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Pan That Pallet Update #4

It is time for my fourth update for my Pan That Pallet Challenge of 2017. Honestly though, I haven’t had much progress with this one. I’ve been concentrating on using the eye shadow in my 6 Before Summer challenge, which I am half way done with that cream eye shadow. I haven’t really used this pallet much this past month. I’ve used the creams more than the eye shadow. I’ve really used the purple color corrector a lot. I really think that there will be pan the next month at the next update. I like to use the purple in my smile lines and above my top lip where there tends to be shadows. This brightens that area up considerably and looks natural under foundation/bb cream.

As you can see, Sunrise and Almond has dips in them. I’ve just started using Nector and Sunlight, so I have only scratched the surface on those. My favorite color is Sunrise. It is such a beautiful metallic gold and looks very flattering as a lid color. I think I will be hitting pan on Sunrise by the next update. I really love the cream side of this pallet as well. So, I will be using those this summer as my weekend/day off makeup. I don’t want them to dry up. I can make the darker orange work by mixing it with the lighter higlighter next to the bronzer. So far, I have hit one piece of my goal, which is to hit pan on four eye shadows: I have three more pans to go. I also want to use up 4 of the creams, but I will settle for hitting pan on four of the creams. I am 1/8 done with my project pan that pallet. I’ll be happy to hit pan on four products though. I know 8 is stretching it, but it will keep me motivated. What pallet are you panning? If you are a project panner, please comment below so that I can follow you. I love following the progress of others!

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13 thoughts on “Pan That Pallet Update #4”

      1. It was good. It’s just two more weeks until Dean’s appointment in Boston. I’m excited to hear what see says. Dean wants to potty train. I’m looking into getting reusable pull ups because they are so expensive. Diapers are getting expensive too. He’s in size 4 now and I pay 40 to 60 a month on diapers and 10 to 20 on wipes. I’m not worried about the wipes, but gosh diapers are expensive and I use the Wal-Mart brand.

      2. Yes, one box $20 used to last 4 weeks or a month. Now, it lasts two weeks but you get 20 less diapers as well. The bigger he gets, the less diapers come in a pack. Starting next month, I’m buying cloth training pants. They are like cloth diapers but pull ups.

      3. Well hopefully those will work out and you will be able to save some money. I get that since there is more materials you get less, but it has to be annoying to have to buy them a couple times a month.

      4. YES! He pees a lot more now though and at a bigger volume, which is why I’m going through them faster than usual. I change him around every three hours. I cannot wait until he can say I need to peepee.

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