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The Final Verdict: Dove

For Dove Advanced Care Nutrium Moisture Sensitive 48H Antiperspirant Deodorant

Dove Sensitive

What it is: A deodorant that treats and blocks sweat for 48 hours, while also providing a great layer of moisture for your neglected underarm area.

Key Ingredients: There are a couple of ingredients that do not fit with this deodorant. Stearyl Alcohol is actually very drying, so it is not very moisturizing for the underarms. Also, added fragrance to a sensitive formula deodorant just seems counterproductive. I just do not understand why a company would add fragrance to a sensitive formula.

How it feels/smells/looks: The deodorant glides on smoothly, but had a tendency of balling up on itself in my armpit. It does not smell like anything, which is nice. I do not like my deodorants to have scents, since I layer a scent on top of it. It is a solid white deodorant.

Why I like it: I liked the fact that it is scentless and has zero drying time. I also liked that the deodorant was very soothing to my skin and did not burn, when I applied it to my underarms after shaving and having a little razor burn.There are a few things that I did not like about it as well. I did not like that the deodorant balled up on itself, because I do not think that it worked as well this way. I did not care for the white stains/residue that it left on my shirts. I do not feel that it blocked 100% of the odor. I feel like it worked 85 to 80%. I hate feeling like I have body odor and my current routine blocks 100%. I will be sharing my secret soon, do not worry. By the way, that was a cryptic hint. Anyway, that is all there is to say about this deodorant. I still cannot believe that I could talk so much about deodorant.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


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