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Dean’s EI Week

I have been having so much fun with Dean this summer. He can do more than he could last summer and I love going outside everyday to go swim in the pool or jump on the trampoline. He even took a nap on me after he took a dip in the pool in the shade. I really want to have a cookout by the pool and just roast a few hot dogs after swimming. I think Dean would really enjoy it. We have to have chips, of course! Dean has been super into chips lately. I love chips as well, but he burns off the calories and I don’t. lol. I think if Dean could really speak his mind, he would say that he is having an amazing summer with his mommy. I can’t always be the fun mom, because I work and now go to school full time. I make the time that we have together count.

6/25/18 – Speech

Using words 1x and then not again. Dean had a great session. He sat on floor for 3 puzzles, pointed to choices, and said “more” x3. He was vocal while playing. He needed a 10 minute break and then sat in his chair for snack and beading. He beaded 6 beads independently. He said “bock bock bock” for chicken (after a model). Nice Session.

  • Continue to model words with actions.

6/29/18 – OT

Mike reported that Dean has been having some difficulty lately. He cried for 10 minutes before bed last night and he has been having slight tantrums/task refusal with ABA. Talked with Mike about bedtime crying. Dean is more aware of his environment and may not want to go to bed, but it is okay as adult caregiver to say, “I see you are sad, but it is still bedtime.” Tried to complete following direction activity, simple of get the animal to string onto string. He had a lot of difficulty because it was out of routine with assistance and support he was able to follow simple direction 5/12 times.

  • Pictures for fun/play activities explore

Honestly, I am kind of excited for the end of EI. It means that he will be turning 3 and have a lot more opportunities to learn and grow. It is a bit bittersweet, but I think it is time. He has his year evaluation in August and I am excited to see how much he learned in that time, compared to ABA’s six month evaluation. Also, his school evaluation is around the corner and I have a meet and greet in September. My life is so full lately, but I found that I am actually getting more done. Now, that I don’t have time to squander, I am getting more stuff done around the house.

With Love,



July 2nd Semester Classes

This semester, I am taking a math placement course (no credits for free class) to see if I can get 3 free credits to place out of Pre-calculus and I can start right into Calculus. Well, you have to score a 76 or higher in the placement test for that. I get three attempts. My first attempt to start the course (I already took it), I earned a 34 on the test. The great thing is that now, I have a tailored to me class to study up on the areas I scored poorly in. It let me know that I at least need to earn 42 more points to place out of Pre-Cal and that I know 70 topics in that class. I need to brush up on 149 more topic though. I have my work cut out for me. I plan on brushing up on the areas that I know well and ones that I hardly know at all. I will do this for 4 weeks before taking my 2nd attempt. From there I will have another 3 to 4 weeks before taking the final attempt. Here’s to hoping that I score enough on the second attempt!

I am taking HIS-100 Perspectives in History and SCS-200 Applied Social Sciences both for three credits. Both of these courses have four themes planned out for eight weeks. My history class has three projects and my science class has two projects. Both are nothing major. For History, I have a worksheet, paper outline and first paragraph, and a slideshow presentation. For Social Science, I have a 3 to 5 page research paper and a slideshow presentation. I will have to brush up on my slideshow skills to be honest. It is an easy application, but I tend to cram info on slides. lol. I will have to add in speaker notes to state what I would say on each slide.

As I am writing this, I have not begun my classes, but this will go up once I have started. I am looking forward to this new start in my life and I know that I will be busy. I won’t have time to do a midterm update, but I will be posts a wrap up with what I was able to achieve this semester. I want to do this for each semester that I start and end with. I think it will be fun and a great way to reflect and start fresh. I want to document this journey in my life and share it with all of you. Oh! I only had to buy one “book” this semester for my Science class, which is actually just access to an interactive platform that has the reading, quizzes, and sources for the class. Basically, you pay for the class and then pay for access to your materials for that class. It’s hard to explain, but apparently it’s like an access key. I paid $57 dollars for my textbooks this semester. Not too bad and plus, my work will reimburse me.

I am really loving this new format and how I am posting my content. Let me know if you enjoy this as well. My new routine gives me time for other things and keeps me on point for my blog. I tend to lose focus when writing my posts, so having a clock timing me (you have 1 hour to blog) really motivates me and I find that I actually get more done this way. I am almost half way done with writing posts for July. I am just full of ideas that I think are unique and not the same old stuff being rehashed. Although, I do enjoy my empty and review posts.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

I cannot believe how much easier it is to keep up with my blog now that I have a new blogging schedule. I have been spending more time with Dean and he has been saying more words and communicating better. He says hello now with consistency! It is so great to watch him grow. We have been swimming in the pool a lot and bouncing on the big trampoline when the water was too cool on a mild day in the 70s. He only likes the temperature of the pool on 80 and above days. So, when it was in the 90s, he loved the pool and swam for a good forty five minutes before starting to shiver. He is a little guy, so he doesn’t last in the pool very long before getting cold and tired. There is nothing that he likes better than after swimming for thirty minutes than get into a sun warmed towel and enjoy a cold, refreshing Popsicle.

6/26/18 – Joyce

Dean had a good session overall. Seemed a tad “off”, had a BM (Bowel movement) during session, was better after that.

6/26/18 – Ann

Dean did well today. Discussed toys that he has mastered – shape sorters, rings. Did great with his beads with stick on the string. I’m on vacation July 23 – 27th.

6/27/18 – Joyce

Okay session. Dean clinging to mom today. Seemed to be seeking extra pressure today. Questioned teeth, took temp. Was better after milk.

6/27/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He was quiet and off today. He enjoyed a book and sitting with mom. A lot of mouthing toys today. Dean said “all done” after his bottle, seemed to cheer up after that. I will be here Monday July 2nd and 9th at 8:15 and 9:45.

6/28/18 – Ann

Dean was making lots of sounds today. Very active first part of session, sat longer after snack. Not interested in chewy – wanting to chew harder blocks.

6/29/18 – Ann

Dead did okay this morning. Quick to flop down or started to cry when frustrated and when didn’t let him chew on a block. Finished up good.

I just got Dean’s results back from his PECS and I will be posting about it soon and comparing it to his intake results. I want to share just how much he has grown and benefited from ABA therapy. ABA isn’t for everyone or for every family, but with my Dad watching Dean during the day, ABA fits right into his schedule. I know that I am constantly going back and forth with whether he will do pre-K or not. The truth is that I really don’t know and I change my mind as I go. I would like for him to go once a week for the first year and then, possibly two to three days the next year. When I say day, I mean three to four hours in the morning. What they call half days. I think he needs peer interaction, but that he would benefit more from ABA at this time.

With Love,


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College Essentials Haul

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so excited to have started online college at SNHU! It has been a hot minute since I have gone to college or to school for that matter. I thought that I would share with you my essentials for going back to college, specifically for online college. It really applies to any sort of school or if you are just looking for fun paper supplies. This is personal to me, so it may not suit you. These are the things that I know that I need to start the semester out right. I am interested to see how many of these things I don’t actually used. I think that I will use everything though. You never know. Sometimes, I just buy things because I think I will use them, but then never actually touch them. Until years later and I’m like Why do I have that?

These are my paper supplies. I have my favorite kind of pens: gel. Also, my favorite brand: PaperMate Ink Joy. I have never tried these pens, but my two favorite things? I think this might be my new favorite pens! I love to color code my notes, so I love having a rainbow supply. I have seen packs of just blue and black, so if I need a refill on the basics, I can get them. Note cards are a must for me. I need them to memorize formulas and key terms. Washi tape for when I have books, so I don’t mark up the pages. Not sure I will use them this semester, but you never know. Flags and sticky notes are basic necessities to page mark notes and quickly jot down information. I don’t have any physical books this semester, which limits my flag usage. I bought these two planner kits at Walmart and they are so cute! The flags, I know I will use and I hope that I find use for the other little stickies as well. My planner and notebooks will be so cute! Speaking of which…


These are my two Kate Spade (May she rest in peace) notebooks for my two official classes: Perspectives in History and Applied Social Science. These are super cute to tote around. Notice a theme here with all of the cute? The rose gold notebook goes with my office theme (Rose Gold) and my baby blue books goes with my room theme (Tiffany Blue and Silver). I am loving this style of notebook and that it is hard cover to survive in my bag. I feel so cool taking these out at work. They are my aesthetic through and through. I need to be on the lookout for an office meeting themed one. Kate Spade is my spirit animal and always will be.


A planner is a must for managing my busy life. I need to juggle my work from home days, college work, and home life in one planner. I considered getting one to separate school, but what would be the point? I need to balance out my whole life and see it in all together in order to manage it best. A phone to keep in touch. My Kindle Fire to do my work on when I am at work. I know I could use the computer, but some text books can only be downloaded to one device. I would chose my Kindle, so I can have it with me on the go to do my college work. I need to invest in a case for it though. I am pretty sure that this Kindle will be dying soon. My extended warranty is expiring in August and they usually don’t last much longer after that. I would get it in the same 7inch screen size. I really like it. Maybe with more room though. 8GB isn’t a ton.

Last but not least, because it is expensive. You need a good laptop. I have a HP here in Rose Gold that I paid $500 dollars on Amazon for and it is worth $1500. I love the rose design on the keyboard and yes, this was a limited edition. It seems to be selling for $700 now for the refurbished model, which is the one that I bought. I take care of my electronics, so I know that this will last me years like my 8 year old Dell. I love the backlit keyboard and the touchscreen screen. It has all the bells and whistles at a third of the price. I would keep an eye out on Amazon, because the prices are always influx. This is a beautiful laptop and worth every penny. They keyboard is a full size standard. I have a lot of comfortable wrist space and the 17 inch screen is perfection.

These are what I believe are online colleges essentials for me. I am looking forward to learning in all of my classes and chatting with my classmates. Not sure that I will do a whole lot of connecting on our school’s community (it’s like a private Facebook platform but not Facebook). I have a life and real friends to keep up with. Great if you are going to online school instead of traditional college and want to connect with other students. I’m just more of an in-person person instead of a virtual person.

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

I love writing these little recap summaries for Dean and it saddens me to know that soon, EI will be done for Dean and I will just be doing the ABA updates. I am getting ready for the public school evaluation of services they will offer to Dean. Honestly though? I am thinking of skipping preschool all together. I think Dean will benefit more from the constant ABA therapy than a preschool setting right now. He has gone so far with ABA that I think that I will stick with it for the next 3 years. The way Dean’s birthday falls, he will be one month short of starting school with the rest of the 5 year olds turning six. He will be six going on 7 when he finally goes to kindergarten. I am thinking of either going private (by then, I should be making enough money as a Data Analyst that I would own my own home and be able to support a private school education) or home schooling.

6/18/18 – OT

Dean has been coming out with phrases spontaneously. Dean did well today Played on move in sit cushion sat and attended to several puzzles with excessive motion/movement. He did well. In swing, he would grab my hands to sign more, but would not do spontaneously. Sat and choose pictures for snack even with switching places of pictures and using two circular snacks. He did excellent scanning to choose cracker.

  • Continue to offer pictures for him to choose what to eat.
  • May want to try to use this for play activities, too.

6/18/18 – Speech

Dean is repeating some words. “Good night” is consistent. “Hello” is new. “Happy day” 1x. Dean was seen at home with his mom. He was very vocal today and Hannah said that this is typical now. Worked on LEA referral to (Town where I live) Public and will request a TPC meeting. 9/10 at 9 am. Also changed services from OT from 2x to 1x a week. He enjoyed his lunch in his chair. Lots of smiles.

  • Continue to model words and repeat, repeat, repeat.

I am looking forward to the future of coloring with Dean, getting handmade mother’s day gifts, and helping him do his Christmas shopping. I am looking forward to everything that wasn’t important to my mother when it came to me and the things that I never did with my mom. I hope that I can be a better mother to my son. Actually, scratch that. I KNOW that I can be a better mother to my son than what I had growing up and I plan on giving him the life that I wished that I had growing up. A life filled with love and feeling important and worth loving. Along the way, I plan on treating him to respect women, himself, and to stand up for what he believes in. His voice counts. All of our voices count.

With Love,



Online Orientation & Intro to BrightSpace

I thought that I would share a quick post about my online orientation at SNHU. BrightSpace is the online platform, where my courses are taking place. To introduce you to the platform and to how your classes will be at SNHU, they give you a First Year Orientation course that introduces you to the college, resources, expectations, etc. It was mean to be taking over 5 weeks, but I finished it in 2 weeks. This reminded me that I really miss school and I spend too much of my time watching Netflix. LOL. I highly recommend that you take your introductory course, because I feel very confident on the platform because of it.

I also had to take two FYE (First Year Experience) webinars: one for Brightspace and the other for the resources that the college offers. These were also helpful, but more so the resources one than the Brighspace one. I feel like if you explored the FYE “class” on Brightspace that it prepares you better than the 30 minute webinar.

I am not nervous about starting college at all. I only have two more years left to earn my first BS. I think I will go for my Masters from there, but I also want to use the other half of the credits from going to college previously towards a second degree. I am debating between English and the Environmental Science degree that I originally wanted. I think I might go with the ES. It might open more opportunities. When I am making big money, I can easily fund my own education. I don’t think I will ever stop learning and SNHU makes the process so easy. With a Masters, I could easily be making upwards of 200K with experience.

I figured out that by the time I earn my BS, I will have worked at MAPFRE for almost 6 years. I am not sure which analyst position I will go for at MAPFRE, but I want to get a level 60 position and earn some experience. With the time I’ve spent at the company and my reputation, I don’t think it will be hard once I secure the degree to go from a level 54 to 60. I was once told by HR that it is impossible to do, but I don’t think it is. I’m not going to sell myself short. I am worth it.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean had his PEP test on Tuesday and I should know the results this week of how far he has come in 6 months. I will share his results in a separate ABA post. Besides sharing his weekly ABA notes, I wanted to share a little story of what happened on Saturday night when Dean and I were just having a cozy night in. We were on the couch eating crackers watching Paw Patrol and I was on my kindle watching Lost Girl. I can only take so much Paw Patrol. Anyways, Dean kept trying to move onto an end table and each time I touched his leg and said a sharp “No.” to let him know that he couldn’t get up on the table. After about 5 “nos” he got off the couch and tipped over the end table. It made a loud bang as it fell and Dean was stunned. He started screaming and I picked him up. I said on the couch with him and held him tight as I told him over and over that it was going to be okay and that he was going to be fine. Meanwhile, he screamed, cried, and bucked in my arms. He slowly calmed under my firm but gentle pressure surrounding him. It was the first time as a parent that I just knew what to do.

6/19/18 – Ann

Ran items for PEP. Dean did usual toy play items in between test items.

6/19/18 – Stephanie

Re-administered PEP. Discussed progress made in 6 months. Discussed changes in routine and how that impacts him.

6/19/18 – Joyce

PEP administration. Off day, still did very well.

6/20/18 – Deb

Dean did well today, was a little off today. He did well with programs started independently doing shape sorter today. A little flopping today when playing with toy play items. Dean had a lot of babbling today. Dean was drooling a lot and whining at the end of the session. Starting to tip toe walk. Parental Concerns: increasing hours.

6/21/18 – Ann

Dean had a great session. Very focused and completed a lot of toy activities. No flopping to floor until the very end of the session.

6/22/18 – Ann

Dean had a great morning. Very focused on toys and attended well. Lots of great sounds and said “yeah”!

I know Dean is going to have meltdowns, but he also has so many breakthroughs. Last night was one of his worst breakdowns, but I feel like it is nothing compared to the incredible journey of him talking. I feel like God knew what he was doing when He placed Dean with me. We both need each other and I understand him. I have my times of frustration, but most of the time, I have more patience for him than my dad does. I love Dean and I know that he is different. He is not being difficult, just himself. In that moment last night, he couldn’t get what he wanted and he lashed out and frightened himself. I love him through all of his faults and he cannot express his frustration in talking. So, it is physical. He will learn to vent to me and I’ll always be there with an nonjudgmental ear.

With Love,