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March Empties

Another month gone and another month’s worth of empties. We are getting very close to my birthday month and my vacation month. My dad is having foot surgery and I will be taking a month off of work to take care of him and my son. This year is really flying by. Why couldn’t high school have flown by as much as time seems to do nowadays? Seriously. Time goes by so slow when you are young with no money and when you actually grow up and can spend, time flies by so much you don’t really get the chance to do what you want to do. April starts my lifestyle changes. I have new hair (coming up soon), new exercise routine, and new meal planning. I hope that I stick with it.

Body Care:


1.. Softsoap Coconut Butter Body Scrub

2. Real Chemistry Body Peel

3. Crayola Bathtub Markers

4. Nickelodeon 3-in-1 Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner


5. Celestial Seasonings Extra Sleepytime Tea

6. Gevalia Kaffe Espresso Roast Coffee

7. Dunkin’ Donuts Caramel Coffee Creamer

Hair Care:

hair care

8. Lush Roots Hair Treatment

9. Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment

10. John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo

Miscellaneous Bathroom Stuff:


11. Equate Cotton Rounds

12. Dr Fresh KIDS’ Toothbrushes

13. Hydroplane Shaving Cream

14. Equate Ultra Thin Pads



15. Gerber Lil’ Crunchies in Mild Cheddar

16. Parent’s Choice Pain & Fever Medicine

Household Stuff:


17. Walnut Ave Grapefruit Mandarin Foaming Hand Soap

18. 19. 20. B&BW mini candles

21. Parent’s Choice Replacement Nipples

22. Papermate Ink Joy Black pen



23. Moda Concealer Oval Brush

24. Clean Perfume Sample



25. Simple Exfoliating Wipes

26. Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser

27. Brush Cleanser Sample

For some reason, the last picture was half corrupted, but I am including it anyway. I already threw out all of these empties. I am trying to review the products in my empties that I want to review before throwing them all out. That is why my empties have been late recently. I currently have a ton of older products that I used up that I have yet to write reviews on. I want to review anything new coming in, so I can tackle that empties bucket without adding more to it. You will probably be seeing a shit ton of reviews, especially when I start up college. Reviews are super easy for me to throw on my blog when they are already typed up. 🙂

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March Reads

Well, I am ahead on my goal for this year, which is a good thing. I didn’t realize that my first semester of online college is on July 2nd! So scary to be so close to starting it up again. I think I am currently a month ahead of my reading goal which is 24 books this year. I have to wait for my new degree audit to go through to see what classes I will be taking. As soon as I have more info, I will be sharing it with all of you.
Jem and the Holograms, Vol. 4: Enter the StingersJem and the Holograms, Vol. 4: Enter the Stingers by Kelly Thompson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I didn’t care for the weird art that popped up in this one, but the storyline was much better in this one. When I finished the book, I wanted to read the next one to see how things would turn out for the girls. This is a guilty pleasure read and a good break time book at work. I remember reading comics as a kid and a few graphic novels in high school, but this is the first time (not literally, this is the fourth installment after all.) that I have enjoyed a graphic novel series again. It is not my typical faire but I could see picking up others (not from this series) and reading them if I needed a break from reading traditional books. I recommend this series and specifically this one.

Saint AnythingSaint Anything by Sarah Dessen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It has been a hot minute since I last read of Sarah Dessen book. I was getting tired of her stories, which all seemed to be the same story rehashed over and over again. Saint Anything was different though. It rekindled my love for her writing style again. The theme of the book also struck home for me. Back when I was in a relationship, I felt invisible and that no one could see me and what was happening to me. All the wrongs that went unrighted. I could relate to the main character. It wasn’t a far out tale that happened to other people. It was so realistic to me and I related to most of the events that occurred in the book. I cannot wait to read more of Sarah Dessen’s books again. I am betting that the more recent books are better than her earlier works that I grew so tired of. She feels fresh again. It is funny how an author can be so outdated one minute and then current the next. She has redeemed herself in my eyes and I look forward to reading more.

Shattered Rose (Winsor, #1)Shattered Rose by T.L. Gray

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Eh. I didn’t care for it, but it was a good read. I wanted to finish it to know how the story ended, but I am glad that I didn’t pay for this. The religious streak running through the book didn’t blend with the story at all and was only brushed on at the very end. Left a bad taste in my mouth. I skipped through most of the book finding it very boring and not very exciting but for a few parts. I don’t recommend it. I would try another book by this author. I see potential. If you like character development stories, I think you might enjoy it more than me. I enjoy books that are more action filled less reflective.
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What have you been reading lately?

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Dean’s ABA Week

I cannot believe that Joyce came twice this week, because she usually only comes in once a week. I’m happy that he got a little extra attention and I’m sure he loved it. I’m starting to make Dean little lunches for home when I am at work. I am going to buy him a bento lunch box, so everything is very proportional. Also, it will give him a good variety and my dad doesn’t have to think about it. Dean loves everything, so it isn’t hard to make him something I know he will eat.

3/27/18 – Ann

Mike reports Dean had a cold over the weekend and still recovering. Still did well for all of the session. Doing point with one finger tap at upper arm.

3/27/18 – Joyce

Wow! Lots of great things with Dean! Pointing is almost there! Asking for more! Seems to be a little under the weather today – even so, did very well, very productive session.

3/28/18 – Joyce

Dean under the weather still. Productive session, went into gate area and played buy himself. 🙂 Pig, book. Yay Dean!

3/28/18 – Deb

Dean was a little under the weather today. Did well during the second part of the session. Went inside play area and was independently playing appropriately with toys. Did great with pets also. Tablet logged me out 1/2 way through session.

3/29/18 – Ann

Dean had great energy this morning, even with runny nose. Was looking for specific toys to show me what he wanted to play. Started stacking small wooden blocks, able to do a few before they fell down.

3/30/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Same runny nose and wanting to run a lot as session went on. Did all toy items. Some independent pointing.

Well, this has got me all caught up and you can see the next update next week. I see real improvement in Dean since he has started ABA. He is getting less frustrated with me and being able to express himself better non verbally. Right now, we are working on getting him to ask for help when he needs it. Oh! Also trying to get him to stop humping his Paw Patrol pillow, but that’s just harmless….except when he gets pillow burn on his penis. You would think he would learn, but he doesn’t feel pain so there is that.

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Dean’s EI Week

Currently, Dean only had one OT session this week, because of his fever on Monday and his OT had to cancel yesterday’s session for personal reasons. I am applying for a preapproval on a mortgage today, because I want to buy a house. Not sure if I will get it though, but I won’t know if I don’t try. If I don’t, I will know what to work on for next year. Also, I am starting college again in the later Fall around October. Oh, and I changed my major, because my work would not approve of an Environmental Science degree. It’s okay though. I plan on pursuing a second BA or BS when I make more money and can afford it myself. College credits don’t “expire”, so they are good for life. Except technology ones, those are generally only good for about 10 years. It advances so fast! Dean has been really great this week and I hope the trend continues onto the weekend.

3/19/18 – Speech

Dean has been having more meltdowns. Frustrated more. Dean was seen at home with Mike. He enjoys taking blocks apart but not putting them together. Today, I was able to get him to put some blocks on the stack, but he would push them together. We also worked on the pop toy. He enjoys closing, but not opening. Hand over hand for opening worked. Modeled and did hand over hand for more and all done.

  • Continue to model more and all done with snack.

3/20/18 – OT

Dean had ABA longer today. He had a difficult session with speech yesterday. He did well today. Continues to do well with manipulatives such as shape sorter, ring, and wooden stacker. He did excellent with a new puzzle today. Able to place 5/9 pieces into puzzle board with minimal help. Placed 4/9 with moderate help.

  • Continue to have him point to desired item
  • Sensory activity prior to seated activity

3/22/18 – OT

Dean did well with ABA today. Dean was obviously tired today evidenced by sleepy eyes and frequent yawning, but did well. He was able to complete manipulatives and did well with vehicle puzzle and shape puzzle. He did not quite know where pieces went but he tried placing them. Great eye contact in swing today. Tried to grab my hand to sign more. Fell out of swing one time.

  • Continue to offer choices and have him point

Dean is looking forward to Easter this Sunday…well….I don’t even know if he is aware, but we will be painting eggs and he will be trying to find them. He loved finding and looking for the eggs last year. We had to eat the ones he cracked, but he had a fun time. He didn’t want to let the eggs go. I will probably make deviled eggs, because that seems to be a fan favorite at my house. If you celebrate Easter this Sunday, Happy Easter!

With Love,


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Hang Ten

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08


I used this if I was only going to the pool for an hour and I even just used it as a body oil once it stopped spraying. I don’t tan. I don’t believe in tanning. I don’t want skin cancer or dark spots or a lot of wrinkles when I get older. I tan naturally after spending days and hours outside by the pool while being protected with SPF and shade. Dean took many naps underneath the cabana or if it was mild, stretched out in a lounge chair under the sun on my chest. His head was always covered with a hat or a towel. The pool put him to sleep. This oil was greasy, but I think that’s the point for a nice sheen. I will not purchase and I do not recommend.

With Love,


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Lip Product Collection 2018

Yup, I am finally showing you an updated makeup collection for 2018. I am thinking about doing another one in June as well, but since this one is coming out so late, I might do it in September instead before I start online college. I will be showing you what I currently have in my collection. In each section, I will tell you what I had last year and how many I used up since then. I am going off of the inventory that I did in July of 2017. This should be interesting and I really hope that I made progress on some of my goals!

Lip Balm: 10

lip balm

I currently have 10 lip balms. Last July, I had 13, so I used up 4 lip balms.  I apparently wanted to use up everything but 1. That did not happen for obvious reasons, so I will set a more realistic goal this time around. I would like to use 5 of these up by next year, so when I do the update in July/September, I want to have used up at least two. The Too Faced Lip Injection is newly added to my collection since the last update.

Low End Lip Glosses: 9

lip gloss

I said that I wanted to use up all of these B&BW glosses, but otherwise than that, never set a concrete goal on my glosses. I would like to use up 4 of these this year. A lot of the B&BW ones are halfway done, so I think it is a doable goal. Plus, the mini two of the right should be easy peasy as long as I use them. I’m over my B&BW glosses and the VS gloss got in a kit with a lip pencil and liquid lipstick, so that one is recently added since the last July update.

High End Lip Glosses: 3

lip gloss

I actually used up three lip glosses since last July and have added two more in this category. I have been savoring the MAC Trolls lip gloss. It is super pretty. The Anastasia and Marc Jacobs were the two newly added items. The Anastasia is hella pigmented and is a great 90s brown nude on me. The Marc Jacobs is in Sugar Sugar, which is currently everyone’s favorite on Youtube.

Bullet Lipsticks: 6


I have added 4 more lipsticks in this category and used up nothing. Well, I take that back. I used up one that is in my Feb update. I must have taken my pictures after I used that tube up. So, I really added 5 and used up one of the new ones I added to my collection since last July. I had no goal for my bullet lipsticks, because I didn’t have many. I would like to use up two in this category. I could get through two mini/deluxe ones for sure.

Liquid Lipstick: 6

liquid lipstick

I had 5 in this category last July, I used up one lip paint for the Feb Project Pan update, and have added two liquid lipsticks to my collection since then. The BareMinerals is almost done. I popped the stopper out of it, but got tired of the pink nude color. I will go back to it to finish it off this year. I would like to use up my other lip paint, since it is getting old. I will be happy just finishing up those two this year.

Crayon Sticks: 3


So, yes one of them is a lip liner. 🙂 I added two to this category and I want to use up two of these this year. I’d like to get rid of the brown and the orange and/or yellow side. If I go through the lip pencil with how many nude lipsticks that I own, that would be a plus. I’d much rather have a clear lip liner anyway.

So, my current lip total is 37, which is four more than what I had last July. This is mostly due to my subscription Sephora box. I would like to get down to 25 by next year. I hope that I can do it, but I would be happy just to be down to 30. I love doing my makeup inventory. It really puts how much I own into perspective.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

April is autism awareness month and as such, this month might be filled with a lot of Dean updates and I don’t care. Autism Awareness month means that I can post as much autism content as I want and I will be posting two special autism posts this month. One will be my thoughts on the “Autism Cure” and the other post I am undecided on. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below. They will be longish at least 500 years with a little bit of research involved, but mostly opinionated. I am currently two updates behind on Dean’s ABA weeks. So, here is last week’s updates and the next ABA will be from this past week.

3/20/18 – Joyce

Lots of smiles, babbling, mouthing (teeth). Excellent toy play. Pointing more defined (still some prompt dependency). Good session.

3/20/18 – Ann

Dean was in a good mood. Sat well to play with a lot of toys. Liked new peg board. Tired at end of session. Overall great morning!

3/21/18 – Deb

Dean did well, some crying and frustration on demands today. Dean was grabbing at desired toys and not pointing. Lots of babbling. Did well choosing crackers for pictures, also enjoyed bubbles, books and pin toy. Needed help with string beads, links, puzzle. He did great with the ring stacker. Lots of grabbing towards my face when frustrated. Enjoyed some new toys and jumping.

3/22/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Sat well for all activities. Pointing when tapping upper arm. Getting more shapes in shape sorter independently. Seemed tired today.

3/23/18 – Ann

Dean played well this morning. Started sneezing and runny nose part way through session. A little fussy after that. Able to finish all toys.

That was Dean’s week. This past week will be up this week as well, so you can look forward to that. I am excited to be blogging more frequently this week. I planned my time out better than I usually do and I’m proud of myself. I have been slacking, because I have been reading Beautiful Creatures. I’m hooked on that book. Just started last week and I am already half way through it.

With Love,