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Makeup Inventory: Everything Eyes

I just realized that I never finished up this series! AH! Well, this is the last post in the series, so enjoy! I have a ton of eye products, even though I don’t use them very often. I also don’t use them up very often either. Going into next year, my focus is going to be more on using up single eye products and then moving up to trios and duos and such. I need to get the singles out of the way and the liners. I don’t need 10 million eye liners just 2 would do nice for me or 0. I tend to forget about liner.

Mascara: 5


I’m surprised I don’t have more like seriously more. Mascara is my weakness. I love this stuff, but I don’t go through them that fast. I only wear dramatic mascara on the weekend and I only like 1 tube open at a time. I’m confident that I can get through 1 by January. I probably go through 2 tubes of mascara a year. If I don’t like the formula like if it smudges or really flakes on me, I throw them out. I’m not going to waste time on a product that doesn’t work for me. It would be like continuing to use a face wash after you know for certain that it’s breaking you out.

Eyeliner: 11


I have way too much eye liner and I don’t even really use it all that much. I need to use up my one liquid before it goes bad or dries up. I want to use up 1 eye liner by next year. I’m currently working on a nude one with glitter in it. I like it and it’s pretty, but I’d rather use an eye shadow under my lash line. I don’t have the eye shape to pull off eye liner. I have hooded eyes and I don’t have the talent/patience for it. I like a mini black to waterline/tightline once in a while, but I don’t need THIS many….EVER.

Eye Shadow: 23


I would like to eliminate this category all together and just use eye shadows in pallet form. I would like to buy another pallet. I like that all the colors you need is in one pallet. I don’t like pulling out my singles, duos, trios, quads. I never remember them. I would like to use up or hit pan on one of these by Jan, but I am working on my project pan. It’s probably not going to happen, but I would like to use up 4 of these next year. The glamour eyes duo I will probably chuck out once I use up the gold shadow. I don’t have any interest in the green. I’ll try it out and see if I can use it as a crease shade. I don’t like dark colors for my lid. If I find anything is too dark for me or hard to work with, I will chuck them. No use keeping them if I’m never going to use them.

Eye shadow Pallet: 1


I am doing my pan that palette challenge with this one, so I would like it hit pan and use up a few shades. I would like to buy another palette next year. Not sure if I’m buying an eye shadow palette though. I’m really liking the look of the Hourglass 2017 Holiday palette. I want an eye shadow palette with limited dark shades and more lighter shades. Once I finish the first three rows, I’ll probably chuck out the really dark blue and black shades. I’ll try them, but I really have no use for them except for my outer v and I could just use a dark brown for that.

Well, that’s the end of this series. I’m going to revisit my makeup collection in January and see how much came in versus out. I have no plans on buying makeup for the rest of this year, so the only makeup coming in would be from Sephora Play and the Walmart box. I just want to cut down my frivolous spending. I went a bit crazy this year. Now, I need to use up what I spent my money on before buying anymore. I hope everyone is having a great Saturday.

With Love ❤



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My Nail Polish Collection 2017

I have 48 nail polishes. Yes, you heard me right. 48 bottles of nail polish in various stages of being used up. I’m concentrating on the bottles that are close to being empty and using those up first. Then, I will move on to my Julep nail polishes. After that, I can use whatever full bottle of nail polish that I want. I want to try to get my collection down to about 10 nail polishes: a top coat, a base coat, strengthening coat, a spring color, a fall color, a summer color, a winter color, a glitter polish, another glitter polish, and something unique or different like a metallic top coat or something. I already used up one nail polish (so originally had 49 this year). I want to see 5 polishes go this year. I know that is asking for a lot, but I think that I can do it.

So, I only have four more polishes to use up this year. My pink OPI is one that I am currently working on. Possibly the silver or gold glitter after that one. Maybe a mini or two. I have a lot to choose from.

With Love,


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Lippi Graveyard

Well, here it is another makeup graveyard! This one features all of my lip products, but this is only what I have in storage. It does not include items that I am currently using. I have a stock pile of lip products that I am not using, but will use when I use what I am currently using up or if I am in the mood to switch it up a little. This is not my whole collection. It doesn’t include my MAC lipstick, EM lip balm, and a few others. I like to keep something in each of my purses, my bathroom, and my desk at work.

First up, we have the glosses:

Lip Gloss
L 2 R: B&BW Lipicious Lip Gloss in I’ve Been Naughty, B&BW Liplicious Tasty Lip Color Cup Cakes in Red Velvet, B&BW Liplicious Tasty Lip Gloss in Snow Kissed Berry, B&BW Liplicious Tasty Lip Jewels in Strawberry Bling, B&BW Liplicious Tasty Lip Color Sheer in Pomme Cider, Avon Fruity Lip Juice Lip Gloss in Citrus Pink. Mark Glow Baby Glow Luxe Lip Gloss, Seventeen Magazine Freebie

The Snow Berry is the pretty white sparkly “snow” one. I love the everyday pink glosses and the strawberry with gold glitter no matter how impractical. Lip gloss is really hard to swatch and congrats to anyone who can make them look pretty. The only one I am not keeping is the 17 Magazine freebie. It looks like children’s makeup.

My lipsticks are next:

L 2 R: Colour Pop Lippie Stix Glossy in Bound, Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn, City Color Be Matte Lipstick in M7 Cappuccino, Maybelline Colorsensational in 915 Blushing Beige, Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain in All Of Me, BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in Get Ready


The red Hot Damn and the Nude by Maybelline are the two that I am trashing, since the red looks like something is growing in the tube (yuck!) and the nude is too nude for my skin color. It really looks like I have no lips. As you can see, I gravitate more towards pinks and nudes. I love those tones on my skin, but I have nothing against a flattering red or berry. I just haven’t found the right lipstick yet. Plus, I like easy shades that I don’t have to worry about. I don’t want to worry about feathering and the like. These shades are so easy you (almost) don’t need a mirror.

My Pigmented Lip Glosses/Stains are next:

Lip stains
L 2 R: J Cat Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion, Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in 08 Love Affair, J Cat Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Splatter, Pop Beauty in Fuchsia, Model Co Lip Lacquer in Viva

The first swatch is of the deep berry Cailyn gloss and the next one over is the Red Potion and Mad Splatter. The Pop beauty really smells nasty, so I am getting rid of that one. I am keeping the rest of these. I cannot wait to wear the berry once it is officially fall!

Last but not least, my balms:

Lip balm
L 2 R: Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in 12 Apple Pink, Lip Smacker in Shimmering Ribbon Candy, NYX Butter Lip Balm in Marshmallow, The Body Shop Natural Lip Rollon in Mint, Walgreens Revo Lip Balm in Peppermint, Softlips Cube in Sweet Mint, The Body Shop Born Lippy in Raspberry, Mica Beauty Tinted Lip Balm in Fiesta, The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Lip Butter

As you can see, everything is clear, nude, or a berry. I actually rediscovered some items that I forgot I had like that shocking berry color! It’s just beautiful. I know know what colors I’ll be wearing this fall. I am all about the berries and deep pinks. The colorless balms are good for walks outside and for stashing in your bedside drawer in the colder months. I’ll be rocking my stash for sure. The grapefruit went sour so I got rid of that as well as the mint roll on.

I love “shopping” my stash and discovering something “new” to wear. I will be revisiting this every year or inventory purposes and will be sharing it. I wonder how many of these items will still be here next year? Will some be repurchased? I guess you’ll find out next September. LOL.

With ❤


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Dresser Clean Out *Day 17*

My whole dresser from the inside out was a mess with all of our clothes. I’ve been cleaning out our clothes more often since having Dean. He grows out of clothes so fast, so I need to keep up with purging clothes and consigning them for a little extra money.Dean just turned 7 months, so I wanted to clean out his 3-6 month old clothes that weren’t fitting him anymore. We also entered Summer, so I wanted to put away the heavier items that still fit him like his fleece sleeping sacks. It seemed like a great opportunity to clean out the places that need cleaning like the dresser, his crib, his “corner”, and the walk in closet. I decided to make it a little series. I hope you like it. I might continue this series for other places in my apartment that need cleaning as well.

The first thing I did was clear off the top of the dresser and throw (or place) everything on my bed. I wiped down the top of the dresser with a Clorox wipe and let that dry. Then, I replaced the items that are necessary back on the top like the lamp and T.V.. I threw out the trash and placed games away. The clothes, I kept on the bed to go through and I put back my planner, album supplies, keepsake baby journal, and some clothing items that I placed in a gallon Ziploc bag. I will be buying some storage for under my bed that these things will go in to save for Dean, when he gets older. Lastly, I place back his toys and a few odds and ends. It looks better now, but it will be much improved with the new storage bins.

I took apart Dean’s drawers first and threw everything on the bed. I then, went through his clothes, piece by piece to see what fits him and what could be consigned, donated, and trashed. His top drawer remains the “underwear” drawer with socks, shoes, onsies or undershirts, and t-shirts. The next drawer, I put in his shorts, jeans, overalls, light sweaters, bibs, outfits, pajamas, cloth sleeping sack, and enclosed feet outfits. I ended up with an empty drawer for him, which is great. I know that it will be filled soon, since two people are giving me some more lightly used baby clothes.

I organized my underwear drawer much the same way and had my dad go through his. The last drawer is a junk drawer for my dad to put odds and ends into. I really need a home of my own instead of an apartment. It’s too small with three of us. Nevermind, when guests come over.

With Love <3
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Currently Reading #2

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I have finished all of those books from the previous currently reading (except I’m on the last 2 chapters of Elixir), so I thought that I would give you an update on the next four books that I have been reading since finishing. Keep in mind that I have already finished one of these and am almost done with a second one. I’ll let you know which ones when I tell you about them.

In Between By Jenny Jones

In Between

I haven’t started this one yet. I just recently downloaded it for free on and it is still currently free if you are interested. I like Christian Romance novels and this seems like it could also be slightly paranormal. I cannot wait to read it and see how the two of these elements/genres mix together. As soon as I’m done with Saving Angel on my kindle, I will be reading this one next.

Saving Angel By J. L. Wells

Saving Angel

First of all, the book cover is gorgeous! Second, it is a totally addictive read and I’ve been reading it for two days and am almost done with it. I am hoping to be purchasing the next few books in the series. I like to buy physical copies though, because I just delete my digital copies. I read them once and then I’m onto the next one. I don’t mind used copies though or ordering from the library. I just know that this will be a series that I want to finish. This is also free right now and you can just use your computer to read it. No kindle needed just the app on your computer or phone.

Cora: The Unwilling Queen By Amy Hutchinson


I have already finished reading this one on my kindle as well. Have you noticed a pattern? I’ve been reading a lot on my kindle lately, since I take it with me to appointments and out shopping. I am going to try to read another physical book next, but honestly? Reading on my kindle is easier, especially if the lighting isn’t very good. I use my kindle for reading with the lights off in bed and when I’m out. Otherwise, I read my books at home with perfect lighting. This book was very good and I will be reviewing it soon. I’m going to reviewing a physical book then a digital book and go back and forth from now on. Because now, I have two, almost three digital books waiting to be reviewed and I don’t want to forget them! This is currently free as well.

Notorious (It Girl #2) By Cecily Von Ziegesar


This is a book that I borrowed from Danielle, since I really enjoyed the first one in the series. It was really cute and I wanted to read the second. I am about 50 pages in and I am already sucked into it. It is really good, but I can only read so much of it at a time, before I want to read something else.

Well, that is what I am currently reading. What are you reading? I enjoy a good frilly book, so I would love your recommendations. If a book is free on Amazon that you love, let me know, so I can read it too!

With Love,


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I’m So Fancy

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I promised that I would share my perfume collection with all of you, so here it goes. Also, I decided to get more creative with my titles. Do you like it? A lot of you seem to when I got 99 views in one hour on yesterday’s post. Thank you guys so much! This means the world to me. Anyways, this my collection. I have about 20 decent sized perfumes and a few small  vials. I have other samples in vials, but they are really tiny single use ones. Also, my giveaway is still going for 13 Little Blue Envelopes. Enter HERE. You still have great odds!

My Whole Collection At A Glance:


My Expensive Designer Perfumes:

Perfume Perfume

From Left to Right: 

  • Britney Spears Curious: Remember when these were so popular? I still love mine. Curious is surprisingly strong and musky with undertones of something sweetly floral. A most curious scent!
  • DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom: This is tinted pink and is sweetly floral with a light crispness and a little applesque. It is perfect for spring. And come on! I love the apple shaped design!
  • Britney Spears In Control: I think this was her first perfume ever. Dani doesn’t even remember it and she loves and owns practically all f them, except for this one. It was my first perfume ever back when I think I was 11 or 12. It was a really long time ago, but it still smells exactly how I remember. Perfume doesn’t really go bad I think at least, not mine. The perfume is sweet and cotton candy like, but instead of being childish, the light musk elevates it to elegance. This bottle is also HUGE. It is still two thirds full. I use it for special occasions only. I love it so much and it is no longer made.
  • Hilary Duff With Love: I love the diamond bottle and I’m sad to be halfway finished with this one. It is sweetly musky, but also very warm. It is like a cozy cashmere sweater on a cold day. Something about just makes you feel like its a cozy candlelight dinner night. A warm and fuzzy feeling. I’m not really good at describing scents, but this is how they make me feel.
  • Gwen Stefanie HaraJuku Lovers in Love: The bottle is childish, but I think that’s the fantasy of it. The scent is sweet and sour from the musk in it. It has a slight floral that is masked almost completely by the sour musk. It’s a scent that would give you a headache if you smell it too much. I don’t really care for it, but sometimes, I find myself grabbing for it if I want something different.
  • Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture: I don’t want to say how expensive this little bottle was. *shudder* It is yellow tinged and still brand new. I bought it before the move and just found it. It is very strong and expensive smelling. It is very musky with a sweet floral accent. It is very alcoholy smelling in the bottle, but dries to a powdery musk that is just divine!

Body Sprays:

PerfumePerfume Perfume

From Left to Right:

  • Victoria’s Secret PINK With A Splash in Fresh & Clean: I bought this at Bath & Body Works at a 2 for 1 sale. This smells exactly like the name of the scent. It smells like fresh, clean sheets. It kinda has that fresh laundry sort of scent. I use body sprays to layer my perfumes on and this one is a great base for the powdery scents.
  • Victoria’s Secret PINK With A Splash in Sweet & Flirty: The scent is sweet and floral which goes great with most of my scents. I tend to gravitate towards sweeter scents and most of those has a bit of floral in them, which I do not mind. I guess, I am just a sweet kind of girl.
  • Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea: I used to be really into this scent. It is cotton candy sweet with a dash of floral freshness. This pairs great with my really sweet cotton candy like scents. On a low key day, I wear this on its own.
  • Bath & Body Works Sea Spray: Since this is moisturizing, I  use it in the summer after a shower instead of body lotion unless I am really dry or going to be doing a fake tan soon. It smells like a day at the ocean and I tend to use musky scents with it. I then layer a sunscreen on top of it if I am going out and they pair beautifully together.
  • Mary Kate & Ashley Tropical Burst  in Vanilla Sugar: This is sugary sweet, but it is also a bit citrusy as well. It saves it from being overly sweet and sickening.

Childish Perfumes:

Perfume PerfumePerfume

From Left to Right:

  • Mary Kate & Ashley Two: this is the yellow tinged perfume. The first one, I think was pink. This perfume is fresh, sweet, and girly. It is also a bit peppery, but I still love this perfume It is a unique scent that I haven’t come across yet and reminds me of good times in my childhood. I used to spray my Barbie’s hair with this perfume.
  • High School Musical: It used to be a lighter purple, but now it is a much darker purple. It smells sweet like vanilla ice cream. There really is no other notes in this, but I love it for its simplicity. Who doesn’t ant to smell like ice cream?
  • Prince Matchabelli Cotton Candy: Need I say more? This is super sweet and doesn’t last very long. I’m almost done with this though. This is the one childhood fragrance that I am happy to part with once its gone.
  • Lavender Perfume: This came in a perfume making set. It is strongly lavender and nothing else. I like a little bit of lavender now and then added to another perfume for dimension.
  • Precious: A little sweet but mostly powdery musk. It is a nice light daytime, almost not there scent.
  • Rockin’ Rio: It smells like John Freida Go Blonder Shampoo and I tend to wear this any time I use that shampoo to lasten the scent of freshly shampooed hair.

Little Vials:


From Top to Bottom:

  • Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy: This scent is spicy, sweet, white musk, woodsy, fresh, and a little fruity. I would wear this on a date night for sure. It has that kind of scent to it.
  • Britney Spears Fantasy: This scent is strongly musky, warm, almost mentholy, warm vanilla for that hint of sweetness, and a bitterness of lime.
  • Pop Sugar Pink Sugar: This smells like spun sugar and light musk. It isn’t cotton candy sweet, but it is lightly sweet like an adult cotton candy.

Affordable Perfumes:

Perfume Perfume Perfume

From Left to Right:

  • Bath & Body Works White Citrus: I don’t know why it’s called White, but it is strongly citrus. It smells like freshly juiced lemons and limes. It is one of my favorite scents ever.
  • Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods: This is another one of my favorites. It is perfectly woodsy like fresh snow and the crunching of fallen leaves. It has the earthy scent with the warmness of a fireplace. It is sweet and just perfection. It reminds me of In Control in a way.
  • Bath & Body Works Amber Blush: This scent is sour and coconuty. It smells like yummy to be honest. It has a hint of a sun tan oil type of scent.
  • Curve Crush: This is powdery and sweet like a white powdered donut. It is simply delicious. I like the occasional food scented perfumes.
  • Lady Gaga Fame: This black perfume is very sophisticated. It has a sweet musk and fruity. Of course, it has that other ingredient too. lol
  • Vampire: This one is super spicy and rich. It definitely has a sweetness to balance out the spicy and heavy musk. It is totally different from anything else that I own. I wear this a lot during the winter and the name is amazing too.

I hope you enjoyed me Perfume Collection and my interpretation of how they smell. This also could be the longest post I have ever written before. Yay for weekends for making this possible! Also, a life update: I could be getting a weekend job to have extra cash since having a new car is expensive. I’m gonna see if I can get a job again at Kmart strictly as a floor personal in the clothing department. Does anyone else hold two jobs?

With Love,