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Dean’s ABA Week

ABA is moving away from the daily summaries and being totally online. I was told that they are going to stop writing down the summaries, but the online platform isn’t ready for me to access it yet. So, I asked why that was right? How can they deny me summaries that are only a few sentences long when I am not here for the sessions? I was told that they would make an exception for me, but I don’t think that’s right. You can’t stop doing something, if the other part isn’t ready for me to view yet. When I asked for weekly printouts, I was told that they can’t do it, because they are paperless. That’s when she made the exception once she knew that I wouldn’t back down. I like to know how my son is doing, especially if he bites someone or is acting up. That’s helpful to know, so that I can deal with it as a parent.

7/31/18 – Ann

Dean had great eye contact. Lots of jumping and moving around, going down on belly while looking at books. Some good back and forth with ball play. Hasn’t lost any skills over the past week for sure! Doing great!

7/31/18 – Joyce

Dean had a ton of energy. New behaviors on belly, placing fist to head. Eager to play, very nice ball play. Testing with much eye contact.

7/31/18 – Deb

Dean had lots of energy today, some flopping. Great eye contact and pointing. Did want pressure on belly.

8/2/18 – Ann

Dean was very active. Putting toys in his mouth that I don’t usually see him mouth. Liked new books. Rolled on belly on big ball. Only wanted chips for snack.

8/2/18 – Deb

Dean was not himself, lots of crying not interested in snack, toys. He just wanted to be held today. Did well on programs. More teeth?

8/3/18 – Ann

Dean was a little active today, but more focused than yesterday. Did well with all toys. Likes new flash cards.

8/3/18 – Deb

Dean did better this afternoon. He started flopping when I would take the book away. He did well towards the end of the session. Dean bit me 1x today during a hug. He independently did pop up toy door 1x.

As of this week, there are no more pages in the book. I’m hoping the platform is ready, but if not, I better have my summaries. I like marking his progress on this blog and seeing how far he goes. I’d love to copy paste from a website instead of hand typing it. But there will be hell to pay if I don’t get my summaries. I don’t mind if I’m there to not get anything because of the going paperless thing. But HMEA needs to get there shit together and not expect parents to be okay with not getting any of the information that they are writing about our kids. It would be like denying a parent a written progress report, because the login isn’t ready yet so you can’t know how your kid is doing. Stupid.

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5 IN: Dean Edition

Once again, I have enough items to post a Dean haul. He honestly doesn’t get a whole bunch of toys or anything. I buy him things when he makes great progress in therapy and some of these things are stuff that I buy to take care of him, not necessarily for fun. He has a whole room full of toys that he loves to play with, so I don’t feel that he needs a whole bunch more. Of course, with Christmas and his birthday around the corner, he will be getting more toys. After the holidays, I will probably purge out whatever toys he doesn’t play with anymore and donate them. I already did an overhaul of his clothes and toys in the beginning of the Summer. I am still picking up pieces of clothing here and there to donate. I am planning on buying him clothes in September. He really needs some new shirts. Everything shows his tummy!

Ruff’s House is an adorable tactile set to stimulate Dean’s sensory tenancies. He loves putting the rubber pieces in his mouth and feeling around in there. His favorite plush is the silky purple on and the red rubber bones are his favorite for mouthing. I bought this set with my work “reward” points. It cost me 24 points and it was worth every one. He loves putting his hand in the dog house and feeling blindly for the bones. He gets to explore them with all of his senses and it is a surprise when you pull one out.


With the fourth of July, a glow stick is a must. I thought that this would be fun to get him and it was. He didn’t have much interest in it after the first 10 minutes, but he did use it as a nightlight.


Dean loves the puzzles with the knobs and I saw this one at Walmart. They actually had six different themed ones, but this is the one Dean chose. He likes the barnyard themed ones. I think it is from watching so many Dr. Pols. I have to keep the puzzle in my room or else, he just tries to eat the pieces. When he wants to play with it, he’ll pick it out of the toy bin in my room and complete the puzzle on my floor.


I found this at Walmart on clearance for $1! I use this as bubble bath for Dean when he is taking a tub before bed. It has a nice calming scent, but is not lavender at all. I think it might be a mix of Lillys and something else. It makes a lot of bubbles and I think that it does help to relax Dean before he has to go to bed. It seems like the few times that I have used this, he doesn’t cry when he gets put down.


Serena wanted to be in the photo shoot, so here she is along with this diaper cream that was on clearance the same day for $1.50. Dean has two tubes that only have a wee bit left, so it was a great time to grab a new tube for cheap. I use diaper cream in other areas than an irritated bum and crotch area. I will put some on his chin when he gets a rash from drooling, different heat rashes on his body, and for the dry patches behind his ears. It really is a multipurpose product. I hardly use it on his actual bum anymore, but since he still wears a diaper, irritation is inevitable.

Those are the five things that I have bought him lately with one item still in the wings. I haven’t been purchasing much lately, because he has what he needs for the most part. I do intend to shop at Savers once a month between September to December for Dean’s Christmas and birthday gifts. My dad will be having his surgery in December, so for at least that month, he won’t be driving around. I am sure that I can get a ride from people that I know to shop for food near the end of December/January. I plan on buying as much food as the fridge will handle before my dad’s surgery.

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Dean’s EI Week

You might be seeing two EI weeks one after another soon. ABA went on vacation, so I have a couple of these EI weeks to put up instead. I still have the PEC results to write up, but I am saving that for a week where I don’t have that much going on to be able to work on it for the full hour that I allow myself. I might do it at the end of August where I get a week break between the two semesters. I will be trying during that week to write the whole month of September. It would really help with keeping on top of school. I haven’t been behind on college work yet or in danger of. I have been pacing myself pretty good an give my self an hour off a couple of nights a week from 9 to 10 to de-stress. Speaking of school, I have two papers to fix up (Currently Sunday of week 4) that are due today and then, I can start Week 5. Fun. 🙂

7/23/18 – Speech

No words. Dean used pictures to make choices of snack. He chose raisins by pointing and grabbing. When all done, he needed hand over hand for all done sign. Pushes away when he doesn’t want something. He sat for a story today. Modeled signs for eat, water, and all done. Dean used these words/sounds today: bock bock, water, don’t want them).

  • Continue to model animals names and sounds with beads or farm toys.

7/25/18 – OT

Dean has been saying more things spontaneously but not consistently. Dean has improved in his PECS communications from 10 to 12 months old to 13 to 16 months old. Dean was crying when I arrived because he was frustrated. A pillow got taken away due to “humping” behaviors. Spoke to Hannah that this behavior in young kids is not sexual in nature but rather an extreme seeking of deep pressure. Try to replace with other deep pressure activities: jumping, squeezing, etc. Dean did excellent. Worked through 4 puzzles with ease. Signed more after demonstration to request more puzzle pieces.

  • Will start to initiate using pictures to request play items.

Unfortunately, Dean’s OT had a lot of personal issues and this was the first time in two or three weeks that he has had a session with her. He was so excited to see her and had a really great, productive session. I love seeing him grow and develop with each passing session. I got a letter in the mail to sign from the school board to give them permission to evaluate Dean. I have a few questions to ask my people first before signing and returning the document. It is all going by way to fast. I also don’t want my son to go to my town’s public school. There has been many problems and the state had to come in and take over. Now, the state is screwing up with minor sex trafficking scandals. I don’t feel comfortable sending my son to the public school here.

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July Reading

Runaway (Airhead, #3)

Runaway (Airhead, #3)
by Meg Cabot

I actually haven’t read any books this month. For those of you who may be unaware, I have started full time online college in July and I have been so busy with that it doesn’t leave a lot of free time to myself. I thought that I would share instead the book that I am currently reading on audible and my thoughts on it at this time. I have been enjoying listening to an audio book while walking on my manual treadmill. I downloaded the Audible app to my phone (which apparently my SOS will no longer be updated, so I need to buy a new phone) and I can hit on the app to listen to where I left off the last time I was exercising.

After combing through my to read shelf on goodreads, I remembered that I hadn’t finished reading this Meg Cabot series yet. I also downloaded two more books, before putting my Audible subscription on a 90 day hold. It is already August and I am still working on my first book. I knew that the other two were going to take me some time to read as well. I am halfway through this book and it is good. Not as good as when I was reading it in my teens, but decent. The narrator is SO annoying though. Her voice irks me and it is nothing like I imaged Em to sound like. Where is the NY accent?! Why is she southern?! Makes zero sense. I’m hoping to finish this by the end of August, so I can give you guys a proper review. I do highly recommend Audible though. I got two free books through my Amazon account. Most books are worth more than the 14.99, so it is well worth it.

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Dean’s EI Week

I am writing this on July 29th, but this will be going up sometime in August. I just had a scare and I haven’t cried so much since my cat passed away last January. My dog Serena went in on Friday for a standard cleaning and tooth extraction and died on the table. They were able to revive her by taking out the anesthetic with a different drug in about a minute. That’s when we found out that Serena has a congenital heart defect and is in the last stage of heart failure. She will be seeing a cardiologist for chest x-rays to give us a better time line and way to treat her to prolong her life. It has been very upsetting for me and I’ll mention the results when I have them.

7/16/18 – Speech

“He didn’t do it” x1 “Help mom” x1 Dean was seen at home today. He was chewing a lot and is getting molars. He made some sounds during play and made nice eye contact. Worked on nose, belly with hand over hand. He responded to his name several times today. an, ba, ee.

  • Continue to label animals with name and sounds when playing with beads.

Dean actually noticed that Serena was gone all day and kept looking for her underneath her blanket that is on the chair that she likes to sit on. When Serena got home from the vet, she cried/talked for a hour about whatever happened to her. She had to be held for two hours, the poor thing. I have been giving her half a pill in the morning and at night. She eats it right up. I think she knows that something is wrong with her. Makes sense now, all of her honking which previous vets had labeled asthma. It is actually a symptom of fluid collection in the lungs from heart failure. She doesn’t have heart disease though. Her heart just doesn’t worth right. Instead of pumping blood out of the heart, a good percentage of the blood comes back into it, so it has to work really hard to keep the blood flowing. I’m not ready for her to go. I’m not sure I ever will be.

With Love,


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Makeup Monthly: July

I kept my makeup the same as last month’s. I am really enjoying these products, so I decided to keep them around for another month. I have been focusing on using up the PIXI blush and I think that I will keep that in my makeup bag for the rest of the year. I have been working hard on the perfume and have made a huge dent in it. I have been really lax in the lip products, so I am hoping to get more out of them for the month of July. This includes the eye gloss as well. I’d like to use it in July during my work from home week. The palette is beautiful! I think next year, I am going to be focusing on panning it and I just mean hitting pan in every shade. I am resuming my project pan in 2019. I will be doing 19 in 2019. These three will be in that project! I am super excited and I continue to use and love these products in July.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean had more than two sessions this week. He had seven sessions, but for some reason only two of them wrote down a thing in my book. Ann and Joyce came at the same time and Joyce really only observes the session. ABA has started to use the tablets for a few weeks now and I still don’t have access to the parent portal to see what was said about the other days. I don’t mind this week, because I was here for every session except for the two on Tuesday. If next week I don’t have the parent portal or written down details, I will be asking for printouts of what was written. I like knowing what he did during the session, when I am not here. I also don’t want things being documented that I don’t agree with. I can’t refute something if I can’t see it.

7/17/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Lots of sounds and great eye contact. Completed lots of toys.

7/17/18 – Joyce

Great to see Dean today! Lots of sounds.

7/20/18 – Ann

Dean had a great session. Very focused and completed lots of things independently. Finally did push button on pop-up toy.

Dean continues to do great and has been doing even better with the extra sessions. The sad part is that next week both Deb and Ann are on vacation. So, it will be up to Joyce to see how many sessions she can fill in for Dean or they might bring in someone new to fill in so he doesn’t lose out too much. He’ll get a little bit of a vacation from them too then. I just hope that he doesn’t regress too much by the time that they get back. College has been going great for me. It doesn’t leave much free time for reading or watching movies, but I am finally happy to be closer to earning my degree. As I write this, I am heading into week four, the halfway mark of the semester. I have been getting all As so far. Hopefully, I can finish it out with a bang before moving onto the next. I will be getting a week break between the end of this semester and the beginning of next.

With Love,