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Manicure Monday

This week’s manicure emptied my bottle of Nicole by OPI Roughles Nail Polish in On What grounds?. I really loved this polish and cannot believe that I have finished up a nail polish. It was getting thick towards the end and I could barely get enough product on my nails to do one last manicure. It’s a good thing that Danielle gave me her pink one, but it seems like that one only has one or two uses left too. It’s not as thick, but there is not much left in the bottle at all.

This was after one easy coat and one hard to get anything on the brush coat. I love texture polishes, when done right, two thin coats dry really quick and last at least seven days looking perfect. It is the easiest polish for me to wear at the moment with a 16 month old. He doesn’t give me much time to myself, but when he does, I love to have a quick manicure and pedicure. Yes, I even use texture polish on my toes!

With Love ❤


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What D Got Me For Christmas

I am so happy to be sharing with all of you the goodies that D got me for Christmas this year. We just traded our gifts in Feb and I am just getting around to posting all of the new goodies that I got. I haven’t touched any of these things yet, because I was waiting to have time to put up this post. As soon as I am done, I am putting on my new MAC lipglass, because I feel like having a purple lip today. I’m feeling dramatic. One a side note, don’t be alarmed, but I deleted a lot of old photos from my blog. I had reached my 3.0 GB limit and now, I’m back down to 1.4 GB or roughly 40% of usage. Now, I have room to grow again!


Russell Stover Assorted Chocolates

I couldn’t wait on these. I took a photo of an empty box. They were delicious!

Assorted Samples

I love trying out new stuff, so samples are right up my alley. I’m in the market for a new foundation, so hopefully, one of these items work out for me. I only have two summer BB creams right now and they are too dark for my Winter skin color.


Mystic Tan Self Tanner

I’ve never tried a self tanner before, besides the Sally Hansen legs. I’m curious to see how this works. I’m going to try this during the summer months, once I get a tiny bit of tan going on to even it out. I have an in ground pool now, so I’ll be spending a lot of time outside in my bathing suit. It would be awkward to self tan now, when my skin gets no exposure to sunlight whatsoever and I haven’t been on vacation.


VersaSpa Face Moisturizing Gradual Tanner

Since this has gradual in the name, I might give it a shot now to give my skin a healthy glow. I don’t want to look tan, but sunkissed. I love using bronzer for a sunkissed look, if this gives me that, I can skip bronzer in the morning. Anything to cut out a morning step I love. I’ll give this a shot and will report back with my thoughts on it in an empties video.


Forever By Judy Blume

I loved Judy Blume books growing up and this will be my first time reading one of her adult books. I’m really looking forward to reading this one by the pool or whenever I can find time to actually read. It’s been hard with working full time, taking a class, blogging, and most importantly, taking care of my son and keeping house. I just never seem to find the time. I want to try to read two books a month again. I am like three to four books behind this year, but I am going to try to catch up and make an effort. I will definitely read this one this year.


Sarah Dessen Saint Anything

Let me start of by saying that I have a love, hate relationship with Sarah Dessen books. I love them, because I get wrapped up in her story telling. I hate them, because they tend to follow the same plot line in every book. I love the predictability, but hate it at the same time. If I want a sweet, sad story, I’ll read one of her books and I know it’ll end happily. I look forward to reading this book, when I need a little pick me up. I’m happy to own another one of her books. I tend to reread her books a lot.

Hard Candy Nail Color in Sky 1123

I have been DYING for a Hard Candy nail polish. I remember when they used to be a high end product and carried in places like Sephora. Now Soap & Glory can be found at CVS? I need to get my hands on that next. Anyways, I love this shade. It has a cool duo chrome quality to it and I cannot wait to paint this onto my nails. I already picked out my nail color for  this week, so maybe, I’ll wear this next weekend.

bath bomb

Shoot For The Stars Starry Night Bath Bomb

I love Lush and I think it is obvious. I’m excited to have another bath bomb to try out and it smells very calming. It will be perfect on a night after I put Dean to bed to relax in a hot bath. Something, I rarely get to enjoy these days.


Lush Shooting Stars Night In! Soap

D thinks that this smells lemony and I think it smells more on the lavender side. Either way, this seems like it is going to be a creamy soap, which is the type of soap that I enjoy the most. The lavender is faint in this, so I do enjoy the scent. I’m trying to use up my shower jelly right now, so I’m going to hold off on using this one. As soon as I use up the jelly, I will be using this. Or if I get sick of that scent and need a change. But honestly, who gets sick of The Comforter scent? It is also covered in glitter. My fate is sealed.


MAC In Extreme Dimension #D Black Lash Mascara

Not much to say about this, since I have to wait to finish my Benefit Roller Lash Deluxe Sample before I can try this one out. I’m excited to have a mini sample though. You can never have too many tubes of mascara. I never seem to buy any because I always get them in subscription boxes. I think I’m down to five now. I’m up to  with this bad boy.

lip balm

Ulta Tinted Lip Balm in Lollipop

This is such a pretty sheer pink. I have the swatches at the bottom of the page and this color is the top swatch on the right large picture. I can see this being very flattering on the lips, since it is sheer and won’t compete with your natural pigmentation. I love easy balms to throw on at work that I don’t have to worry about. This will be used at work, once I get through an office friendly gloss that I’m working on from B&BW.

lip crayon

PBJ Smoothie Stick Creamy Lip Crayon in Raisin the Roof

I can see using this one at work as well. I love that this is more on the purple/mauve side of the spectrum and it will par perfectly under the MAC Lipglass that D gave me as well. This color is more on the matte side, which I enjoy a matte lip as much as the next girl. I know I won’t be disappointed with this color and I might have to repurchase it when I use it up.

MAC Trolls Collection Lipglass in Glitter Grunge

I love the cute packaging that MAC always come up with. This glitter purple is pretty pigmented as well, which I love. I’m not a fan of dark colors, but if it’s purple with glitter, I am all over that. I’m all about that life. It’s the bottom swatch and it is gorgeous! I am so happy to own this color. I don’t want to use it up anytime soon, because the packaging is so cute! I really wanted to get some of the SELENA collection, but it was always sold out and I only really wanted one of the powders anyways.

That is what I got for Christmas from D. I am so lucky to have a best friend like her!

With Love,


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August Empties

My bag is overflowing from all of the empties I have in there. I am hoping that there is at least twenty products in there. I was really dedicated last month in using up products that just had a little bit left in them. I still have a few almost empty products that I’m sure will be empties in September. I’m so happy for myself! I cannot wait to see how many products I actually used up. I will be coming back Sunday and Monday with new posts, since it is a long weekend! This might be a long one!

nursing pads

1. Lansinoh Nursing Pads, 60 count = 30 day supply

milk bags

2. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 50 ct


3. Pantene Pro V Deep Cleanse Purifying Shampoo

cotton pads

4. Swisspers 100% Cotton Rounds


5. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars in Pecan Crunch


6. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Smooth Light Roast Coffee


7. Degree Men Motionsense Dry Spray Extreme 48H Antiperspirant


8. Rite Aid Feminine Care Cleansing Cloths


9. Dunkin’ Dark Coffee

leave-in hair conditioner

10. Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment

bubble bath

11. Groovi Beauty Pink Champagne Bubble Bath


12. Tarte Tarte Guard SPF 30

Face mask

13. Kalos Triple Threat Detox Masque

nail polish
L to R: LA Girl Flare in NL33 Neon Yellow, Avon in N910 Sweet Mint, Sephora in 83 Jungle Playground, H&M in Mad Mint, Julep in Amy, Color Club in 984 Wild Cactus

14. L.A. Girl Flare in Neon Yellow


15. It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product


16. Forever 21 Love & Beauty Cucumber Sheet Mask For Sensitive Skin


17. Philosophy Ultimate Miracle Worker Sample


18. Olay Fresh Effects Swirled Mattifier Sample


19. Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream in Light to Medium Sample


20. Olay Regenerist Luminous Moisturizer Sample


21. Chanel Le Lift Sample


22. Gevalia Kaffe French Roast Coffee


23. Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in 010 Fair

Royal Rose Serum

24. Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

BB Cream

25. Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow

Face butter

26. Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter Sample


27. Malibu Ultra Body Lotion Sample


28. Hair Tie

cleanser (2)

29. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Wow! Almost 30 products that I have used up. This is so amazing! I cannot wait to see what I use up in September. I don’t have any empties so far, but I’m sure that I will start using things up left and right. I have nothing to repurchase yet. I haven’t used up the last of anything important in my skin care routine, plus I have plenty of back ups! I will be buying a few school/college supplies next week when I get my books for my class AIT 131 Essentials of Information Technology. I love shopping for college/class supplies. Maybe, I’ll get some supplies for my desk as well. Anyways, I’ll be hitting the dollar tree and Walmart for supplies next week I’m supposed to get my books on Thursday!

With Love ❤


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Nail Polish Graveyard

And those are only my nudes-pinks-reds! I love the concept of a nail polish graveyard. I’m doing mine a bit different from Tati/glamlifeguru. I’m weeding out polishes that I don’t wear enough to keep and ones that are very similar in color. I need to cut down my collection to the amount of makeup a normal person needs or somewhat normal. Either way, some of these are almost empties so I won’t be able to use them for long. I’m going to be painting my nails again hopefully. I will probably do an updated post next year, because if it doesn’t dry quick then it has no place in my stash.

Let’s get to it:


These are all of my pink colors. I am grouping them together in similar colors and deciding which ones I will be keeping and the ones that I will be giving away. Danielle if you want any of these, let me know. The rest I will be bringing to work and letting the women there pick what they want.

From Left to Right: Sally Hansen Salon in 4134-1 Creme de la Creme, Lillian Eve in 123 Sweet Dreams, Revlon Color Beam Sheer in 825 Lavender Light

These are my nude colors and I am only keeping Sweat Dreams. It is the only one that is flattering on my hands. It’s a pretty pale shell pink.

nail polish
Left to Right: Nicole by OPI Roughles in NI 454 Rock The Look, ZOYA in Dot, NYC In A Minute in 234 Wall Street

I couldn’t part with any of these colors. The OPI is a texture polish, ZOYA is a nice pink creme, and the NYC is a shimmering pink. They are not alike. They are just in the same color family. I need to keep them!

From Left to Right: Wet n Wild Megalast in D190A Bubble Gum Pop, Color Club in N22 All That Razz, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in 4918-05 Flyin’ Fuchsia, Julep in 2283 Lauren

I chose to keep Bubble Gum Pop and Lauren. One is a brighter, bolder pink and the other is more muted in color. The two middle ones were very similar to the two that I already chose. I wanted to keep them, but one girl does not need 4 VERY similar shades of pink.

nail polish
Left To Right: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in 700 Cotton Candies & Wet N Wild Megalast in 210C Tropicalia

I had to keep the blue-toned pink texture polish and the coral one. I don’t have anything similar to either one of these polishes.

nail polish
Julep in Gloria

I don’t have an orange nail color. This one has a hint of pink/peach in it. It’s unique.

nail polish
Left To Right: Julep in Tamara, Sinful Colors in 1530 No Text Red, Wet N Wild Megalast in 214C I Red A Good Book, OPI Texture Polish in NLM48 Red

I am keeping Julep, because it is a pink-red. I will keep the OPI. I love texture polishes. They dry quickly and I really like the look of them as long as they look neat and not messy. The Sinful Color is a very deep red that I don’t wear, so I won’t be keeping that. I will be keeping the Megalast. I love a red pedicure.

nail polish
Left to Right: Wet N Wild Megalast in 216B Under Your Spell, NYC In A Minute in 262 Murray Hill Mauve, TCW in Dusty Rose, Nicole by OPI Modern Family in NIF03 She’s Lily Something

The dark red shimmer formula didn’t work well the first time I tried it, but I’m willing to give it another shot. The only one I’m giving away is the dusty rose. I never reach for this color. I don’t think I ever actually tried it either.

nail polish
From Left to Right: Wet N Wild Fastdry in 227C Teal Or No Teal, Sation in 9070 Cast A Spill On You, Avon in N015 Lagoon, Rimmel London Sweetie Crush in 012 Blueberry Whizz

Of course, I kept the texture Cinderella Glass Slippers color on the end. Love <3. Avon and Wet N Wild are very similar to the Rimmel, so I said goodbye. I’m keeping the Sation one since it is a deeper metallic blue.

Nail Polish
Left To Right: Sinful Colors in 1324 Cold Leather, Sinful Shine in 1219 Alfresco, Sinful Colors in 9662 Ocean Side, Funky Fingers in 6031 Puffo Gelato, Nicole by OPI Roughles in NI453 On What Grounds?

The dark blue and the one in the middle, I am giving away. I love the Robins Egg Blue on the end and the cool Funky Fingers color with black “sprinkles”. I love the color Periwinkle, so the Sinful Shine is staying as well.

Nail Polish
L to R: Love Charlotte in Code Accholiday, Nicole By OPI Selena Gomez in NIG02 Mi Fantasia, OPI in NLK10 Last Friday Night

All of my glitters are staying. The Selena Gomez and Katy Perry OPIs are halfway empty. I’ll be sad when I use them up. 😦

Nail polish
L To R: Avon in N243 Loving Lavender, Color Club in 971 Port-Folio, OPI Texture Polish in NLM47 Purple

All of my purples are staying as well. Glitter and purple are my two favorite colors. EVER.

nail polish
L to R: TCW in Gold, Nailtini in 124 Champagne, Confetti in 093 Debutante, OPI Shatter in NLE60 Gold Shatter

I have to keep the gold shatter, because that is a cool effect to have. The Confetti is a true gold color and the Nailtini is more of a rose gold. The TCW is very similar to the Nailtini, so I’m giving that one away.

nail polish
L to R: LA Girl Flare in NL33 Neon Yellow, Avon in N910 Sweet Mint, Sephora in 83 Jungle Playground, H&M in Mad Mint, Julep in Amy, Color Club in 984 Wild Cactus

The only color that I am throwing out is the yellow one. I don’t think anyone would want that color. I’m keeping the rest off these.

So, the total that I am weeding out of my collection is 12 polishes and I am keeping 34. I cannot believe that I had 46 polishes! I am happy that I was able to get rid of 12. I will be continuing this series in the future with Lip products next! Press Like if you want to see another installment in the series!

With Love ❤



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Shatter Me *Day 7*

For OPI Nail Lacquer in Turquoise Shatter NLE 64

nail polish

What It Is:

A shatter affect nail polish in a metallic turquoise.

Key Ingredients:

Ethyl acetate, alcohol denat., mica, isopropyl alcohol.

How It Looks/Feels/Applies:

It is a metallic, shimmery turquoise blue that could go more green depending upon the lighting and what color is peeking through. It makes my fingers cold, which is a little weird. The formula was thick and chunky which made it difficult to work with. It was impossible to get a thin even coat of shatter. It looked thick and not chic on nails.

Why I Didn’t Like It:

The formula of this OPI was horrible! OPI is usually very good and I bought this at the salon, so I know it is authentic. It dried up on me, which must be the bad formula on this one. I have my OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream that is still going strong at over 6 years of use/being open.

It’s the glitter polish in the pictures. Anyways, I also have an OPI Gold Shatter that has an amazing formula. I think I got a dud or the color formula was a dud as a whole. Not sure which one it is. The formula was thick and gooey and no matter how hard I tried it always looked like a gross mess on my nails. I do not recommend this one from OPI. If you are looking for a shatter, I love the gold, metallic one. It is easy to get a thin even coat and it makes my nails look so princessy when layered over pink or purple.

With Love ❤


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June Empties *Day 5*

I only have a handful of empties this month. I need to try harder to use up the things that I have instead of being afraid to be without it. If I use it up, I can repurchase it if I loved it so much. They are only things after all. I think July will be a heavier month for me. I’m concentrating on using up sample packets and items that are almost finished up. I’m also clearing my makeup collection this month, so maybe I’ll have some empties there as well.

Does anyone else have a hard time finishing up stuff?

Hot Chocolate

Tootsie Roll Hot Cocoa


Loreal Revitalift Volume Filler Re-Volumizing Serum & Cream

Cleansing Water

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

nail polish

OPI Nail Lacquer in Turquoise Shatter NL E64

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Well, those are my 5 empty products this month. Does anyone else use up this little a month? Is this considered normal? My goal for July is 15 product empties. Can I do it? Find out in August!

With Love,


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Rock The Look

Heya Aspiring Gurus!


I have a rare Manicure Monday for all of you to enjoy today! I have had a crazy Labor Day Weekend and I am so sad to see it end. At least, I have today to enjoy and only a four day work week until the next day. My friend Danielle gave me this nail polish on Saturday, where we swapped beauty and other things that we didn’t want/like. I absolutely LOVE this nail polish, so thank you Dani! I love textured polishes and this one is no different. It is barbie doll pink with flecks of black and red glitter throughout. This took me only 10 minutes or less to apply two coats of it. I love quick polishes and I cannot wait to try the other textured nail polish that she gave me. Oh! I almost forgot! This is OPI Nicole Roughles in Rock The Look.


With Love,