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Juicy Peach

For Mary-Kate and Ashley Two Juicy Peach Freesia Body Lotion

I must have decluttered the picture to this one. Sorry folks! But since you cannot buy this anymore, I don’t feel that bad about deleting it. Remember the Mary-Kate and Ashley git sets? Yes, that was a long time ago and the lotion surprisingly had not gone bad. It was a nice rich, lightly scented lotion that I would buy again if I could. I think I still have the matching perfume as well. I’m trying to use up as many perfumes before they go bad. Ideally, I would like to have four perfumes, one for each season. But I’m getting off of the subject at hand. I would repurchase this lotion if I could, but they no longer make this. I enjoyed using it and am glad that it did not go to waste.

With Love ā¤



13 thoughts on “Juicy Peach”

  1. This reminds me that I need to use up my Mary-Kate and Ashley lotion. It’s from one of the later perfumes, coast to coast New York or something? I don’t even want to know how old it is, but it’s probably the oldest one I haven’t used up.

      1. She makes like 7 different apple ones: the pink, the red, the green, the gold, the lighter green, and the two others were limited edition ones like the Big Apple and a Paris one I believe.

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