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The Final Verdict: Staples

For Staples 1.0 Blue Ballpoint Pen

Staples Pen

What it is: A knockoff brand pen that is supposed to write as smooth as the InkJoy for half the price.

Key Ingredients: Ink? lol. I almost forgot! And Plastic.

How it feels/smells/looks: The good thing is that the ink does not stink. I think we all have had an experience with a pen where the ink smelled really bad and made you not want to write with it. It is a pretty comfortable pen and you do not have to press too hard on it to get a good ink flow. It is a good dupe for InkJoy by Papermate, butsine the nearest Staples is twenty miles away, I doubt that I would be repurchasing.

Why I like it: This is a really nice pen, if you hate traditional ballpoint pens and want something cheap but is still an ink pen. If the store was closer, I would buy them again.

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