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French Toast Recipe

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I had a lovely meal of French Toast for supper and I couldn’t help but share my yummy pictures. I decided to include a recipe, because I am sure that there are some viewers who don’t know about this. French Toast is usually a breakfast food, but I love it at all hours of the day/night. Here is how I personally make French Toast:


3 pieces of bread (I currently use wheat)
2 eggs
A dash of milk


I like to heat up the stove and spray my frying pan with Spam (cooking spray). I break the eggs into a bowl and put a bit of milk and cinnamon in it. I whisk it up and dunk a piece of bread in it, making sure the bread is completed soaked. Then, you put it in your pan and repeat. My pan holds three pieces and it’s the perfect amount for me. Brown them until golden and put syrup on them. Takes about 10 minutes. Pretty quick and delicious!

French ToastFrench Toast

What are your favorite foods?

With Love,



11 thoughts on “French Toast Recipe”

    1. I’ve been making more homemade meals lately. I’ve been crafting up meals for the past two weeks. I made this, homemade pizza, potato salad, and tomorrow morning pancakes!

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