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Prime Objective Perfecting Face Primer

Hello everyone! I am back again with another sponsored post. I teamed up with Studio Gear Cosmetics and tried out their Prime Objective Perfecting Face Primer. I have a few pros and cons to share with you, but first, a little about the company and the product.

Studio Gear Cosmetics is all about great quality makeup and tools at an affordable price for the modern everyday woman. The primer is priced at $30 USD for 1 oz of primer, which is around the same price as some high end brands like Tarte. It has a cute motto about a painter priming a canvas which is the same as you primer your face for makeup. It’s really a cute concept. This primer is a silicone based primer that glides onto the skin blurring imperfections and adding a shimmery radiance.

I really like the silky texture and finish to the skin. Anything I put on top of this primer glides on. It also takes out the shine of my sunscreen. I put my moisturizer/sunscreen on top of my primer and my skin  has a natural finish instead of a shiny/oily looking one. I really like that it keeps the skin as matte as possible. If I can skip powder, I’m happy with one less step. On natural days, I’ll just use my primer and some highlighter and eye makeup. On yucky skin days, I’ll use the primer, foundation, concealer, and use powder on top. Makeup really does last longer with this powder.

I would repurchase this and you can purchase this now for 10% off, just use the code BB at checkout. This code is not an affiliate code and I get nothing if you use it. I just thought that I would share the savings.

The only con about the primer is that it tends to ball up on itself or balls up product underneath it. What I do is I pump out a pump on my fingers and dot the product on my t-zone first, then my cheeks. I smooth it over my forehead, down the nose, across each side of the nose going across my cheeks where I tend to get clogged pores, my cheeks, and then my chin. Don’t rub the product all over and don’t use a lot of pressure. It has a learning curve with how to best apply. So, light pressure and just smooth it across the skin. I’ve found that that is the best way.

This primer blurs my clogged pores and makes them disappear. Honestly, I’m always having a good skin day when I wear it, unless I have an obvious pimple. It just makes my whole face look so clear and smooth. I will have to repurchase when I run out, when I can splurge on it. It will last me awhile though. I’ve been using it for a month and it’s almost a fifth gone. I would guess that this will last me five to six months, but I don’t use it everyday. Mostly just four to five days a week.

With Love ❤


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