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Retract on Hater Comment

Turns out that hater comment turned into three more after I replied to the first one:

  1. Do my research? I have autism, so I am pretty sure I have a good idea more than any expert or parent of an autistic child of how it can be like and how bad it can be. I feel for the parents who have children on the low end of the spectrum, very severe cases I do and I do sympathize that it can be very frustrating and hard to cope with at times. Read my blog and you will see many posts relating to as such and autism.As it caused me to struggle more so than other people at times? Yes it most definitely has, but I wouldn’t refer to my autism as mentally disabling. Maybe because it hurts my feelings, my autism is a big part of me and I accept it for it’s quirks, gifts and even yes struggles. I wouldn’t be who I am without my autism. You said your child is very talented, and lovable and I am sure he is. Autism is not always mentally disabling, yes we learn in different ways and our minds are wired differently. That doesn’t equal mentally disabling though, in fact it only does to the eyes of society. Society refuses to let me learn the way I want or be who I want. When I am who I want to be without fear or judegment and learn in my own unique way I am a force to be reckoned with. I am gifted in many ways that other people are not and I fear I wouldn;t be if it wasn’t for my autism. Autism can be struggling at times I never would say it isn’t. But actually professionsals are coming out saying it is not a disabilityor even a disorder for everyone on the spectrum, it is a neuro-neurological diverse, and we can now join the diversity of human kind. Welcome to 2018.

    I am sorry if my comment came off as rude, but I think autistic people are upset and offendd by the words our parents, professionals and society use to label us. It feels often us with autism have no voice. I have been met with so much ignorance by people off the spectrum in cases like this. So I do apologize for my comment.

    I get what you are saying I do! But there has been no coalition to intellectual disability directly relating to autism (maybe in severe cases yes, but not all) in fact men like Albert Einstein when studied in history were said to likely be autistic if the diagnoses existed more back in those times. Same with Da Vinci. I am not saying every autistic child is the next Einstein, but I am saying a lot of us do have special gifts and talent to offer the world. If society would concentrate on our strengths and stop tearing down our weaknesses, society and the autistic child or person could both benefit. I am not saying ignore our weaknesses or challenges, we do have to manage them, but most comments like ‘mentally disabling’ simply exist because we cannot operate in a very close minded and boxed society. I think as long as the autistic person is happy and feels successful according to their own standards, that’s success. Society says if you don’t live up to our standards than you are disabled. There are different levels of success, talent and so on. There is also no coalition between quality of life, happiness and autism. That is why I don’t like comments such as mentally disabling, and because your son got a diagnoses you painted it as disabling with what feels like you didn’t do much research. With the right support from professionals, families and love autism doesn’t always have to disabling. Autism has many positives to it and some of them probably include things that would surprise you and are in fact at the opposite end of disabling. But Einstein, Da Vinci were mentally disabling right?


  2. Since you want to make a bigger deal out of this and post a blog about my comment, I will post a blog about your ignorant comments. I wanted to originally but decided to just comment instead and I actually figured my comment would have been ignored. I have a lot more to say about this and nothing boils my blood more than parents of autistic children who think they know more about their children living with the condition and me who also lives with the condition and worse like to paint it in some end of the world scenario or in a negative light. I have experiences too with severe autistic children, some who share it would be nice to talk, but they would still like to be autistic and other stories. I have also met some both severe and not as severe who say they hate their autism, and would want to find a cure. It hurts my feelings, but a person who has autism I guess has that right to feel that way. A professional or parent again I think have to be careful when talking about a diagnoses that they do not have. I wonder though if they would feel that way still if society truly accepted them more than it does right now. Autistic people want no different than everyone else, and that is to just be happy. At the end of the day that is all that should matter is everything aside is this person happy.If you care to read, though it doesn’t refer to all but some positive qualities that some autistic people or a lot do possess, especially with the right help and support.

  3. Another read that might catch your interest. Then I am done spamming and I am going to be a bigger person I won’t write a blog in response to your comments, 1 because you recently found out about a diagnoses and as you continue the journey I hope you will learn more. 2. It’s too frustrating, is negative to my emotions and I end up repeating the same points.

She actually had a few pretty good things to say. I just wished that she initially hadn’t had started with this hate comment, but if she didn’t, I wouldn’t have found her blog. You should check out the links. She has a lovely blog from an insider’s view. And here where my replies to her three comments.

  1. I would have appreciated this comment better right from the beginning. Your comment was very hurtful and rude. I am definitely putting this on another blog post, because unlike the hateful people who have posted replies, you actually didn’t reply with hate again. You went into so much depth and that’s so inspiring. You know, I’m a first time mom. I’m human. I make mistakes. Could I have written that better? Yes, but I was emotional when I wrote it. I just found out that my only son has autism. I can talk to you, but I can’t communicate with my own son. It’s frustrating and you insinuated that I don’t care for my son. I took offense and overacted, but usually people leave me pretty nasty comments and don’t turn out to be like you and send me something nicer back. So, I do apologize and will make another post, so you don’t look like a crazy hater person. I agree with many points of yours and it was never my intention to make anyone feel that way.
  2. I don’t run your blog, I only run mine but by all means do what you will. Why would I ignore your comment? You don’t see how it was offensive? What Dean goes through, we all go through as a family. I share in his struggles and triumphs. I’m the one crying because I haven’t heard my baby say that he loves to me, when he’s hungry, or tired, or scared. I can’t help him and it is the most upsetting thing for a parent. I do offer him support. He has a Speech therapist, Occupational Therapist, and three ABA specialists coming in and helping him in my home. His diagnosis is very touchy for me when faced with hate. I understand how you feel now, but can you sympathize with me? As you watching what I say, it is my blog and those were my feelings at the time. My blog should be the one place were I am free to express myself and not have to watch what I say. I was devastated at the time and to hear other kids doing so well and yours is lagging behind everyone hurts. No, I don’t have autism, but one of my older brothers had mild autism. It caused him to stutter a lot and he can’t learn and retain information to get a decent job. He works at Home Depot and is a manager there. I know autism doesn’t hold people back and I know there is a stigma about autistic people. You judged me by reading one post. You didn’t look at me as a complete person. Society looks at autistic people as autistic. They judge by a diagnosis. I think you’d really like Dean’s updates and you are gonna miss out on seeing him develop and grow up because of a few words I said. I subscribed to your blog. I enjoyed your post.
  3. I am learning. I am constantly learning. I did find your post interesting and I followed and liked. I just wish you would have come out and just said all of this instead of what you initially said.

Remember to enlighten other people. Don’t tear them down. Tell them in a nice way how and why something they said affected you. Don’t personally attack them. You don’t know their story or their life or how they are feeling. You know NOBODY on the Internet. I could never spread hate to someone other the Internet and I try not to when they dish it out to me. NO ONE knows you like you know you. No one knows that I used to go to special learning classes in Middle School. No one knows that I couldn’t do basic math until I was in the 7th grade. No one knows that I struggle making friends. No one knows that I had nightmares after Dean was born. No one knows the struggles that I have to go through as a parent blaming myself for my son’s autism. If I would have had a drug free pregnancy, if I would have been able to conceive him naturally, if I would have played with him more, socialized him more. There are so many doubts running through my head that when this person made this hate comment that it hit me like a block of bricks. My child’s autism affects me and I know it’s not about me, but why can’t it be. He has it and I struggle with it. With accepting it and understanding him. I love him dearly and play with him. I love watching him sleep when we take a nap together. Looking at that peaceful face and I know he’s happy being who he is. I just want to be a part of his world and know what he’s thinking. I feel like I’m the odd one out. I feel excluded. I know he loves me, but it’d be nice to really hear it. And if you can feel and understand me, if you have been there and done that, then judge me, because otherwise, you really can’t.

Her last comment! I loved it! I have followed her and I think you all should too. Made me cry!

I sincerly apologize again, I jumped the gun or assumption too quickly. Like that you are a parent who just found out your child got a diagnoses, and at first I am sure that journey is very scary. But now you have the main tool which is the diagnoses that can open up many doors and options to raise your child and give your child the best opportunity at a successful and happy life. I blame society more than anything for such a negative light we have attached to autism. Sometimes autism can be very severe and like you said in some ways ‘disabling.’ It can be at times, but if we make the right environment for any kid on the spectrum, severe or not so severe, they will flourish in their own unique ways and have the best chance at a decent life. It is not just with autism, society seems to be very narrow minded when it comes to what it wants people to be. Like if we don’t get a family, a successful career and make all the money or buy the next biggest thing or own some fancy house than in some way we are failing and must not be happy. If that makes sense, it even is referenced to everyday people. Happy and success cna be measured in so many different ways. I hope the best for you, your journey and your child. You are a lot luckier than some to find out a diagnoses so soon. Even in my time growing up, my diagnoses didn’t happen until in my twenties. I grew up undiagnosed and it did cause a significant amount of problems, and although my parents seem to know I was unique, they did certain things that would keep me relatively happy, they didn’t have enough tools at hand to offer me the support I really needed and they often why I failed time and time again, and why my brother was the more easier child with a lot of things and he went onto excel with little help. The diagnoses criteria is getting a lot better though and that is the first step to help these children. Next is acceptance. Yes we do have to function in society to a certain extent, everybody does even when we don’t want to lol but….there are times we should be accepted for who we are, allowed time to do things our own way and when we fail, it is maybe not a failure, maybe don’t force things on people they don’t want to do or find their way of doing it that they can succeed at. You are on the right path, and I am sure you have an awesome, lovely and talented son. He is lucky to have a mom who isn’t going to give up, parents can sometimes and the diagnoses can make some parents go off the deep end. I have seen far worse situations and comments about autism than ‘mentally disabling’ and ‘disabling autism.’ I have a lot I could say and this is kinda scrambled, sorry. Long story short I think all I mean is just because your son got a diagnoses of autism, doesn’t always automatically make it ‘disabling.’ It may seem like it can be at times, and maybe it is even at times, but it depends on your view. Not everyone can do everything the same, even neurotypical people make mistakes and sometimes we fail at our jobs etc. Yet it doesn;t get a negative stigma as they are mentally disabled. Just different things work for different people, we all have our own unique ways and talents to offer the world, most of us just try to stick with what we know and lve to lead a happy and successful life. Autism people can do the same. It is hard to live in a society though that doesn’t seem to see it that way. There are parents who will have to always care for their severe autistic child, and in society a child who lives at home or needs extra care their entire life is not seen as successful. But what if that child succeeds at little things everyday? What if they are happy regardless they didn’t start a family, find that successful career etc like society attaches to success. Celebrate every success your son does on his way of growing up, handle the bad days to the best of your ability, support him, when he expresses himself in his own way (even if it is not always talking) listen and support, and most of all love him unconditionally and he will be okay. It’s great now too there is a lot more support than there use to be for children on the spectrum, how to find the right support can be challenging at times, I have recieved the wrong help sometimes, but I am sure your child will be the best indicator to know what is best for him. 🙂 Take care and sorry again for being rude with my first comment. No excuses, but I have read so much ignorance online about autism sometimes when seeing anything that I take personally, I am very quick to jump on the defense. I now see that you really didn’t mean any harm.

With Love,


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Hate Comment #1

I stopped reading at “disabling autism” and “mentally disabled.” You may blog about whatever topic you want, but I suggest researching autism more before you spout more ignorance. This disgusts me and I feel sorry for your child. It is because of attitudes like this that people on the autism spectrum are left behind and have no hope.

  1. Thank you for giving me this ignorant comment. I’m going to be featuring this comment on my blog. Thank you for the material. Instead of bringing people down, you should try supporting other people in need. Autism is disabling to an individual. He does speak, so therefore is “mentally disabled”. I’m not calling my son retarded at all. He is a smart boy. According to the state of MA, autism is a mental defect since autism is connected to the neurons in the brain not interacting correctly with each other. There is a range of autism. My cousin has autism and wears diapers, doesn’t talk, and can’t communicate at all. He’s a year younger than me. So, having severe autism can be very similar to being mentally disabled. So, maybe do your research before you spout your ignorance. Feel sorry for my child that he gets all the love in the world. Yes, people get left behind and have no hope because I am using my blog to talk about my personal opinion and my son’s journey of autism services trying to get him to communicate and one day speak. So, don’t “feel sorry” for him and your comment “disgusts me” that some on with a form of autism would be so rude and spiteful. I have had a few comments from others living with autism that have been nothing but supportful. I could make a rude comment about how people who make comments of yours shouldn’t have children, but after fighting for a year to have a child, I am grateful to have my special boy. And if you think a parent that fought the pediatrician and strongly advocates for their child and is a survivor of emotional and physical abuse, wouldn’t do everything for their child, then I don’t know what to say. And if you think I’m “ignorant” than start educating me instead of tearing me down. Be a pillar of resource instead of a fire of hate.

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November Reads

Another month and I managed to keep up with finishing two books a month. I’m really proud of myself that I am able to keep this month. I really enjoy reading and it’s been a really great break to watching Youtube videos. I’ve become obsessed with Shane Dawson lately and I need to stabilize myself a bit. I listen to his channel ALL day at work. I love that I can listen to books, podcasts, and music at work. I know that I’m a bit early for this, but I know that I won’t be finishing any other books this month.

Barely Alive (Barely Alive, #1)Barely Alive by Bonnie R. Paulson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Even though this book was totally morbid, I was so into it and the chemistry between the main two characters. I winced so much through this book, but not in a bad way. The descriptions were so vivid for the “zombie” feeds and such. I also thought how it was interesting that the whole apocalypse started because boys can’t keep it in their pants. lol. Seriously though, this book kept me well entertained. I also thought it was interesting that if you were related to a zombie, there is some type of connection that keeps your love ones from smelling good…unless it’s your significant other. But parents and children should be good. I am intrigued enough to want to pick up the next book in the series, but it’s not at the front of my list. It’s something that I will go back to if I need a break from the redundancy of the same type of books that I read. Just enough variety to keep my interest: supernatural and romance.

Ultimatum (Dirty Secrets Book 1)Ultimatum by Mercy Amare

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I honestly think that the mysterious, who-done-it aspect of the book is great and tastefully done. I finish the story believable and the troubled romance in this one excellent. Reminds me of star crossed lovers. Destined to be together and destined to be apart. What I don’t like that gives this story two stars is the fact that this is basically one book that got pulled apart to make more “mini” books to make money. Now, I am not against short story series. I am really in love with the Peachville High Demons series, which are short books written in a series format. They are complete stories in and of itself. This book just felt like a pieced apart book, not a complete story. Even the Webster Grove series, those books felt complete. I really did enjoy the story, but it feels like a money grab to me.
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What have you guys been reading? I’m really all over the place when it comes to books. I read EVERYTHING. I just love all genres and I don’t try to limit myself to one thing. I tend to stick to others that I like in regards to I read everything that they put out and then, I sample other authors work from Amazon on my kindle. I ended up finding authors that I try to read every book from. Next year, my plan is to borrow a book from the library every month from an author that I love and have wanted to finish series off. When I take my month vacation from work for my dad’s surgery, I’ll pick up 4 books and see how much I’ll be able to read.

With Love,


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For Coty Lady Gage Fame Black Shower Gel


I love the scent of this shower gel, which is the same scent as the perfume. I hate that this shower gel is black though. It makes me feel dirty using it. I’m glad I used it up, but I would not repurchase it. Out of the whole set, I like the black perfume. Black everything else is just overkill and gimmicky. It did a great job at moisturizing my skin, though. It didn’t feel stripped like with other shower gels.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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October Makeup Bag

Instead of doing project pans and I’m about to call it quits on my Pan That Palette Challenge, I thought that I would focus on 5 makeup products every month with a bonus perfume item and see what kind of progress I can make in a month on the items. This is also a way for me to rotate through my products and give them all the love that they deserve instead of just focusing on one palette. I’ll probably announce my defeat next week. I’m just tired of the same palette. I need the spice of life: variety!


I’m pretty happy at my first attempt of a flat lay. Everything looks pretty good on the makeup bag. I’ve used every product in the picture so far, except the eye gloss. Everything else has been used a few times. I’m going to try to wear the eye gloss next weekend. I had to be somewhere every morning this weekend and I wasn’t going to be putting on a full face at 6 in the morning. I don’t have time for that. I did manage to put on some concealer and lipstick though. Priorities people.

The liquid lipstick is definitely more on the nude/orange/brown side. It looks more brown farther away than up close, but I really love this color on me and it goes great with the nude Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Paarty. Oh, the liquid lipstick is the Tarte Lip Paint in Birthday Suit. I haven’t used either of these before, so I’m starting the month with brand new lipstick and blush. I’m hoping to hit pan on the blush and to go through about half of the lipstick. I might even wear it at work. It’s a good neutral color. Just need to remember my mirror for touch ups.

The perfume is With Love by Hilary Duff and I just love this perfume! It is such a good warm scent for Fall and I will be sad when I finish this off. It’s a 0.5 fl oz bottle and I have about 60% left. I have no goal for this except to enjoy it before it goes bad in my collection. I am almost done with my Cover FX primer oil and I just want to finish it off. It isn’t my favorite and I don’t enjoy it that much. If I finish it before the month is over, I’ll replace it with a primer of my choice that I already have in my stash.

The only thing left to talk about is my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. I think I’ve used 1/4 of this already. I’m showing windows in the tube. I want to use it up as I have two other concealers in my collection and I don’t particularly care for this one. I think it’s overpriced for what it is and Nars is no longer cruelty free. I think I’ll purchase an Urban Decay concealer next. Drug store concealers have NEVER worked for me. They are way too yellow and the Nars matched me perfectly. It never oxidized either. High end concealer is where it’s at for me and you don’t need that much. I use concealer under my eyes and around my mouth where my smile lines are to brighten that area.


This is what my everyday (and night!) makeup shelf looks like in my medicine cabinet. It is A LOT less cluttered and I can grab everything easily. I have my every day setting powder, my night lip balm, my eye primer, and setting spray out as well as the products I chose. Oh, and mascara! Never forget mascara. I feel like at least two of the products that I’ve shown will be used up by November. In November, I will show you the progress of October and move right into the November picks.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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Smelling Amazing

For Yes To Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow Boosting Paper Mask

I loved the scent of this mask, but it was very thin. I ripped it a little bit trying to open it up. I loved the tingly feeling as well. I would repurchase this one as well as other ones from this brand. It is a decent mask for the price that actually showed me some results. I also found out from Danielle that Yes To is cruelty free, so I will be picking some up for sure. I’m going to be double checking products before I buy them that they are cruelty free. I don’t want to support unnecessary animal testing. I highly recommend this mask. It really did brighten my skin up visibly the next day and it felt really smooth. It also made some acne on my forehead look less visible. The only con to me is how thin the cotton is, but that won’t stop me from picking it up.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤

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For Soo Ae Charcoal Clay Bubble Mask

This mask made my face super ticklish and it really bubbled up. I will be repurchasing this. Do they have different kinds of bubble masks? These are so great! It did its job and was super fun. I let it bubble on my face for 15 minutes then I rubbed it into a paste and let that sit for an additional 15. My face never felt so clean and smooth afterwards. It is worth the price of about 2 dollars. I had enough to do my face and my dad’s, but he wasn’t a fan of the tickle. I can honestly say that this is the best face mask that I have ever used. It is innovative and it actually works. It even removed some blackheads on my nose that only regularly using acid serums can cure. The fact that it even removed a little bit of my blackheads impresses me. I had such a fun experience that i will be repurchasing once I go through the rest on my sheet masks.

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤