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Pink Cupcake

For Kmart Nicki Minaj Candle in Pink Cupcake


I love the scent of this candle and I am so sad that I used it up. I cannot repurchase, because this was a limited edition candle. In reality though, any pink cupcake scented candle would probably smell very similar. I don’t think that it was a unique scent. It just came in a very pretty glass container. I tried cleaning it out to hold my makeup brushes and it won’t work out. I feel like the only candle glasses you can reuse are the ones from B&BW. You just freeze the leftover wax and it comes right out. A couple of wipes and the residue is gone as well. I cannot salvage this glass jar. Oh well! I loved it while it lasted and I would buy another candle from Kmart on clearance.

With Love,

<3Selena Hannah<3


19 thoughts on “Pink Cupcake”

      1. Alright! I’m making breakfast right now. An omelette. I posted my Saturday post and I’m going to try to have some posts planned to go up next week. I have SO many blog posts that I want to write this month. There is just so much going on.

      2. I’m the opposite right now! I have like 2 posts I’ll eventually get to. But I’m also worn out. I’ve been putting in 24-30 hours of school work each week since spring break, and then actual work and driving Beth around. My only final is Monday and I’m glad. I’ll eventually right more but I’ve done so much for school lately I don’t feel like it.

      3. Lol. It’s okay not to feel like blogging. Life can be draining. I like to blog when I feel inspired. I’ve been known not to blog for up to a month because I wasn’t feeling it and had too much personal stuff going on.

      4. Lol. He will give it back. I don’t want him to think it’s alright to take things. It’s never too early to start to teach him not to steal. He will look forward to going over your house if he loves it that much.

      5. Ok. Lol. If it was mine I wouldn’t really care but something tells me it was Joanna’s, the Dalmatian movies were her fave and I think that’s where it’s from. I’m glad he seemed to be pretty entertained by everything though and having fun.

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