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Chapter Two: Past Loves

Jess walked into the pizza parlor with him and they were soon seated at a booth. Well. This’ll be an interesting meal, she thought with a small smirk, her eyes scanning the parlor quickly. Felix sat on the edge of the booth as he looked around the crowded place, trying to find the right human to draw off of. The two guys ready to brawl in the corner looked promising and he flexed his fingers, glancing at them before returning Jessica’s smirk.

“Do you eat or drink much by the way of human food?”

Jess had been thinking when he asked this and only half paying attention, before she crossed her arms and replayed the question in her head. She usually drank more than ate, because it was the only thing she could really taste of the human world. Well, besides humans themselves, which she did not make a habit of drinking from, but still.

“Usually I just drink human stuff.”

She noticed him looking around and added.

“Find anyone yet?”

Startled, he glanced at her with a raised brow.


He had not noticed that she noticed his scoping. I really need to get with it, he thought. He had let his guard down with this girl. It was about time to bring it back up again. Shoot, she realized he had not told her anything about that, she had just assumed. Making up something, she nonchalantly replied.

“You were looking around so much; I just assumed you were looking for someone.”

It was kind of funny, though, seeing his reaction.


His brow scrunched and wrinkled, before smoothing out on the plane of his forehead.

“Actually, no. She is not here.”

He imagines her reaction to his words and watched her face, as his powers tendrils out to the arguing men. He felt and tasted their anger and yearned for it. He slowly drained them of their anger, letting the feeling burn into his mind as his brain became energized at the emotional feast.

“Huh. Lucky her.”

Jess could not keep the sarcasm out of her words and would not accept that tingle of jealousy that she suddenly felt. I cannot be jealous, she told herself. Because if she were, then that would mean she felt something for Felix, which she could not, would not. Felix found himself pleased by her jealousy, but decided he would release the edge off of it. So, he drained most of the feeling, letting it sit inside of himself making him feel all warm and…emotional. The only time he felt emotion was during his feeding sessions, but they were not his feelings. They were feelings stolen from others, but he still felt lucky to feel anything at all. Jess suddenly felt as if some weird weight were lifted off her shoulders and could not really explain the feeling. It was odd. She sighed softly and looked around the place, wondering when a waiter or waitress would come take their order.

“Uhm. So. You like the school?”

She asked, though for some reason figured he did not. He cocked his head to the side and coughed out a snide remark.

“Yeah. I love the place. The scenery is beautiful and the people fabulous.”

He dropped the snarky attitude and considered her question pensively, before looking at her. I mean, really looking at her.

“But the people part is looking up even though this place…”

He gestured around.

“Earth, you call it. Is a smog filled dump. Otherworld is so much more vivid and colorful…”

He trailed off. His tongue had slipped and Jess, if she was smart, would know what he was. It was not actually a secret though. Jess glanced at him, a little surprised by the last thing he mentioned. She thought, Wait, what? She did not say something for a long moment. Until finally, she shrugged nonchalantly, acting as if she had heard this all before and met a bunch of people like that.

“Right. Humans are annoying and fickle, and they litter a lot.”

She mumbled.

“I’m sure the Otherworld is much more interesting.”

Felix actually laughed…at her ignorance…a real laugh.

“You don’t know what Otherworld is?”

Jess frowned slightly, hating how oblivious she felt and slowly shook her head.

“Not really…”

He nodded with a smile, inclining his head.

“That sounds about right.”

He drummed his fingers on the table and watched her with creepy-like fascination.

“I’ve never met an ex-human who hasn’t heard the tale before.”

“Well. I haven’t really…”

She cleared her throat. Have not really been around people or listened to others. Have not really had the opportunity or time to hear about it or read about it. But she was not about to say that. She did not even know what to think of the way he was looking at her and had to look down at the table.


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    Thank you

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