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A Blogger Made Me Do It: Amsterdaily

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Happy 3rd day of Octoberfest! Today was my daddy’s 60th birthday! Wish him a very happy birthday, everyone. LOL. So, I have been talking to Jimmy from Amsterdaily and he was talking about the new Ariana Grande cd called My Everything. I had doubts about her music, stating that all it was rapping music with rappers in it. Jimmy claimed that the music, while it did contain some rap elements, had mostly solos in it of just Ari. He had me so intrigued that I said that I would buy her first album. Well folks, I did indeed buy her album, but not the first one. No, I bought the one Jimmy was raving about, My Everything and I was not disappointed. So, thanks Jimmy for opening up my ears to Ariana Grande post Victorious.

My breakdown of the album are as follows:


  1. Intro: It is a cute introduction to the album. She could have made it into a full song and I would have loved it more. I thought that it would be more of an Ashley Tisdale intro, mash-up of all the songs off of the album. I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. Problem: I was surprised to say that I really love this song and think that it is really catchy. It is a great song to dance and sing along to. I heart it so much! It is more of a girly rap, which I quite enjoy.
  3. One Last Time: I don’t mind this song, but I do not love it. If it comes on my IPod, I do not press skip, but I don’t pay too close of attention to it. It is just not my jam. It is more of a ballad, but it is not a bad song by any means whatsoever!
  4. Why Try: I love, love, love this song. It is my song and I can totally relate to it. I know all the lyrics by heart and cannot help singing bits of it at totally random moments. I love the beat of the song and just about everything about it is ah-mazing. This is one of my favorite songs off of the album.
  5. Break Free: This was my first favorite song off of the album and I played it on repeat for about a week. This is similar in style to Miley Cyrus’s Liberty Walk in the fact that it is about breaking free of others and being who you really are. I can relate a lot to this song, because I am finally discovering who I really am and not just a mold that fits to each person I’m with. I am everything. I’m the same me at work, home, with friends. I’m starting to be myself at all times and it feels right.
  6. Best Mistake: I really love this song as well, but I didn’t at first. I listened to the words, not the rap. The words really spoke to me and I started to really like the rhythm to the song. It kind of sounds like a James Bond song, doesn’t it?
  7. Be My Baby: This is another song that I learned to love after listening to it for awhile. It grew on me. It is also deliciously racy, which I quite enjoyed. It is the only song that I know that says if you love me first, then I’ll have sex with you. Really a girl power song in my humble opinion.
  8. Break Your Heart Right Back: This is definitely a mix of a song that already existed with a new one. I’m Coming! Jordan Sparks? Please help me figure it out! I like the song a lot, bit it is a bit contradictory. The ultimate revenge song that does not come from Taylor Swift. Lol.
  9. Love Me Harder: This is another song that I feel that I have heard before. I love this song though. It is such a bubblegum pop song, but so racy! This is not a song for children. lol. I love it though, a repeating pattern with most of the songs on the album.
  10. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart: This is a nice ballad that I love. So heart-breathtakingly good. It makes me cry sometimes, because at times, I can relate to it. Just wanting a little bit of love from someone who supposedly loves you, but doesn’t really show it.
  11. Hands On Me: This one makes me laugh and I love to fool around and sing to it. This is the most sexual I think off of the album like Katy Perry’s Peacock. Lol. I don’t even mind the rap in this one. It goes with the song. I love the Jay Z reference. I workout to this song and it really motivates me.
  12. My Everything: This is another song that I am not crazy about. It is even the name of the album. I do not mind it at all, but it is a little too slow to get really into it. I still really like it though. It is a nice and sweet song to dedicate to someone. A really nice wedding song. I would consider it for my future wedding as a strong possibility.
  13. Bang Bang: This is another song that makes me laugh! And it is super racy that I cannot help but love. This is a girl power song as well. I love all of these collabs, just ah-mazing!
  14. Only 1: I really love this sad song on her album. The beat and speed of the song just works to where it is part pop part ballad. A perfect combination.
  15. You Don’t Know Me: This is another favorite song, because I can really relate to it. I feel like a lot of people judge you and its like how can they? They don’t know me. I can only be who I am and I think we should all stop judging each other. I’m guilty of it and denying it would just be stupid.
  16. Cadillac Song: I could really take it or leave it. I really don’t like it at all.
  17. Too Close: I feel like I have heard this song before. I like it though. Am I alone in this?

I had a little bit of love,

It was better than none.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


3 thoughts on “A Blogger Made Me Do It: Amsterdaily”

  1. Oh my god, I was scrolling through my WordPress timeline and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this blog post! I’m so happy you like the album as much as I do, great reviews on the songs too!

      1. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! and the comment! You have me sold on her album. I’m so glad that I bought it. Even though we are oceans apart, it’s nice to know that we still have music. Music is universal.

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