He talked, he talked, he talked! My son, Dean Michael, on June 5th 2018 at 5:00 PMĀ talked for the very first time at almost 2 and 1/2 years old. We were having dinner and he wasn’t eating his bread. I asked him, “Do you want your bread?” AND HE REPLIED! “I don’t want it, have it.” I started crying my eyes out and telling him what a good boy he is. My dad comes over and he says, “I don’t want it, you have.” I just…..I just don’t know where this came from. He has such a soft spoken voice. It is very quiet. He is talking to me right now. I heard “No jobs too big, no pups too small” tonight and other little words here and there. The big fuss? He COMMUNICATED. We asked me twice and he replied that he didn’t want his bread anymore. I asked him if he wanted his trampoline and he said “Yes”. My dad wanted to give him a kiss goodbye and he said, “Nah-uh.”

Like COMMUNICATION. I couldn’t be more happy right now and I just had to share this with all of you. ABA and EI has made such a huge difference in his life. I can finally say that I have heard him talk. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I needed to celebrate this moment in blog format, so I can look back and say, “Ya, you talked at this age”. I just wanted to come on here and thank anyone who has prayed for Dean or who has given me support. God heard our prayers today. My faith has never been more empowered.

My little boy is a talker now. We knew it was coming. We could hear more gibberish and a lot more what sounded like words. Now, we can make out phrases and words clearly. We hear you Dean and we love you.

With Love,


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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean has been saying a new word practically every week, even though he only says it once and is done with talking. He has said “hot dog”, “star”, “help”, and “God”. I also told him that I loved him a few days and he said “Love you” back. He has the sweetest voice imaginable for a little boy that does’t talk. He sort of sounds like a girl and it is so adorable! He had a hair cut recently and it took giving him three dumdum pops and 5 oz of water to get it done. I have been so happy with his progress lately. He is in the midst of a growth spurt, so he has been sleeping 2 to 3 hours during his day nap and eating a ton of food. He has officially discovered my room and has moved in with quite a few toys.

5/29/18 – Deb

Dean was full of energy today. He had a hard time sitting, but did well with program. Dean was very hungry today. Some mouthing and hopping. Lots of babbling then became very quiet at the end of the session.

5/30/18 – Deb

Dean was very vocal today. High pitch screaming. He was full of energy today. Dean did well on programs. Dean said “star” today while I was saying the shapes for the shape sorter. Dean did eat a lot today.

5/31/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Pointing looks great. Likes foam puzzle. Tried his new beads. Independently did both of my shape sorters.

6/1/18 – Ann

Dean was drooling a lot. Was using chew tube. Moved through activities quickly. Asked for trampoline and swing. Much calmer after swinging.

He has been riffling through my makeup drawers and going through my underwear basket. He is just trying to discover everything in my room. Currently, it looks like a jungle, because I am in the middle of a clothing declutter. While I have been donating clothes that belonged to Dean and I, I have been receiving clothes from a dear friend at work who just bought her first home. She gave me two huge totes full of stuff. So, I feel good about letting my bigger (and some of my smaller) clothes go as I have fun new stuff to play with that fit me much better. I have a bad habit of waiting to buy clothes until I hit my ideal size. I have 10 lbs to lose to get to my prepregnancy size of 130 lbs. I want to feel good now while losing the weight, not later. Keeps me motivated to keep on keeping on. Also, my favorite leggings fit again! WOOOHOOO!

With Love,


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The End Of My 5 Year Hiatus

I am going to University. I can finally say it, even though it is a British thing. I am going to Southern New Hampshire University. Well….not going per say, but attending the COCE online university. But I am getting ahead of myself here. Let’s start at the beginning. I attended three years at Pine Manor College in Boston, MA. I was a double major in English and Biology and had tons of grants and scholarships. I was a straight A student for most classes (DAMN YOU ORGANIC CHEMISTRY! My only B+) and had a fun time in my classes getting to know my professors. I was building confidence. About a month into the summer, I knew that I was never going back. My childhood home was foreclosed on. I needed to get a job to move into an apartment with my dad. I started at Kmart in September and moved out in January.

We lived in that shit hole apartment for three years. After a year, I got a job at my current insurance company MAPFRE in the Remittance department as a rep I. On my 23rd birthday, I found out that I was pregnant and my fiance left me. We were doing the long distance thing, since I left college. He lived in Boston. My high school sweetheart and all. That December, I got a promotion to Senior Rep and had a baby boy.

I came back from Maternity Leave and decided that I needed to get my shit together, so I worked for about a year and got my associate degree in Information Technology from The Institutes which is an Insurance based accelerated college program supported by my work. Still have yet to hang up the degree yet. Anyways, in Feb of 2017, I left Remittance for my current job as Senior Rep in the paper processing claims unit. I am really doing great at my current job, learning new stuff, working part of the time from home, and being a SME (Subject Matter Expert) again.

Last September though, I decided that I needed to get my degree to become someone and get a better living wage to support my autistic son and his needs. So, I heard the radio and tv talk about SNHU. I decided to go on the website and send in my inquiry. Jessica got in touch with me quickly and soon enough, I was filling out a FASA and waiting for my transcripts to arrive. I was originally going for a BA in Environmental Science, but my work would not support that degree. They reimburse through Edcore up to $5,250 a year and going through Edcore gives you a 10% discount on Tuition at qualifying institutions. Mine is one of them.

So, I switched to a BS in Data Analytics, since my end goal is to be a Statistician. I will probably pursue a Masters for it, once I am getting a good salary to pay for it. In the mean time, I got my Degree Audit and had to fight a bit to get one of my college composition courses recognized for what it was. That was all settled in February, when SNHU was finally satisfied with the original syllabus from 2012.

SNHU made it a breeze to apply and start college again. The financial aid team is great and I am signed up for 5 semesters (I was one semester late for the 2018-2019 school year). Generally, there are 6 online semesters. They are 8 weeks long each and you can take up to two classes. I am very happy with my financial aid package and between that and work, I am looking at contributing about $200 a year myself. Mainly interest and fees for the student loans. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

There is so much more to say, but I am ending this blog post here. I will talk about my adviser and orientation and everything in the next blog post. If you have any specific questions or requests, please comment them down below and I will answer them. I am very happy that I chose SNHU. They call me often to see how I am doing. They are invested in me as a person and not just a paycheck. It is really refreshing. Oh, and in case you where wondering, I will be finishing in the Spring of 2020.

With Love,


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719 Walnut Ave

719 Walnut Ave Grapefruit Mandarin Foaming Hand Soap


This goes for around $1.50 at my local Walmart and the scent is amazing. It smells like fresh squeezed grapefruit. I don’t smell mandarin, but I think it just adds a sweetness to the grapefruit. I love the thick foam this provides and I feel like my hands have never been cleaner. I will be repurchasing. I recently bought the moisturizing hand soap in a different scent, but I much prefer the foaming soap. I highly recommend you give this soap a try.

With Love,


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Dean’s EI Week

Dean has been super adorable lately. He likes to go into my face and talk to my eyes. Lately, I have been obsessing with the Stila Glitters and wearing them a lot. Maybe, that is what is attracting him to my eyes. He just looks at them in wonder and kisses my face. I guess, he likes my eye makeup! LOL. I’ve never been good at doing my makeup. I am very average, but Dean makes me feel like an artist. I look at my little boy and I cannot believe that he is turning three this year. Where is the time going? The fact that he is nonverbal and small for his age, makes me feel/think that he is so much younger. It always shocks me to say that he is turning three and currently almost two and a half. He still looks like me too. Everyone always states this and it makes my heart swell with pride. I am proud of my boy and myself for that matter. We have come so far.

5/14/18 – Speech

More stim with hands, more spinning again. Dean was seen at home with Mike. He was in a great mood. While working on stringing beads, Dean knew where the string should go, but was unable to put it through the bead. Once it was through the bead, he knew to pull it through completely on his own. He pointed when given the choice and signed more on his own to get more snack. Lots of singing sounds.

5/17/18 – OT

Dean was more tired today. Mike reported he has been chewing wooden things in room such as dresser and crib. Talked about getting plastic crib covers for crib and having chew tube available for him. During the day whenever see him chewing give him chew tube. Dean did excellent with manipulatives today. Placed shapes in sorter even when hole not oriented directly in front of him. Excellent visual scanning of puzzle pieces. Signed more for manipulatives but not for swing. Excellent choosing picture for snack time even when changed placement on page.

  • Continue to use pictures for snack time.
  • Continue with simple signs. Will take pictures of toys to increase picture choices to increase communication.

I have to admit that we have been really slacking with the picture exchange at home. I let him have free range for his meals and usually pick snacks that I know he likes. I need to get back to doing the pictures during his snack time. I want to get him a kindle where he can have a learning app on there to make choices instead of the picture exchange. He is more into electronics and I think that it will increase communication. I am buying it for him for Christmas and will try to get info to see if insurance will pay for the app to use on his device.

With Love,


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May Reads

So, I only managed to read one book for the month of May, but I am half way through another currently. I got so caught up in this tv series on Netflix that I have been loving Lost Girl that it has taken over my evening book reading time. I just have been glued to the screen. I am going to be taking a back seat with it though and will try to read three books in June. Danielle gave me three new books for my birthday and I am DYING to read one in particular. I might just read two of those new ones and the current one I am reading now. We shall see…
Eat, Pray, LoveEat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I only really enjoyed the first part and the last part. The part in the middle, I skimmed over for the most part. I found that it was very dragged out and overly descriptive. I do want to read her sequel, because I found her relationship at the end of the book fascinating. It was a very interesting read that lasted me 4 years, because I couldn’t get into the middle section. Might be the longest it took for me to finish a book. It was a good book, but I do not recommend it. I didn’t enjoy it fully and it took 4 years to finish. It would be a lie to recommend it. I enjoyed the concept of it though. I find the author’s life was interesting, but the second book seems more up my alley. So, this book wasn’t terrible or else why would I want to read another book of hers. It just didn’t keep my interest.

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May’s book was YEARS in the making and took FOREVER to read. I am glad to be done reading it and I know that it will not survive the move next year. I plan on buying a house next year and will probably start packing up things that I don’t need in March or April. I am hoping to find the perfect home by September. So, next year will be a big declutter of stuff too. I have already donated three tote bags filled of Dean’s old clothes, the saucer bouncer, the unicorn, the activity table, and a tote bag full of old toys that Dean doesn’t play with to a new mom in need. It feels so good to let so much stuff go. Now, Dean’s room is cleaner without so much clutter of toys he doesn’t play with it.

With Love,