists:
Well, there is more than one in this story, there are multiple. One is mentally ill, So, I do not think it counts. Mentally ill people are sick and need proper medical treatment. It doesn’t make them evil. Caine, however, chooses to be evil, because he was adopted and had a hard upbringing. Still no excuse to want to destroy and control other people, but whatever. I feel like Caine never really develops. He just gets more obsessed with Sam as the book goes on and more feverish looking, according to the author’s depiction of him. So, Caine gets more desperate, when he does not get what he wants. A big baby, a dangerous one at best.

Strong Minor Characters:
I feel like some minor characters disappear and others have no point in being mentioned in the first place. Maybe, they will be more important in the next book? I saw no point in really going into a lot of detail in this one, like with Albert and the nurse-like girl or Mary. I felt like Astrid and others should have gotten more story time than these other ones that seem unimportant. I do not plan on reading the rest of the series to find out if they ever get really important, though. Spoiler alerts anyone?

The Plot:
This is your typical end of the world as we know it with some people having crazy super powers. There is a twist to the generic plot to make it interesting enough to make it seem new and reinvented. The plot is what attracted me to the book in the first place. It was definitely not the cover! I do not want to give away too much, but I will say that the plot is definitely something I have never quite read before and is worth a look/read.

The Setting:
I love descriptive books and this did not disappoint in that department. That being said, I thought that the descriptions were a bit on the boring side, but I guess I cannot have it all, right? Still, I wish it as a bit more engaging or more colorfully written. I cannot complain much about it though, because many books that I read do not even bother to give the reader much of a setting description.

The Dialogue:
Well, it is a bit gimmicky with the vernacular slang and the surfer dude language. I found it believable, if a bit dated, that young teenagers and children would talk like that, although I never did talk like this or never hung out with anyone who did. This is also from the West Coast and I am a East Coast girl, so there is that. I found the dialogue humorous most of the time, which lifts up the dark subject matter.

Engaging Surprises:
I found it surprising that no one of importance ever dies, even when you want them to very bad. That is all I will say about this, since that was it for surprises. Nothing else was really surprising, just predictable.

There is a huge fight scene at the end, but honestly, there were a lot of little climatic scenes, too many to count. It made the novel engaging, but I also found this book to be too long. I lost interest two-thirds of the way through it. There was just too much happening for one book. This either needed to be edited to be shorter or split into more books. I feel there was a little too many close encounters that the story became boring. I was like, “Oh, look, they got away without a scratch, again”. Too predictable that it became very boring, very quickly.

Emotional Response:
I really did not have one to this book, because I felt so detached from this story. It is a little too far-fetched to really get attached to the characters. I also could not relate to any of the characters, so that did not help as well.

A little bit surprising, but also a bit predictable. I did like the ending, but I also felt that the author had to leave things open, so that he could have more fights and even up the battle ground a bit. I thought that some tidbits were unnecessary, especially the 14, 15 year old innuendo.

The Writing:
Honestly, I did not find the writing all that special or talently written. I thought that it was average and there were quotation mistakes all over the place. I just didn’t care for the writing and I believe that it shows. This just wasn’t for me and it was partially a waste of my time to read it. I might try a different book of his in the future, but nothing from this series. The books are too much of a time suck for something I do not really enjoy.

The Artwork:
The cover was nothing to write home about. I liked it well enough, but it did not capture my attention like other books do.

This is a young adult/teenager sci-fi story with a dash of romance thrown in. Both girls and guys would like this story, I think.

Gone is a very fitting title for this novel The title is not attention grabbing, but it suits the novel well enough.

There really is nothing more I want or need to say about the novel, so that is it until next month. Er, this month rather.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

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