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Blueberry Green Tea

For Bigelow Green Tea With Wild Blueberry & Acai


What it is: Green tea flavored with wild blueberries and acai.

Key Ingredients: green tea, rose hips, hibiscus, natural blueberry and acai flavors, blueberry fiber, acai juice.

How it smells/tastes/looks: The tea (once brewed) is purple in color and smells like a mixture of green tea and sweet blueberries. The tea tastes naturally sweet, but I find that most green/white teas are sweeter in flavor to black. I prefer green, white, and herbal teas to black, even if it is in an appealing flavor.

Why I like it: I really like having this tea with just a teaspoon of sugar to add to the sweetness, but most of the time I just have it without any sugar. I can taste the blueberries and the green tea, but not much else, which is alright with me. I don’t really like the flavor of hibiscus, which is a flavor (flower) that I do not like whatsoever. It tastes like perfume, but this tea is delicious and I really enjoyed it. I would buy this tea again or any other green tea for that matter. What do you enjoy drinking? Or do you like coffee better?

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7 thoughts on “Blueberry Green Tea”

  1. I like all kinds of tea. I like black because it wakes me up, but I don’t really like the taste because it’s bitter. I really like berry teas, and the celestial seasonings “zinger” teas. I just found out they sell pre packaged lattes and I really want to try them. They have a green tea one.

  2. I’m at the er until 5am pray for me Dani . It was that stupid cold and now I cant breathe. My heart rate is too high and my lungs are still weary they might admit me in the mirning hopefully not. Dean is all hyper though and fine.

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