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Pretty In Paradise: June Ipsy

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I know it is kind of late to be taking about June, but I just am now getting to it and I didn’t want to skip the month either. Since I am already late with my review, I will get to what I thought about everything now with this short intro.

The Theme:

Pretty In ParadiseJune 2014

I really like the theme for June, because many people go to the beach or go on vacation. So, it makes sense for Ipsy to compile products for the beach: easy, waterproof, effortless, and scented like a vacation if you are having a staycation.

The Bag:

Rebecca Minkoff

I am so excited to finally say that I have a Rebecca Minkoff bag! I love her as a designer and now I have one of her signature designer makeup bags. It has cute little pineapples on it. The feel of the bag is very luxurious. As I write this, I am switching out my makeup bag, so I have this one in my purse instead. Love, love, love it so much and I cannot say it more. Seriously worth all of my Ipsy subscription money.

The Contents:

  • Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray, 1.52 oz for about 3.50 USD:

Beach Spray 

This little bottle is perfect for traveling and for throwing into your beach bag. It smells like sweet coconut, reminding me of my beloved Hawaiian Tropics Sunscreen. I am so in love with the scent! I estimate that this little bottle would give you a good dozen uses, since it was filled to the top. I would buy this for the scent alone.

  • DERMAdoctor DD Cream 15-Benefits-In-1, 0.3 fl oz for 9.50 USD:

DD Cream

 The sample seems pretty full, so I would say that you would get six or so uses out of this one as well. The color seems a tad too dark on the back of my hand, but I think it would give my face the prettiest glow. It also smells like a vacation in a tube, which I quite enjoy in case you haven’t noticed yet. On a different note, what on earth is a white sapphire complex?

  • NYX Butter Gloss in BlGO2 Eclair, 0.27 fl oz for 5 USD: 

Butter glossEclair

This tube is actually a bit bigger than the normal size, which is very nice of NYX. The website says that these are 0.23 fl oz, but mine is labeled 0.27. This is a full sized product that is half of the total cost of the bag, which I think is a great value. This buttery gloss smells like candy floss! I was the most excited to receive this talked about NYX product and I have to say that it is raved about for a reason. The pale pink nude is the perfect neutral gloss to use on its own or over lipstick to create a glossy finish and to tone down a bright lip. I love the feel and look of this on my lips. It is the most comfortable gloss I own. It is not sticky in the least, but very buttery and nourishing.

  • Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner in Green, 0.1 oz for 4.99 USD: 

Shimmer EyelinerGreen Nicka K

This was another full-sized product, which made me very happy. Both of my full-sized products made up the value of this bag. The shimmery green is so pretty and not too blingy. I was hoping for blue, but I do not mind getting the green. It is supposed to be waterproof, so I am planning to use this on my waterline. UPDATE: This stuff burns when applied to the waterline. DO NOT APPLY THERE. The angled felt tip brush makes application a breeze, following the contour of the eyelid. I don’t like this as much on my top eyelid though.

  • Be A Bombshell Mascara in Lash Out, 0.25 oz for 15 USD: 

mascaraBe a bombshellWand
Wow. I did not realize that the most expensive product in my bag would be a mascara that I will have to toss out in three months or less. This mascara has a horrid smell, but it is great for setting my long lashes. I use mascara to set my lashes, so they do not curl into my eyeballs, which is very much a problem for me. This stuff really flakes, which isn’t good. It darkens my lashes a bit, so they are more doll-like. Otherwise, I notice no difference between my eye with the mascara and the eye without it. I also just feel really sexy with mascara on.


Overall, I would give this bag 2 stars based on having used the products all month long. The value of this bag was 37.99 USD! That is an amazing value! It is almost four times what I paid for it. I cannot wait for what July will bring!

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

1 thought on “Pretty In Paradise: June Ipsy”

  1. I agree that the make up bag is beautiful! I also really like the card with the surfer girl on it. Lol. I feel like I don’t wear enough (any) makeup so subscribing would be sort of pointless, but you always seem to end up with a great value of products for only $10.

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