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Christmas List For Him

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I am back with a holiday related post! Guys are so hard to shop for. You got fathers and brothers and fiances and husbands and cousins and friends…You get the idea! There are a lot of guys around that need to be shopped for. I need to buy gifts for my father and boyfriend, so I can relate to the pressure of trying to find gifts that they will actually use. I will only be listing five things to keep this from getting too lengthy and it’s not like I have a hundred ideas of what to get them anyway.

1. Hygiene Kits:

Guys won’t admit it, but they love hygiene kits as much as the next girl. You can get shaving kits, hair care, or skin care ones as long as you know that the guy in your life will use them. For example, don’t buy a shaving kit for a guy with a beard…unless it’s a gag gift or you are hinting at the fact that he does not look good with a beard. Guys usually get our subtly. wink I bough my dad a skin care kit last year for his dry skin and he loved it. He used all of it up and bought the full sized lotion to keep on using it. Remember that before this, he did not use lotion period. He thought that they were all girly.

2. Cologne:

Every guy wants to smell nice, so how about getting a matching cologne to his favorite deodorant. Or you could buy him that sent that you made him smell in your magazine. I know that I am guilty of doing this with my boyfriend, because I tend to read my magazines at his place. He really like this expensive cologne and I was able to find it at Marshalls for a fraction of the price. MAJOR SCORE! I know he’ll love it and I didn’t have to spend major cash on it either. Win, win.

3. Event Tickets:

If you decide to buy a big ticket item, how about seeing an event and having the memories last a life time? I’m buying my dad Monster Jam tickets for Christmas this year and I’m getting him really great seats with pit passes! I know this is something that he really wants to see and it is also a present that I can enjoy as well. A father daughter bonding event. I know that he would never buy the tickets himself, so I can spoil him for Christmas. I also plan on buying him another set of tickets for Father’s Day for a show during the summer. Think about his interests, then try to find an event that fits them.

4. Team Apparel:

You can never go wrong with buying something with his favorite sports team on it. I think that most guys are into sports and this will be sure to please. You could buy clothes or accessories like mugs and blankets. Don’t know if favorite sports team? Just ask. He won’t be suspicious, but get ready to hear him talk about it for at least an hour after asking him.

5. Socks:

He can never have too many socks. My dad is always losing socks or getting holes in them. They can be themed or they can just be plain socks. I think that they would use the socks more if they were plain or sports themed! The combinations are endless you know.

Well, that is it for now!

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


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