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Sally’s Haul & Hair Update

I just realized that I totally could have put two of these items in my empties, because I used them up. Being coloring boxes, I put the used tubes in there and throw the whole box out. Hence why I didn’t save them. Oh well! I made my first order on Sally’s website and spend $27 on my hair stuff. I also had a 5 dollar coupon, so I treated myself to some no heat hair rollers that I have yet to try. I will be doing that soon though, don’t ch’you worry and I’ll document the before and after on here as well. So, for the hair update part. I thought that I would share with you what my hair looked life before and after each step with the stuff that I purchased.


As you can tell, all of the silver rinsed out of my hair and it was left with a yellow and slightly ashy tone with white pieces. I needed a toner really bad to get my hair down to a more ashy, grey tone. Grey needs to be ashy or white. Over yellow, the hair can appear green. I remembered hearing about Wella so much on Youtube, so I purchased that.

Wella Color Charm T18: Lightest Ash Blonde


A little too late, I realized that the 050 would have been better for my hair needs, but this one did a great job at getting my hair to that nice white ashy base. I needed a developer to go with it so I bought a 10 volume, which is for depositing color only, no lift. After bleaching my hair twice at the salon, I did not need anymore lift.

Clairol Pure White 10 Volume Developer


This bottle is huge and will last quite a while. I used a half a cup of developer per one bottle (1/4 cup) of Wella T18. The mixture was white but started turning blue on my head. It took me about 10 minutes to apply it and I let it sit on my hair for another 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

I had white ashier hair. My hair where it was bleached twice, because it is stuborn is still more blonde than the rest of it. It is still a level 8 or 9, so it is a pretty light blonde. The rest of it that is white is a level 10, the perfect blonde for grey hair. I bought the color Chrome from Ion for my grey color.

Ion Color Brilliance Demi 7VA Chrome


Again, I used one whole tube of color to about a cup of developer. You always want to use double the developer to color, a 2:1 ratio. I also didn’t want it going dark, because I didn’t see many reviews on this color. All of the videos on Youtube (2), it didn’t look good on the person and I was looking for a purple smoky more true grey color. Well….I got it.

It is so multidimensional! In the light, it is a gorgeous light, true grey and in the shade it is a cool grey with purply tones to it. I absolutely LOVE my grey hair now. It is exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier. BTW, this is after 2 shampoos! It didn’t rinse out. I put the color on for 40 minutes with a shower cap. I am hoping that it lasts at least a month, so I don’t have to do it more often than that. Coloring is still damaging. I feel more like me now. For once, I love my hair. It matches my eyes PERFECTLY. It feels authentic. I found a me color that I am going to be sporting for a very long time.

With Love,



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Sephora Birthday Kit

The most wonderful time of the year, besides Christmas of course, where you can get freebies at all of your favorite stores. I have another freebie from Victoria Secrets to cash in, plus my free large from DDs coupon. I love my birthday month and my birthday happens to land on Mother’s day this year. I’ll be getting a bonus lunch for Mother’s Day too in my birthday month. I don’t like going on the actual day, though. Too crowded to enjoy a nice quite lunch with the two men in my life. There will be so many hauls this month, so I am sorry if you don’t like hauls. This one is just a mini. I actually just went into Sephora for my birthday gift. That’s it. I was in and out and boy! Did that take a lot of will power. I told myself, you don’t NEED anything…and we are going to Marshalls. 🙂


I just love that little black and white striped bag! I have a little collection of them now, because I like to reuse them for gift bags. I mean, why not? It is a free bag that I keep in good condition to reuse. There were three different gifts you could choose and I chose a CF one. Can you guess it? Yup. The Bite Beauty Kit.

In this free Birthday kit, you get a sample of the Agave sugar lip scrub and lip balm. Oh, yes, to address my swatch photo, that is my new grey hair and I love it. I will have a post going up soon about how I got my new grey hair and in the direct light, my grey is SO light. It is very pretty and I love it. Moving on, on my lips and swatched on the bottom of my hand is Bite’s Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Glace and it is my favorite nude mauve color. Absolutely beautiful on the lips. I would for sure wear this at work. It is a darker your lips but better sort of color. On the top of my hand with a bit of a brown/orange tone is Bite’s Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Chai. I have yet to use it, but it looks like a color that I would wear as well.

I am so happy with my little birthday kit and now, I have two new lippies to play around with. I can see going through Glace SO fast that I know it will be gone by the end of the year. I now have three minis from Bite beauty and they all have this sweet candy citris scent with nice velvet Nars like packaging. I just love the aesthetic and I can see myself purchasing more from this CF brand.

With Love,


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Bought Recently

I wanted to show you what I have picked up lately. It is not real exciting stuff, but just stuff that I needed to restock on. I promise that I don’t usually buy a ton of stuff. It just seems that way from all of the posts that I have been putting off making of stuff that I have purchased months ago. Like still in their boxes stuff that I haven’t touched, because I am all like I am going to haul that stuff. I don’t feel like I should touch it to remind myself to write the post. LOL. Also, usually it takes me months to put together a post like this, because I don’t buy for myself very often. I just don’t have the money to.

Crest 3D White LUXE Diamond Strong Toothpaste


I needed a new toothpaste and this one is a well known brightener and strengthen the enamel on your teeth. I do notice that my teeth are whiter, but I would need the whitening strips to get a really white smile. I might get the smallest white strips kit, because I just want to boost my smile. This toothpaste is great though and I really enjoy it. I would not actively repurchase this. I only bought it, because Tom’s was out of stock. Crest is not bunny approved, which is why I only bought it when my other option was out of stock. Hopefully, they are in stock next time I need toothpaste.

L’Oreal Colorista in Pink

This is a semi permanent hair color that washes out within a dozen shampoos. I used it on my brassy blonde ends and it looked more burnt red than pink. When I get bored of my grey, I will use it on my non-brassy white blonde hair to give it a proper review.

Alba Botanica Acne Dote Toner


I really enjoy this toner and it is cruelty free. I am going to see what else my Marshall has today on my day off. I am also stopping at Sephora for my birthday gift. I would rebuy this toner for the $5 that I spent on it. I need to see if they have anything with less alcohol in it though. I don’t find this too drying on my oil skin but my skin has been less oily more combination lately.

Thermos Thermocafe


I needed a good thermos for bringing my coffee to work or the shakes that I make at home. It is also great for holding smoothies as well. I just needed something for when I want to do the extra effort.

Not Your Mother’s Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo


So, I already shared with you that I accidentally got the conditioner instead of the shampoo. Now, I finally have the shampoo and I do like it. I use it every time I wash my hair which is once to twice a week. I do my Shimmer Lights treatment once a week where I leave it on for 30 minutes to maintain my non brassy hair. I do like this cruelty free brand and will repurchase this set in the future. I also want to get the leave in spray in this line once I run out of some leave in conditioner that I am already using.

That is it for this little recap haul. As you can see, most of these things I can write little review on them, I have had them for so long. I am using Dean’s nap to my advantage by writing on my blog. I don’t like to take time away from him when he is awake. One of the many reasons why I am so happy he naps in his own bed now and not with me. I love it when he takes a nap with me when I have a migraine. Nothing like a little warm body next to you to make you feel better.

With Love,


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Dean: The Story of a Spoiled Boy

My son is spoiled rotten with love and yes, things. He really deserved everything I got him though and I never got to do a nursery. So, I am getting that fantasy fulfilled through what I like to call a toddler room. It will be complete once I buy my own home and can paint his room a nice creamy orange. I cannot wait until next year when I can buy my own home. I have to find the dream home first. It will be a great project to work on though. And if my friend still works her cleaning gig, I will for sure be hiring her to help me before I move in to get the place looking clean.

Firs things first, I bought Dean his own laundry basket. I like to wash his soiled clothes separately and now he has his own bag to fill. I am trying to teach him to throw his dirty clothes in there, but he is convinced that it is a hideaway toy.

He also needed a toy box for his toys. I had been using laundry baskets, so it really was time for an upgrade. This is a soft, collapsible toy box. Translation: he cannot use it to climb up and try to get things. They have a plastic toy box too that I will get once he is out of the climbing on top of everything stage.

I had fun building this myself and Dean loves the toddler sized furniture. He needed more organization for his many toys. All of his toys fit into these two organizers. It makes me very happy to see a clean room at the end of the day before morning and he takes apart everything to play with all of his toys.

I thought that I would show you what it looks like when all of the bins are full as well. He can definitely use a bookshelf and a mini mounted unit as well for his baby books. I also want to get rid of my chunky dresser and get him a toddler sized one of his own for under $200. My old dresser looks so out of place in a boy’s room and it is about time that he gets his own. I went through all of his drawers and took out his too small clothes. HE is still left with 4 out of 6 drawers full of clothes. I use 1 drawer now for his linens and the other drawer has my dad’s junk in it.


I bought him a projection lamp for those hard nights when he cries and can’t go to sleep. He stops crying with this one and it occupies him until he can fall asleep. Dean definitely has the sleep troubles common in children with autism with his constant dark circles. I try to let him take long naps when I am home to make up for what he losses during the night and week. He takes 2 hour naps when I am at home and he still gets tired for bed any where near 7 to 8 pm. He also gets up at 6 and wakes up in the middle of the night.


So, technically a girl’s book, but Dean loves this talking book. I play it to him every night before he goes to bed since it is a bed time book. I like to keep Dean in his routine and have already replaced these batteries once. I bought this at Savers for a dollar. You cannot go wrong with their prices and I’m a member now and have tons of points!

I possibly have one or two more Dean hauls before I am all caught up with the purchases that I have made so far this year. I am hoping to buy a few more pieces for his room, but otherwise than that, it will probably be quiet until the Fall when he needs more clothes. By then, I will be Christmas/Birthday shopping as well. So, there are a lot of hauls to come at the end of the year.

With Love,


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Dean’s Hauling Again

I am back again with another Dean haul. He has just gotten so much stuff from new clothes to new toys. I have been shopping and buying here and there. It has all added up to a bunch of new hauls to share with all of you. Side note, I am working from home today and I have been trying to get Dean to eat Brussels sprouts. It is a no go this week, but I am sure he will like it eventually. I steamed them in a light butter sauce. Yes, it is a freezer pouch that I nuked in the microwave. No creativity or cooking skills required. I am so happy that there are so many gadgets and food that you can buy where cooking skills are not required. I am not skilled in that department.

Crayola Color Bath Dropz


This is a repurchase, because Dean loves colorful baths and watching them fizz in the tub. If you have a child, you have to try these and if you are an adult and want a colorful bath, you have to try these. I don’t need Lush bath bombs to color my tub now that I have these. When the mood strikes, I just those these in the tub, add my Minion bubble bath, and I am good to go.

Fisher Price Star Stacker

I bought this star stacker at Savers for two dollars. It doesn’t have the last two pieces or light up or anything, but Dean still loves to use it. Jen has all the pieces with hers and Dean is happy to have one of his own. You can’t go wrong for the price that I bought it for.

I don’t know what brand this is from, but this is another toy bought from Saver’s. Dean loves the many activities on it and it keeps him occupied when he does play with it. He doesn’t really play with any of the activities on the side, but he does play with the beads on the top all of the time.

I also managed to find a couple of more books to occupy his time with. Both books are still alive with all of there pages intact. I swear Dean eats books, so I am very surprised to see how long they have lasted. Savers is a great place to buy books and I highly recommend it. I want to buy myself a few books, but stopped myself. I need to finish my whole pile at home before I buy any more to be dust collectors.


I also bought Dean the whole collection of sensory Chewy Tubes. His favorite is the yellow one. I need to buy a whole set of just the yellow to have around as extras. This is a stimulating chew toy for him to chew on instead of his toys during play or skill building. It gives his mouth something to focus on, while his mind focuses on a task. He has been teething lately and destroying his toys. The chewy tubes are not cutting it for him at this time. Hopefully, they cut through soon. He was doing so good with not putting things in his mouth that don’t belong in there.

I am hauling so much lately and they will just keep on coming. I have my birthday in May. I got a coupon from Sally’s and Victoria Secrets that I want to use. I need to get my Sephora birthday freebie and I want to go raid the beauty section at Marshalls again. It is also mother’s day on my birthday, so I get to have a nice lunch out. There will be hauls. So, all you haul lovers out there, get ready. I am not done yet.

With Love,


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Dean’s Haul

I have so many hauls to catch up on that has happened over the last few months. I have just been busy with other content and my life that I never got to it. I hope you don’t mind some more hauls. I honestly love hauls, reviews, and empties. You get to see the whole life cycle of a product. I made a Sally’s order recently for my hair specifically. I am going to be making another Sally’s order for my hair and project pan for my birthday. I just got a $5 coupon code for Sally’s that expires at the end of May. I will use it up for sure. I am debating whether to sign up for their rewards or not. I don’t know how often my hair orders will be for supplies and whether it would be worth it or not.

Fisher Price BeatBelle


So, this is a $40 toy that Walmart had on clearance for $20. I had to buy it for Dean. It is so cute and we love playing with it. She does a lot of cool stuff and is very interactive. He can’t follow her commands or anything, but loves it when I play with her for him. It even lets you record a message and he loves it when she plays back to him. Even his ABA therapists have a fun time with this toy, too.

Munchkin Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup

I bought Dean two of these. He is drinking water from these cups, but still drinking milk from a bottle. Small steps. He drinks a lot of water and I like to mix tap with flavored to give it some taste. I might grab a few more of these, too. This is the only “sippy” cup that he knows how to use. The weighted straw keeps the straw primed with water in it. He doesn’t have to suck very hard to get any water out. Going to start slowly offering Dean milk in this kind of cup and see how it goes.

Fisher Price Snap-Lock Caterpillar


Dean is learning in therapy how to pull apart and pop together these kinds of activity beads. I bought him his own set to use at home to get familiar with and play with. He doesn’t really like to play with these, but loves to chew on them. I need to find another way to get him to be engaged with these. The ones Jen brings are rubberized, so I am wondering if he finds these too hard to do. We will keep trying though.

Parent’s Choice Diaper Rash Ointment


I needed another tube of this just to have on hand. I used up all three partial tubes during the week diarrhea episode he had in February. You never know when he might get a rash. I even use this when he gets heat rash on his arms and legs. It works great for any type of rash that creeps up on him.

Nickelodeon Bubble Bath


This has such a nice sweet banana scent that really lingers in the tub during his own bath experience. I even use it now. It is the only bubble bath that I have found that keeps its scent after it hits the water.Dean is obsessed with bubble baths now and he has one about 3 times a week. He’ll ask to take a tub by going into the bathroom and slapping the tub a few times. He is so sweet!

These are the things that I have picked up for Dean lately. If you have kids, have you used any of these products?

With Love,


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Macy’s Haul

So, I bought a bunch of clothes at Macy’s for Dean. It was $250 worth of clothes that I bought for $98. I love shopping at Macy’s and getting a great deal. I also bought a few outfits for Dean at Walmart that are all Paw Patrol. I will leave that haul for a different time. Dean needed some new clothes that would fit him for the current season. I recently did a clean out of him clothes and filled a small hamper full of size 6 months to 1 year old clothes that he still had in his drawers. His 18 month clothes are getting snug and probably won’t last very long as well. So, I see another Macy’s haul coming in September. Here is what I bought him:

Carter’s 2 Pc Cotton Shirt & Jogger Pants


FYI, everything is a size 2T or 2 year old toddler. 2 year old pants FINALLY fit him. His legs are super long now. I bought these long sleeve shirt and pants to transition into Spring and these will be great in the Fall as well. I love the bright green color. This outfit retails for $30 and I bought it for $11.93. This essentially makes each piece worth $6. The little green monster on the pocket is a cute touch.

Carter’s 3 PC Whale-Print Cotton PJs


These are great transitional pajamas from Spring to Summer with the pants to the soft shorts. I love the cute saying on the t-shirt. Bedtime usually requires tears at my house. lol. Retails for: $26. Purchased for: $12.99. Each piece: $4. These pants are a little long, because they aren’t cuffed at the bottom or cinched. I love the whales and the little yellow subs!

Jem Graphic Print Cotton T-Shirt


Totally describes my little boy! These were $5.99 dropped down to $3.99. It is a cute basic little t-shirt and he needed more separates for the Summer.


I also got these graphic tee, too for the same price and brand. I love the shirts with sayings on them. I think it is amusing to see a little kid with a t-shirt that says something like Here Comes Trouble and Can’t Be Tamed. Miley Cyrus could wear this shirt.

Epic Threads Little Boys Dark Blue Denim


I bought Dean his first pair of blue jeans. These retail for $30 and I bough them for $11.99. I worked briefly at Macy’s so I know how to work the sale. I worked in the teenager girl section and in the children’s department. People buy this stuff full price ALL the time, so it isn’t like JCP where the sale price is the retail price. I only buy from Macy’s on sale. Great things go on sale and I like to check them a few times a year. The Spring clearance is the best time to find Calvin Klein dresses for $40 or $60.

Epic Treads Fleece-Lined Full Zip Camo-Hood


This is super comfy and fully lined with fleece to keep Dean warm in the car seat during the Winter. It retails for $40 and I bought it for $11.96. I found matching pants, which I will show you next. This sweater is really fluffy and it is something that will still fit this coming winter. All of his sweaters got too small for him recently and I needed to get some that would fit him now.

Epic Threads Camo Print Jogger Pant


This jogging pant retails at $30 and I got it for $11.99. It is a great pair of pants for Dean. It is a bit big at the waist, but it does have draw strings to make them tighter. You try tying them when you have a 2 year old that wants to run around though. They are a thicker pant, so it is great for the Spring and Fall time. Pants last longer on Dean than shirts do. He carries most of his weight on his upper body and has a shorter, trimmer lower body. He is short and stocky. He’s my boy. ❤

Epic Threads Hooded Puffer Jacket in Gumball Red


I love, love, love this winter jacket for Dean! He can wear it strapped into the car seat, no problem. It has a retail value of $48 and I scored this lovely red jacket for $18.73. Dean chewed some of the teeth off already, so it doesn’t zip up all the way but almost. He has a real Winter jacket for exploring the backyard and sledding. Plus, that jacket is a two like this one but HUGE on Dean. He is like a marshmallow in that thing.

Paw Patrol Marshall Hooded PJs


This was so cute that I could not resist. The retail value $14.99 and I bought it for $10.86. It was so worth it and if you have stuck with me this far, you’re reward is seeing my Dean Bean in this very outfit!


I always catch him in motion! Until next time!

With Love,