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QTT: Operation Every Last Drop

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

So, this is not originally my tip, but I learned it from my best friend and I decided to share this quick tip with all of you. In the spirit of Christmas, this is my quick tip for this Thursday on trying to get the most out of your beauty products. This works on plastic tubes and bottles ONLY. Did you finish that tube of lotion? Every last drop squeezed out? You would be amazed about how much is actually left in there. Take a pair of kitchen scissors and cut that thing open. You will find at least three applications worth with most lotions. That is three more indulgences on that favorite you thought was lost to you forever after you learned that it was discontinued. So go on, apply that lotion. I don’t mind. Fill the immediate facility with the scent of Orange Blossoms or whatever it is your into.


As an aside, I really hate it that the post office DOES NOT RING MY DOORBELL to let me know that they are there with a package. This is the second time it has occurred and I am getting sick of it. I WANT ME DAMN PACKAGE ON TIME! She doesn’t even attempt to deliver it. She writes the little paper in her truck and puts it in my mailbox that I need to pick it up at the post office. It is very annoying and I’m going to be reporting her. She needs to do her job. I mean, she is getting paid for it, isn’t she? I could be opening up my box from Lush and playing with my new Kindle Fire, but no. I’m here writing this post and then, binge watching Glee and finishing a book review for you guys. The good out of this? I’ll have a few hauls for you coming up, so enjoy my rant.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo

3 thoughts on “QTT: Operation Every Last Drop”

  1. i wish i was binging on glee and writing. I’m on the phone with ebay customer service because they charged me $22 in selling fees, and I didn’t even sell that much last month. And I should be studying.

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