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Advanced Moisture

Medicell Labs Advanced Moisture Eye Mask Duo


I do not like these gel eye masks. Paper masks stick to my face, while these silicone pieces slid around. I had to lay in bed and listen to music with these on and even then, they still moved. Also, I don’t think that they had much serum on them. It states a quarter of an ounce, but there was BARELY any product on the silicone pieces and NOTHING left over in the plastic tray. They were not expired and the seal was not broken. Maybe I got a dud? All I know is that I prefer paper masks better or a whole eye mask gel piece that have a string to hook on your ears or goes around your head.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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Thermal Spring Water

For Eau Thermale Avene Thermal Spring Water


This was nice to have to use with my skincare to prep my skin before adding my serum. It allowed thicker serums to spread easily. I am not going to purchase, because this is expensive for water. I bought a spray bottle at Walmart that I intend to put distilled water in to use instead of an expensive aerosol can of water. I can see this being convenient for travel, but otherwise than that, this is very much a princess product. I welcome another PR bottle of this anytime, because it is a good product. It is just very expensive for what it actually is.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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November Makeup Bag

We are half way through November, so I feel like I’m late coming to the party with this. I’m going to do it anyway though. I haven’t been using any of the eye makeup. I got pink eye and then caught a bit of a cold from my son. I’m feeling better, so hopefully I can dabble more into the makeup that I have set aside for the month. Before I get into this month’s picks, I’m going to recap on what happened in October.

I used this blush 5 days a week all month long and I barely scratched the surface of it. I thought for sure that I could pan it or at the very least wear down the imprint. I will bring it back for my December bag, because I really love this blush. It is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. I hit pan on my eye gloss and I found out that it wore better without eye primer. I love how this looked on my eyes. It was a nice and easy eye look that was very pretty. It paired great with bold lips. I used up my Cover FX drops. I didn’t make a noticeable dent on the Nars concealer or the Tarte lip paint. I made a bit of progress on the perfume, but I don’t mind because I love the scent on it.

I have used all of these products a few times. I have dabbled in the Hourglass 2016 Holiday Palette and used the finishing powder and blush a few times. I’m trying to use up the Caitlyn lip gloss, because I don’t like lip glosses that are pigmented in dark colors. It smears around like crazy. I only use this at home. I want to use up some perfume samples and work on my Vampire perfume that I love. I’m kinda getting sick of it though. I’ve used the eye shadow once and then got pink eye. I threw out my Benefit Gimmie Brow, because they have been on the news as having TOXIC ingredients. Could be the reason why I got pink eye. I also got rid of my mascara since I got pink eye and I had used that on my eyes that day. I’ve used the foundation once and liked it. It did flake up my moisturizer though. I’m going to try it with primer this week.


Above is what my daily makeup cabinet looks like. I have a few of my other daily supplies in there like primer, lip treatments, and a purple corrector. I like that it’s not too busy and I can easily reach in for things without knocking anything over.

What do you have in your makeup bag?

With Love,


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Beach Spray

For Marc Anthony Beach Spray


This smells delicious, but I would not purchase this one. It left my hair feeling sticky and looking greasy the next day. If you wash your hair after using this and you don’t mind the stickiness than you might like this. It did keep my waves looking piecey and held them in longer. It is good for a bed head sort of look. The sweet scent also attracted flies, so its a pass from me.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

Children, My Life

Dean’s Weekly Recap 11/14

It’s so much easier to get out week days posts during lunch at work instead of prescheduling to go up during the week. I don’t have the time on the weekends anymore to be able to do this. So, in this series, I will be sharing my son’s progress reports and my to do list for the week. Oh, and all of Dean’s sessions were cancelled this week. I won’t have an update next week because of that.

11/8 OT Therapy Written by Jen:

Dean was slightly more irritable today. He did not respond well to swinging. He enjoyed visual simulation of blanket waving and sitting in beans. He was okay to sit to work and did good with pulling pop beads apart and pushing items into shape sorter. He got frustrated when I didn’t let him spin it. More shrieking noted today. Worked on pointing to snacks.

  1. For snack time have him sit in booster or high chair and point to items he wants.

11/8 Speech Written by Lisa:

Dean was seen w/Mike. He already had a visit with OT this morning and no nap. Dean was in constant motion and very giggly today. Left 3 pamphlets. Referral can be made to 1 or all 3. You also have the right to call and ask any questions. Once you decide, I will send referrals out and have you sign authorization to release info form.

11/9 OT:

Dean had an excellent session today. He transitioned to his working chair very well today. He attempted to pull apart pop beads and he remains good at placing items back into container. He tolerated hand over hand assistance to place items into shape sorter. Even though fleeting he has short bursts of eye contact. He gave great sustained eye contact when drinking from a bottle and being sung to. Worked on pointing to snack.

  1. Continue to have him sit in working chair for short bursts to play with shape sorter.
  2. Try to have him point to bottle/food.

11/10 OT:

Dean did great again today. The play he has been able to do like pushing shapes into shape sorter and pulling pop beads (with help) apart to place into bucket he can do. Today, he was able to pull apart bead 1X on his own. He said “More” with the sign for bubbles. He also attempted to sign “all done” 1X.

  1. Continue to try to have him point to milk/bottle/food
  2. Try to have him play with rice bucket before meal time. Try not to let him pull food out of mouth if he continues have meal time be over.

Overall, my assignment is to work on pointing to food and drinks and have him have quite time in his chair to work on sorting shapes into his bucket. I love having some tasks to work with him during the week and weekend. It’s always something different, so I enjoy that aspect to it. I’m not there during his sessions, since I work. I love getting these report cards and knowing what he did and what he needs to work on.

With Love,


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Sephora Lust List

I’d thought that I would quickly share my Sephora Love’s List with all of you while the sale is still going on. I will not be buying from the sale this year, but I am buying a ton of stuff from Victoria Secret’s. I qualified for one of their credit cards and I have my bonus for getting my degree in my next paycheck. I thought that I would charge my credit card now and get the $20 dollar gift cards when you spend $40. I plan on spending somewhere around $100 at VS, but with the gift cards that would be $140. So, basically instead of spending $100, I would basically be spending $60 when you add the two giftcards into the mix. I really need some new bras and underwear. I’m hoping to get some clothes too if I like anything.

I’ll be buying furniture with my other 250 of the raise. I might add another $50 towards shopping at my favorite thrift store, but more on that later.


Sephora Favorites Beauty Unmasked
ITEM 1981646

LANEIGE Good Night Kit
ITEM 1987858

Farmacy Honey Harvest Kit
ITEM 1980069

stila Eye For Elegance Liquid Eye Shadow Set
ITEM 1994060

Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Beauty Escape
ITEM 1997675

Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip
ITEM 1996024

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Nude Lip
ITEM 1944206

SUNDAY RILEY Space Race Fight Acne, Oil + Pores at Warp Speed Kit
ITEM 1973627

Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter
ITEM 1901982
COLOR 50 Dew You?

Carolina Herrera GOOD GIRL
ITEM 1960707
1.7 oz/ 50 mL Eau de Parfum Spray

Smashbox Cover Shot: Eye Palettes
ITEM 1877836
COLOR Softlight

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Dry Shampoo
ITEM 1912526
SIZE 4.4 oz/ 200 mL

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit
ITEM 1952027

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Gift Set
ITEM 1912922

Elizabeth and James Find Your Nirvana Rollerball Set
ITEM 1857242

Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss
ITEM 1894393
COLOR Papa Don’t Peach

I don’t have any pictures, but that’s okay. You can quickly search for the images on Sephora. I only use pictures that I own on my blog. My posts will be a bit on the quicker side this week, since I have so much going on. I hope everyone has a great week. I’m hoping to get my monthly makeup bag post up tomorrow if I find the extra time. I have the pictures all done since before November. I had pink eye this week and I’m dealing with a wart on my hand. Not good conditions to have to blog with.

With Love,


Children, My Life

The Day My World Stood Still

Honestly, I thought that Monday the 6th of November was going to be a relatively normal day. I got up at the usual time and took my time getting ready sipping on my coffee before getting up my son, Dean. I got him changed and dressed for the day. I had pulled an outfit out the night before and now, I don’t even remember what he was wearing. At around 7, we left the house to drop of the car for repairs (My poor Taurus got smashed up during the storm. I only had that baby for a year and a half.) and pick up the rental car: a 2017 Toyota Camry.

Sitting in the cold breeze with Dean tucked into my coat, I waited for my dad to figure out to install the car seat in the rental so we could get going. I didn’t realize what this day would bring and if I would have, I don’t know what I could have done in that moment to make it better. I was poorly prepared.

After fiddling with the radio knobs, we ended up at the hospital and checked Dean in. As luck would have it, Dean got his flu shot first before his evaluation and the evaluation appointment was late by 45 minutes. After stuffing Dean full of animal crackers, Gerber beanies, and Cheetos along with a couple of baby bottles of water, he fell asleep peacefully on my chest. I sat in the most uncomfortable position where my feet and butt fell asleep, so I could watch him sleep while waiting for his appointment.

45 minutes later, I carried him into the evaluation room and prodded him awake with a bottle of milk that he barely touched, too excited after seeing all of the toys to drink. I held the bottle in my hands warming it up for him as he played with the Nurse Practitioner who would ultimately diagnose him with something that I wouldn’t have thought possible for my precious boy. He played hide and seek, peekaboo, and took the baby out of the bathtub (trying to judge his pretend play skills). He kicked a ball around and shoved EVERYTHING in his mouth just to taste it or chew on it a little.

The sparkle of happiness never left his eyes. My boy has always been a happy bubbly thing. I like to think that he takes after me in that way. After playing for an hour, the nurse said that she would have the report ready in a few weeks and proceeded to her computer. What she said next really shocked me. She said Dean has autism, which I knew. I knew he must be on the high functioning side of the spectrum. That really wasn’t news to me. Then, she started talking about all the programs that would help me and SSI. I was like, “Wait, what about SSI?” She started talking about how his autism is disabling and how it was interfering in his daily living.

I was shook. I asked her where did she think he was on the spectrum and she said that Dean is disabling autistic, severely autistic, and more on the low functioning side. I didn’t know what to say. I teared up a little. It came as an absolute shock knowing that my little boy was locked inside of his head and couldn’t communicate with me. It wasn’t for lack of trying or that I wasn’t good enough at teaching him. It’s just who he is.

The most shocking thing to me is: I haven’t really cried yet. Teared up: yes. But a good cry? Not yet. It isn’t real. It can’t be. It can’t be my boy. This isn’t happening. And the worse part? Knowing that me having an epidural and pain medication during labor could have caused his autism. Oh, and they want to do genetic testing on him to see if his DNA is mutated. He has a 20% chance of having a genetic disorder. No, I can’t do that to him. He’s almost 2. Maybe when he’s older.

And there’s so much rushing, rushing through my head. I can’t even hear myself think. Fell myself feel. I can’t feel. I have to be strong. If I feel, I might break down. If I feel, I might be no more. I can’t feel it. Not all at once. It’ll tear me apart. So, I put on a smile, pretend my life is okay, and move on.

Time doesn’t stop. It just keeps rushing forward. I can’t stop. It’ll just go on without me. My little boy is everything to me. All I can do is be the best mom that I can be. I cut up his fruit and help him brush his teeth. One day, I’ll be okay with this. But today…… I just keep my head up and sniffle back the tears.

With Love,