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Stuff I Bought Lately

I have been buying Christmas presents and a few things for myself lately. I thought that I would share what I have bought for Dean so far for Christmas. I have plans for his birthday. His birthday present is really pricey, so I’m waiting until sometime next year to buy it for him. He will love it though! I’m hoping I can save up the $80 that this present costs over the first two months of the new year. I usually like to celebrate his birthday again the next year. I get him a cake and a card for his birthday, but he doesn’t get his present until the next year and I do the cake again.

Spark Fire Truck


I bought this for Dean to learn how to roll a truck on the floor. It is a nice big size, so he can really handle it. It is also too big to go in his mouth. He enjoys playing with it and it is fun to sit with him on the floor and try to get him to use the truck the “correct” way. He still prefers to kick it across the floor though.

Crayola Color Bath Dropz


I love surprising Dean with different colored baths, when I have the time to let him play in the tub for 10 to 20 minutes. He’s a shower boy, but he loves his tub play time. His face lights up when he sees the colored water. He hasn’t tried to drink the color water, but he tries to “catch” it in his hands. The color drops leaves the bath water really moisturizing, which makes you a slippery tube. Dean likes to “walk” in the tub, so he was slipping around a bit. I’m going to try a different brand when these are done.


I’m trying all different cups to try to get Dean off of the bottle. So far, he just drips this one all over himself. It isn’t going to waste though. I’m sure he will love to drink out of this when he gets older. It just gathers dust right now.


Another one that Dean likes to use as a squirt gun. Again, he will appreciate it when he gets older. He uses his 360 cup for everything BUT milk. He refuses to drink milk out of anything but a bottle. This will gather dust as well, but I bet this will be his favorite water bottle in a year or two.

Dial Seasonal Collection Paradise Limeade Hand Soap


I bought another hand soap and this one smells SO GOOD! It smells like a raspberry lime Rickey. I am enjoying the fruity tart scent. It makes washing my hands enjoyable. I cannot wait to buy another seasonal scent. I didn’t enjoy the pine scented one, but maybe they have something with apple, pumpkin, or cinnamon.

These are the stuff that I have bought lately. I’m waiting to have enough presents for Dean to make a post. So far, I have gotten him three things. I want to get him another two or three things for Christmas and then, I will post what I got him here. I’m still trying to find him toys that are engaging enough for him, but also easy for his autistic brain to comprehend. Simple toys are the way to go with him. I’m hoping to find a few more things that he doesn’t already have. I’m also wiping up a couple of toys to donate that he has grown out of like his walking zebra and the little activity table. It will make room for all of his new toys coming in.

With Love,


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Victoria Secret Haul

Unlike other hauls, I won’t be showing you my purchases. I’ll say what I purchased and my experience using the VS website for the first time. You can take the time to look items up on the website if you like. I don’t want to “show” you my underwear. I think that crosses a line for me, but I’ll tell you why I bought what I bought and everything like that. I used to post actual pictures of my underwear haul, but I got creepy comments one time. Never again and plus, I know some people I work with read this blog and that would be tres awkward. lol

First, let’s talk about my first online purchase. It was super easy to sign up for the credit card and super easy to order online. Most of the sizes are true to size and you can return items in store. There is a VS near me, so I knew that if something didn’t fit, I can return it and just reorder a different size the next time I’d order. I used two coupons with my first order. I used the free shipping and the free underwear coupons. I also got the $20 coupon to spend on an order of $40. The coupon was supposed to come in my order, but it did not. A quick call to customer service later (My rep sounded like James Charles!) and I have my coupon being shipped to me in the mail. I will be shopping online again. I just got my coupon in the mail and for the inconvenience, they sent me TWO!

VS has really changed since I last shopped there. I remember VS not being the store for me. They didn’t have any bras that weren’t push-ups. Now, they have high neck bras that show zero cleavage, but still make a girl feel good about herself. One of my bras were too big. I ordered a medium and I needed a small. A SMALL?! I haven’t been a small in FOREVER. Plus, I am a 34-36 C, so a small? While the sports bra that I bought in a medium fits like a glove. It must have just been the style then. I’ll be returning the bra and keeping the other. What I love about high neck bras is that they look like tank shirts, so if something is a little low cut, I no longer have to wear an actual shirt underneath it.

I then bought 7 pairs of underwear for $28. I love boy short cuts, so I bought a few cute pairs. I bought a lilac pair that says “Sleigh My Name” on the butt. Obviously my favorite! I bought a pink scallop edged pink pair that supposedly is panty line free. It’s a weird feeling material, too. I bought a light blue kinda see through cheetah print brief. I also bought a plaid brief for those school girl day vibes. I also bought a pair that said Angel and another that says “I’ll be nice next year” on the upper thigh. I needed more underwear and now, I have really cute ones!

That is my VS haul. My next two VS hauls I’ll be able to actually show you what I buy. I plan on buying pjs and some beauty products.

Are you a fan of the high neck bra?

With Love,


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September Haul

I have a ton of pictures of items that I have bought over the past month and more. I pick up an item here and an item there and before you know it I still have items from May that I have yet to show on my blog. I picked up a few things in September and I’ll mix in a couple of older items as well. I’m going to make a separate post of things that Dean has been getting. I buy Dean way more stuff than myself. I am going to limit myself to showing 5 items in this post. I might make my October haul post early, because I still have quite a few items to still show. Maybe,  I’ll do a separate clothing haul for September as well. I bought Dean a coat, boots, and a hat with gloves. I didn’t take pictures of those things though. They aren’t that exciting. Maybe, I’ll show a picture of him wearing all four items.

Olay Age Defying Eye Cream

I picked this up a while ago when it was on sale for $5 at Walmart before making the decision to go cruelty free. I’m not sure if Olay is cruelty free or not, but I will be using this eye cream once I run out of some. It seems like a basic bitch eye cream. Nothing really fancy to it. I only need my eye cream to moisturize my eye area during the day. I do eye treatments at night when it can really sink in.

Harvest Snaps


Dean and I have been enjoying these snacks together. It is healthy for you and gives that satisfying crunch of a potato chip. I like the spicier mixes since it hides the flavor of the beans better. I really enjoyed the tomato basil, but Dean and I didn’t really like the Caesar. I should probably finish those up soon so they don’t go stale. I will be repurchasing a few more spicy flavors. Also, it is $1.50 a bag. Pretty cheap if you ask me.

Glade Cozy Autumn Cuddle Candle


I have to say, although I just bought this candle a few weeks ago, I am almost done with it. I love the Fall scent of this candle and I couldn’t stop burning it. I am in love with the scent of spiced pumpkin. I need to make a Marshall’s run or something. All of my candles are almost out and while these Glade candles are amazing, they are expensive at almost a $1 an ounce. If I don’t head  to Marshall’s soon like tomorrow, I might have to buy another Glade candle to get me through.

Cardamom & Coffee Exfoliating Bar Soap


I don’t usually enjoy bar soap, but I really liked this one. My dad stole it from me and has been using it. I think he likes it more than me, but I really enjoyed how moisturized my skin felt after using this. I found it at Marshall’s and would buy it again if I can find it.

Halls Defense Drops


I religiously use these every Winter/Flu season and I hardly ever get sick. I think these drops are a good reason why. I take one every day to get my daily supply of Vitamin C that fights against colds and free radicals. I will continue to repurchase this, because I really do believe that they help. I’ve been doing this for two years and I only ever got a sore throat last Winter. I used to ALWAYS get sick and now, I hardly do. The only thing that I have changed (besides getting pregnant and having a baby) are these Halls drops. I don’t believe in coincidences.

I realized while writing this post that I bought a TON of stuff for Dean over the past month or so. I will for sure be doing one or two Dean hauls and a clothing haul. I’m going to spread them out a bit though. You can see another haul post next weekend and probably every weekend in the month of October. It’s a dreary rainy day here.

With Love,



Dean’s Half Birthday Haul

I set aside $100 for Dean’s 1st birthday. Since his birthday is the day after Christmas, I like to just buy him a cake and a card for his birthday. I saved the gifts for June 26th. He loved everything that I bought him. I bought him jumbo crayons and a jumbo Paw Patrol coloring book. I got him a plain poster board to scribble on. I also purchased a two pack of training pants that are reusable/cloth underwear. Basically, it’s the toddler version of cloth diapers, except they are pull ups. He also got a big block puzzle, flash cards to learn colors, animals, and ABCs. I bought him training pants that go under diapers to help him learn when he goes to the bathroom and asked to be changed. He got bathtub paint and I bought him carrot cake to celebrate.

I forgot about the cute owl ice pack for booboos! I also bought him a mask, since he loves to hide behind them for the 4th. His birthday lunch was grapes and cheese and yes, I shared this yummy lunch with him. Although, he did hog the cheese!

I enjoy celebrating his birthday this way. I feel like Christmas should be it’s own thing and I give him something to look forward to next year. I think he’ll appreciate it when he gets older. For his third birthday, I will be taking him to Storyland the following summer. The year after, a vacation to Maine. He’s still too young right now to appreciate birthday/vacation trips. I feel like a memory is worth more than gifts and toys. If he doesn’t like it when he gets older, I’ll tweek it a bit. For now, it is perfect. I think it’s hard for many families when a birthday lands in the same month as Christmas. Funds are tight, so  it’s nice to save his birthday for at least January when he gets older and doesn’t want to wait until summer.

With Love,


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My Birthday Haul From D

I was very grateful to receive a really great birthday present from my best friend. This blog post has been a long time coming. The past two weeks, I have been having problems with my laptop that is now fixed. Basically, the touch pad wouldn’t work and I brought a wireless mouse. My computer ended up “fixing” itself during an update, so now the touch pad works again. I’m keeping the mouse as a back up though. I also had to buy a new charger for my lap top as well. Now, my camera won’t work for pictures. I can turn it on, but all I see is pixel blackness. If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know. I’ve only had this camera a little over a year and the limited warranty is up. Never mind! My camera magically fucking works again. I spent $10 on a new mouse, but I’m keeping it just in case. I have a funny feeling that my 7 year old lap top will screw up in the near future again.


The gift bag is gorgeous and so me. I have to stored in my closet now. It holds all of the letters I have received from my best friend. From the very first letter to the latest ones on top. Speaking of which, I’m going to mail you a letter soon. We need to get back to writing each other letters again. I loved doing that.

Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block


I haven’t even started this one yet, but it is on my to read shelf. I figure once I finish my last class of my degree program which is in August, I will be back to reading at least two books a month and 25 a year. I’m excited to read this, since it comes highly recommended. All of my free time right now, goes into blogging and doing my course work. I get like an hour a night and an hour during the work week to go it in. Otherwise, my days are really busy and I only get to blog a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes, I’m able to on my days off, but usually, I have something planned on those days. I plan to have a lot of posts written during fourth of July weekend though. I’m going to try to have a post up every day in July.

Yes To Grapefruit Vitamin C Boosting Sheet Mask


Spoiler alert! This sheet mask will be in my 14 Before Fall Project Pan post. I love wearing sheet masks and I love the Yes To brand. I’m hoping that this will lessen some of the pigmentation I have on my skin left after having severe acne in my teenage years. I don’t use sheet masks often, but when I do, I notice a difference in my skin, even if it is just more moisturized than usual. It is supposed to refine pores, but mine are huge so I doubt it will do much for my pores personally.

Soo Ae Charcoal Clay Bubble Mask


Spoiler Alert! This is also in that project pan that I mentioned previously. I am super excited to try a bubble mask out. Because this is a clay charcoal mask, I think that it will help to refine my huge arse pores. I’m hoping that it really does bubble up instead of just foaming up. I don’t think my face is ticklish, but I guess I’ll find out for sure in a few weeks. I try to do a mask every week, even a few times a week. This one I might try out in a few days. I need to get up that blog post before I use it up though. :0


Danielle also included some samples and a tanning product that she got in one of her sub boxes. I haven’t tried the samples yet, but I have tried the lotion. I love the Jergens lotion so much that I am considering buying the full size. It is a wet skin moisturizer that gives you a light, health glow. It doesn’t really tan my skin, but it evens out redness and makes my skin look healthy. I just need to use up a few lotions first before I buy it, even though I can only use it when my skin is wet. If I had a full size, I don’t think I would use regular lotion all that often.

Ulta Beauty Sharpener

I think that Dan got sick of me saying that I would use my eyeliners if only I had a sharpener, so she got me one for my birthday. I will be getting some good use out of this guy and my eyeliners! I’ve already sharpened all of my pencils and I cannot wait to create some looks with my pencils. I haven’t used much makeup at all this month. My weekends have been busy going places and cleaning up the house and rearranging furniture. Hopefully, things will die down and I will get more use out of my eye shadows and other makeup products that I don’t use during the work week.

Soap & Glory Happy Pamper Gift Set

I haven’t used any of this set yet, but the packaging is adorable. I love the rose scent to these products and the fact that I can repurchase at CVS if I want more. I’m holding off on the butter until it gets colder outside. Summer is not the time for body butter. I plan on using the shower gel after I go through a few of my older ones. I cannot wait to use this stuff on my body!

L’Oreal Pure-Clay Mask


This is the mask that purifies pores and mattifies the skin, both of which I need. Even though, I finished off three masks, I still won’t open this one until I make more room in my medicine cabinet for my beauty stuff. I have two more masks to go through before I would open this baby up. I don’t want my products to go to waste by going bad. I’m excited about using this even if it’s not for a few more months. I have a lot of skin care in my back stock right now, because I cannot live without having backups apparently.

Well, that is it! This is everything that Danielle got me for my 25th birthday. She got me a ton of stuff and I am so grateful to her. I will be using each and everything. I think I’ve talked in the past about everything that she got for me.

With Love ❤


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The Ordinary Haul

Here is my The Ordinary haul, finally! One of my serums did leak a little during shipment, because the cap wasn’t put on tight enough. It was loose when I opened that box; however, such little product leaked that I don’t think it’s a big deal. I planned on using this in the morning when my current serum is done and that serum has only a few uses left. I got 8 different products and will be buying more of the line when I can justify it. I want to try everything to see what works for my skin and build up my own affordable skin care regimen.

My box was packaged beautifully and simply. I love the little touches and the pamphlets on how to use the products are really helpful. I kinda know how I want to use my products and in what order, so I’ll start with products that I would use in the morning.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum

This is the one that leaked a little. It is a hydrating serum and is supposed to plump up the skin. It is perfect for applying in the morning, when my skin needs some extra moisture before I add on a ton of mattifying products to keep it matte. I’m already using a hyaluronic morning serum, so it’s nice to find one that is very affordable. The one I have I got free from BrandBacker for reviewing purposes and it is $40 an ounce. This is an ounce and I only paid $6.80.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG Eye Serum


I have a problem with dark circles and this eye serum is supposed to correct that. I like to use an eye gel in the morning and a cream at night for more moisture. I’m hoping that I will see a difference in my dark circles and this bottle will last me at least 6 months with just using it once a day on my eyes. I might use it at night before my eye cream as well. I’ll have to see how it performs with my current eye cream.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Serum


I’ve been hearing amazing things about this on the internet. I would use this at night as my serum before putting on moisturizer. I’m not going to open this up for a while, because I still have a bottle of Paula’s Choice that I need to use up first. I think it is kinda similar to this product and I don’t want too many of the same thing open at the same time. Masks are one thing, but serums are another. I don’t feel like the Paula’s Choice is really doing anything for my skin. Hopefully, I notice something when I start using this one. If I get a bad breakout, I might crack this one out anyway.

The Ordinary Retinol 1% Face Cream

I won’t be cracking out this face cream until I have finished two jars that are already open. I heard that this stuff is really strong, too. It’s going to sit in my back stock for a bit. I know for my skin that retinol works great on keeping skin clear from breakouts, so if this agrees with my skin, I think I’ll be buying it and using it as my nightly moisturizer. I might alternate it with a facial oil at night. I do love a good oil.

The Ordinary Latic Acid 5% + HA 2% Serum


This is a nightly serum that is supposed to clear uneven skin tone, texture, and fine lines. This can be used in junction with another serum. I might use it with the other HA 2% that I bought, so that it dilutes the lactic acid if it bothers my skin. I’ve used glycolic acid before, so I don’t think I’ll be sensitive to it. I plan on using a bit on the top of my arms as well, since I get little bumps on them.

The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil


I bought this oil for my face to use when I run out of the Sunday Riley oil. In combination with the other treatments that I bought, I believe that I can mimic the effects of the Sunday Riley UFO oil for about the quarter of the price. Once I use up the oil that I bought for my hair, I would use this on my hair as well. This oil is probably better quality anyway and the other oil isn’t 100%. This has no other ingredient but oil. No water in sight. I am getting the purest oil at low price.

The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% Serum


This is a twice to three times a week treatment serum for lackluster skin and signs of aging. I sort of bought this for my dad to try out, but my skin can get dull looking. This would be a great twice weekly serum to apply to combat dull looking skin. My pores get so blocked up that I think my skin looks dull because of it. My dad is always game for something that will help out his skin, so I’m sure he’ll try it with me. Nothing wrong with a little anti-aging in your mid-twenties.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution Mask


This is a ten minute acne fighting mask that can be used once a week. I need to use up a few of my clay masks first before I crack this beauty open. I can excited to try a red mask. Masks like this are so easy to use and only take up ten minutes of your day. I wonder if it will make my face look red? That could be cool.

I’m very happy with the variety of products that I received. Most of them are for nighttime use, because that is when I have time to pamper my skin. I will let you guys know what I think about these products after I have used them up. I doubt that all of these will work for my skin, but hopefully, I’ll have some repurchases when I make a new order from this company probably later this year.

With Love,


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Sephora Birthday Haul

I indulged in a little Sephora birthday haul and The Ordinary Skincare. My skincare order hasn’t come in yet, but my Sephora white and black stripped box is here. I’d thought that I will share some Summer staples that I bought for my birthday and in preparation for summer. I’m so excited about these products, even though they can seem really basic. I am a skin care junkie, so most of the haul is skin care and freebies. It doesn’t take me that long to go through skin care items. I never need to really put them in a project pan, because I love taking care of my skin. Let’s get started on the haul!

3 Free Samples W/Every Order

Every online Sephora order gets three free samples. These are not the samples that I chose, but I am still excited about them. I have heard about these before and they aren’t makeup which makes me happy. Drunk Elephant is an expensive brand, so I’m glad to have a sample to try of one of their night serums that I am sure only has one use in it. Youtube is on fire about the Aqua bomb and I look forward to trying it out. I like wearing my hair natural, using no heat tools at all. I have no time! The Deva Curl is a brand that I’ve heard a ton about. Their products are meant to use on natural hair with no heat styling. I love products geared towards no heat styling and this is a generous size.

Clinique Pep-Start Daily UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 50

I paid $19.50 for 1 oz of sunscreen. Yes, it is expensive, but it will last me all summer. I like the yellow tint to blur out imperfections and IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE SUNSCREEN. I love that it has no scent and I have yellow undertones so I don’t mind the tint. I cannot use drugstore sunscreen, because it breaks me out. Clinique is a brand that I like and all of their skincare has been agreeable to my skin. I thought that I would give them a chance and it really wasn’t that expensive compared to other brands. I need the protection especially in the Summer, if I really like it, I’ll keep buying it to use it in the Winter time, too.

Barre To Bar Supergoop! Beauty Set

I bought this little sunscreen set for $25 and it was worth every penny. I got the Lip & Cheek tint that I’m on the fence about. It might be a little too red for me. We will see…. I’m excited to try my first setting spray! I hope it works, because I can see myself repurchasing this over the Clinique. If I can just spray over my face and my makeup still looks nice, I would use this instead of a traditional SPF product. I can see it working well to use on Dean as well, for facial application. I wanted to try the serum as a different form off sunscreen with some added benefits. I don’t like traditional sunscreen on my face. I’m trying to find safe alternatives that aren’t too expensive. The BB cream is a good match for me right now and was just an added bonus to this little kit. I have two BB creams that are too dark to wear in public right now, so now I have on to wear out. I think I got my money’s worth with this kit. Hopefully, the products work enough for me to repurchase something. It has to be really good for me to repurchase.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser

I bought this as a back up cleanser for when my GlamGlow runs out, which I cannot tell when. You cannot see through the packaging. This is a cult favorite product that I wanted to try out and if I don’t like it, I can always use it to wash my brushes. I bought this for $7 for 3 ozs. It is a good size to try out and I am excited to do so. I don’t mind having a little back stock of skin care as long as it’s reasonable. Skincare is something that I naturally just go through, because I do many steps every night to deep clean my skin. I really enjoy doing it after a long day. It’s something I’m never really lazy with. I haven’t liked anything from Philosophy before and I think it’s a little overrated as a brand.

Free Deluxe Samples

Origins is a brand that I have tried once or twice, so when I saw that Sephora had this duo as a free deluxe sized sample, I ordered it. I ran out of my day eye cream, so I thought that it would be nice to try out. After I use up the eye cream, I plan on using the face cream as an eye cream as well. They both have a very light scent that I don’t mind. This will last me awhile using these items as eye creams.

Sephora Free Birthday Gift

I chose the free birthday set from Tarte, which includes an amazonian clay 12 hour blush in paaarty and a tarteist creamy matte lip paint in birthday suit. I have been wanting to try Tarte out forever, so I thought that this would be a nice way to try out the brand with a couple of their best selling items. These nude colors speak to me and I’m excited to wear them. I also think that these are really generous sizes for a free birthday gift. Sephora’s birthday gifts are just getting so much better!

That concludes my birthday haul from Sephora. I still have my birthday present from D to haul and my purchase from The Ordinary when it decides to come in. They are having such high demands right now that shipping and processing of the items are being delayed. I won’t be buying from Sephora again until possibly the November sale or maybe a small haul in October if I need a few things before then.

With Love ❤