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Dean’s ABA Week

Happy Friday Everyone! Even better for me, because it is Payday Friday. I get paid biweekly, so it is always exciting. Friday is not the end of the week for me. I work Saturdays, so no TGIF for me. I still have Saturday to get through. I am totally eyeing up this Rose Gold IPhone 6, but it is still out of my reach. I only have like $61 saved up so far. My Ipod Touch is super annoying, because sound only comes out of one ear, no matter what headset I put into it. It is screwed, but it is the original IPod Touch and 8 years old now. It was going to dye sooner or later. I want an Iphone, because it is an Ipod touch and phone all in one. I always forget to charge me phone. This will prevent me from doing that and leaving the house without it. I live for music.

5/15/18 – Joyce

Experimenting with trampoline use (Maybe we won’t use visual schedule with Ann’s sessions). Lots of eye contact and babbling. 🙂 Teeth may be bothering…

5/15/18 – Ann

Dean did well with me this morning. Completed many toy activities. Got fussy for last 1/2 hour of session. Able to work through it and did well after some tickles and swinging.

5/16/18 – Joyce

Dean had a fantastic morning. Exposed to new puzzles, tangle and squishy hot dog for hands. Lots of babbling, eye contact, and connection. 🙂 Dean chose gears to play.

5/17/18 – Deb

Dean did well today, observed session with Ann. Dean had a lot of energy. Nice independent signing of more.

5/17/18 – Ann

Dean was seeking a lot of active play. Pointing looks good. Requested trampoline with picture. Lots of sounds and good eye contact.

5/18/18 – Ann

Dean had lots of energy this morning. Chose tunnel to play with. Some small screams while playing, haven’t heard this as much before. Not interested in snack.

I love these little updates from ABA, but like I said before, they are moving to be all electronic and paper free. Supposedly I can access these electronic notes still from a website, but I don’t know how it will all work and be done. So, standby for that update when it comes. Currently, Dean is napping while I write this. He has been loving his two hour naps all week. He is a growing boy that needs his sleep. I don’t think he sleeps that well at night anymore. I did use his sleep nightlight galaxy thing and he seemed to have fallen asleep super fast last night.

With Love,


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Crayola Bathtub Markers


Dean was not old enough to truly enjoy these markers. That being said, I would repurchase these for Dean to play with again when he shows interest in coloring. These were bright and vivid. It was easy to draw with. Dean was just interested in teething on the markers. They all dried up now after a year of being open. I feel like kids who love to play in the tub would like these markers.

With Love,



Dean’s EI Week

So, today is Tuesday. The only day of my work from home week that I have to drag my butt into work and see people. The worst day of the week when I work from home. I just want to work in my pjs and drink my K cup coffee in peace, thank you. But enough about that, I am wearing Tarte (Yes, I know all of the shit going on and went on with Tarte. I have never went out and bought Tarte. This is just what I got in subscription bags, birthday gifts, and a lip kit. I still want to buy some unicorn shit from them so there!) lip paint, not in birthday suit, but a different nude color. It makes me look dead (not the right color nude for me) and my lips feel tight like I have panty hose on them. I kinda like that tight feeling though.

5/8/18 – OT

Dean seemed tired today. Mike reported he slept all night, but was up very early. Completed a co-visit with Ann today to observe what types of activities they are doing with Dean. Despite intermittent agitation, he is doing well with eye contact, looking for help via pulling at hands or looking up at face for help. Attention from across the room when playing ball was impressive, too. He would roll and bring ball back. Talked about sensory needs/movement.

5/10/18 – OT

Dean had a good session with ABA today. Mom talked about school of potentially home schooling him and ABA would stay involved. Dean did excellent today. He immediately ran to door and greeted me with a smile. He grabbed a puzzle and sat in his chair. He sat for 35 minutes and played with multiple toys including 5 puzzles and stringing beads. Took a sensory break swinging in swing and transitioned back to play chair. Showed excellent non-rigid behaviors when placing coins into slotted container as he allowed piggy bank to remain with slot in vertical position versus horizontal.

  • Continue to encourage pointing and signing.

5/11/18 – Speech

Said “arm” and “hi”. Spitting at random times. Teething? Dean was seen after ABA today. He woke up 1/2 hour early and tired after our session. He continues to point when given a choice, is playing with some toys independently, and uses the more sign independently sometimes. More sounds. Smiles and eye contact when jumping.

  • Continue to model animals and sounds with puzzles and books.

Dean had a great week with Early Intervention and it saddens me that we all say goodbye at the end of the year. But 2019 will open a new chapter in our lives and ABA will just become a more prominent feature in Dean’s life. Dean has grown up so much in the past year. He was just learning to walk and run this time last year and now, he is a mad man! lol. Seriously, he looks like a little boy now. It saddens me, but makes me a really proud mamma seeing him grow up. It makes me think cough worry about his future and I just want what is best for my little Bean.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean always has an amazing week with the ABA team. I am amazed at all of the progress that Dean has made with them and I know that I will continue to be amazed by them. I love my son so much and seeing him do so well means so much to me. I am thinking about buying Dean his own tablet. He has been doing great playing with mine, but I would love to get him his own. He could play with his own games and I want to get him ABC mouse. I am thinking about making it his 3rd Birthday gift. What is your opinions on it? I don’t think he is too young and it would be supervised of course.

5/8/18 – Deb

Jen was here to observe session. Discussed his progress and things we have both been working on. Dean very active. Lots of movement activities – bubbles, playing ball. Attempts to imitate blowing when I was blowing bubbles.

5/9/18 – Joyce

Continued to use picture schedule. Some crying. Sounded like Dean said “arm” after staff model with potato head. Continue to mix up activities as much as possible, especially with introduction of picture schedule.

5/9/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. Some crying, still adjusting to visual schedule. He was very local this morning. Dean attempted “arm” when playing with potato head. Also thought he said “hi” while jumping on trampoline. Did well today with food. Went over programs with Joyce.

5/10/18 – Ann

Dean did well with toys today. Used trampoline picture to request jumping. Tried new foam puzzle. Lots of independence completing toys – shapes, nest blocks, some puzzle pieces.

5/11/18 – Joyce

Very good session, exposed to new toys/books. Teeth coming? Lots of drool and oral stimulation. Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, practiced leaving staff hand on “eating chair” for Dean to tolerate. Nice eye contact, pointing. Very engaged in all toys.

I couldn’t have asked for a better son. 🙂 He is such an amazing kid and makes me a better person. Dean has so many “things” that I want to cultivate his mind. I am thinking about buying clothes for Christmas and a few toys of course. BUT I want to buy us all tickets to see Paw Patrol live next year. I am thinking about making that his Christmas present. Having his birthday after Christmas is so great, because you can do things like this. My dad just said let’s take him to Monster Jam, I’m like no. You like that stuff, not him. sigh

With Love,


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Equate Pediatric Electrolyte Solution


These are so much cheaper than the name brand stuff and Dean loved the flavor. It kept him hydrated and satisfied when he caught a stomach bug and had constant diarrhea for a week after puking so much so often that he ended up in the hospital. I would and did buy it again (about 4 bottles during that time). I also have some left over single serving bottles for when something similar happens again. He is a child, so I know that it will. I hate seeing him sick, but he did a whole lot better drinking this drink and I felt better knowing he was getting all the vitamins and minerals that he needed. During this time, he didn’t eat anything but a couple of bites of crackers.

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

Dean is growing up so fast. He is just finishing up the jars of baby food that I have lying around and he will be eating fresh fruits and veggies. I cannot wait for this new adventure. I am going to be exploring a lot of frozen steamer veggies as well as trying to make up some yummy food. I am going to try my hand at recipes and making blog posts out of my attempts. I hope Dean loves what I make. I will be trying my hand at a pasta salad with some steamer veggies that I found. I also found a yummy recipe for making baked veggies. So, be on the lookout for cooking blog posts with me trying to find ways for Dean to eat and enjoy his veggies without them being paste.

4/30/18 – OT

Dean has started to play with and interact with more toys that he used to just want to stand on. Dean did excellent today. He was initially zoned in on TV, but eventually gave a great smile in greeting. He sat and played for a good 35 minutes with a variety of manipulatives. 1x he attempted to make a choice by omission. He got mad when we worked through non-preferred task. Spoon feeding he did well.

  • Feeding – Recommend to not give baby foods (can finish what you have) But no need to buy more. Based on his age and that he liked chewing recommend all table foods.

4/30/18 – Speech

Playing with different toys. Won’t drink milk out of straw cup. Dean greeted me with a smile. Lots more vocalizations during play. “Ba” “Mah” “Ah” just a few. He was very happy today. Worked on puzzle and choices. HE pointed to the puzzle pieces with out pushing the other choice away for all 5 pieces. Model animal name, sound, and signs for puzzle pieces. Nice attention.

  • Try straw cup that he can’t see through and try milk in it.

5/3/18 – OT

Dean hit his head the other day and actually noticed and almost cried. He has been biting on wood things – window sill, dresser, toys. Dean did excellent today. Greeted me with a big smile and sat in chair to play. He did excellent with placing pieces into puzzles. He matches very well with excellent visual scanning. Attempted receptive language skill but he did not have success with shape sorter. He waved and said “ba-ba” for Bye bye. He did that 6/8 times. He did well with giving picture of food item he wanted.

  • Offer chew tubes whenever you see him mouthing non-food items.

Dean has cut the last of all of his teeth. They are all coming though nicely. So, that is why he has been biting and chewing things. I am hoping that giving him a more varied diet with lots of texture will help him not to bite things. He is eating the hell out of his bed. Anyone have any recommendations for getting your child to stop biting on things? I could use some suggestions besides the hot sauce one. That one just sounds cruel.

With Love,



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Dean’s EI Week

LOL. For some reason, WordPress did not post this on Thursday, so I am posting it today.

Enjoy! Oh, and today is my 26th BIRTHDAY!

Today is my day off, so I thought that I would write up Dean’s EI Week. I currently have one more week to write and after Friday two. I am going to try to put up the two next week. Life has been SUPER busy for me. I registered for my July 2nd classes today and I am just SO excited. I am going to be uploading a post soon for a college haul, the online process, and what I’m taking. I think I will combine certain topics together.

4/23/18 – OT

Dean did well with using a spoon with his Mom last night. HE is able to consistently bring spoon to mouth, but has trouble scooping. Dean is showing preference for certain activities/games on any given day, which is good to see. He continues to do excellent with pointing to desired objects. Still inconsistent with signing more. Excellent sitting in “working chair” with a big smile to play. Great using a spoon today with suction cup bowl.

  • Continue to work on spoon use with holding very end of spoon to guide scooping.

4/23/18 – Speech

Dean is pointing independently. Anne, Hannah, bread only 1x “ready” 1x. Dean was seen at home. He sat in his seat and pointed to puzzle pieces and snacks that he wanted. He watched signs for more, all done, animals, eat, milk, and water. Really paid attention today.

  • Continue to model signs with words.

4/26/18 – Speech & OT

“Baba” for bubble today. Dean was seen at home for a co-tx with Speech and OT. Reviewed upcoming referral for school. Reviewed goals. Dean is independent with shape sorter. He will manipulate puzzle pieces with minimal assistance. He is emerging with pop beads and is hand over hand with stringing beads. Dean is pointing independently and using more sign independently. Spoon is going well.

  • We will continue to work on stringing beads.

My little boy is growing up so fast. I cannot believe how much progress he has made and it has been less than a year since he started EI. I believe he started in August or September. It just amazes me how far he has come and how far he could go with all of these services. It really makes it bitter sweet to know that EI is ending at the end of December this year. He has grown so close to these two people, especially his OT. She promises to visit him and check in on his progress once in a while. She really bonded with him as well. It is great to see a child that has communication issues can still bond with others.

With Love,