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6 Before Summer Update #1

I am happy to report that I finished 1 of the original six and I finished the replacement that I added in as well. So far, I have finished two products out of the project. I am 1/3 done with my project. I just have to finish four more or reach the end date to call it quits. I finished off two face masks in my project. I replaced them with a sheet mask that I haven’t used yet. I find it hard to use up a sheet mask, but I have many and I need to use them up. I cannot wait to show you my progress!

I finished off the Lush Cup O’ Coffee scrub and The Body Shop Tea Tree Face mask. I have replaced them with the Tony Moley I’m Real Red Wine Sheet Mask. I’m hoping to use this up this weekend at some point and if I do, I’m going to replace it with another sheet mask. After that, I’ll probably throw in my Proactive sulfur mask. I’m happy to be moving through my masks, since I got three new ones for my birthday!

I have so much progress with my Wen Sweet Almond Mint Volumizing Treatment Spray. I just use it like hair spray. It doesn’t do much for my hair and I don’t care for the crunchy, flaky mess the day after I use this. I’ll be happy when I finish this up for sure. Then I can move onto my mouse from either Tresseme or Big Sexy Hair.

I didn’t use it for the first two weeks, because I forgot to. I’ve been using it everyday since. The progress is slow going as a deodorant. This powder fluffs up a lot when you use it. I really had to work to settle the product for a good measuring picture. I like to use a couple of shakefulls underneath my arm pits before I go in with an aluminum deodorant. I use this on its own when I’m at home, but if I’m going to work or out, I layer them up. I’m trying to use this up, because I didn’t like it in my hair. I think it does a better job as a deodorant. I also use this on my sweaty feet to dry them up and I’m enjoying it for that way as well. Maybe, I can get through it faster this summer.

I think we are all surprised about this progress and I wanted to show the “window” to prove it. This is 4 grams of eye shadow that I only use on the weekends, but I am moving pretty fast through this. I’m thinking creams are just easier to use up than powders. I’m about half way through this tube. Not sure I can really use up all of it by then end of this project, but I think I’ll have most of it used up by then. I’m not into metallic purple, so I put a layer of nude powder eye shadow on top of this and it softens the look. I’ve been enjoying using this and making it into a more neutral eye look.

The right is my progress. I’m a little less than half way through the perfume. I am moving to an easier way to view how much I have left in the container, because I think it’s easier to see. I used this perfume every single day and I love it a lot. I’ll be sad when it’s done, but I want the original Be Delicious perfume. This is a great Spring scent that I will be putting away for next year if I don’t finish it before the finale.

As you can see, I have worn down the dome shape to the product. This is almost 6 grams of blush, so I don’t think I’ll be finishing it. I enjoy using it during the work week for a nice glow, but it isn’t my favorite. It tends to be blotchy and not easy to blend out evenly no matter what I use whether a brush or sponge. I’ll be happy when it’s gone and I won’t be repurchasing. I like the color enough to use it, but the formula is splotchy.

That’s it for my update. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use up four more products to call this project a success. I have high hopes for this one!

With Love ❤


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Pan That Pallet Update #2 & #3

It has been two months since my last update. I have hit pan on one of my eye shadows in my Smashbox Lightening Theory Pallet and I am close to hitting pan in the gold shadow that I love so much. I’ve been trying to use an eye shadow that is in my project pan, otherwise I would have hit pan on the gold one already. I think I will hit pan on that one by the next update. It might take a couple of updates to hit pan on another nude, all over shade. The darker crease shades might take until the end of the year, because I don’t use that much of it in my crease. I only use three to four eye shadows at most. I also only use eye shadow on the weekends and still made decent progress.

I didn’t make much progress on any of the creams, but I have been using them every weekend. You just need a swipe or a dab on each area, so you’re not really using them that much. I think I might hit pan on the purple corrector eventually, because it is the most used. I really love it for brightening up the smile lines on my face. It tends to cast a shadow, so the purple under foundation just works to brighten everything up. I also use it under my eyes after using the peach corrector and the highlighter in this pallet. I’ve really been enjoying using it and I’m not sick of it. I think as long as you add things in with it, like an eye liner, blush, eye shadow, or anything different, it mixes it up and it gives you a whole new look.

With Love ❤


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$200 Before 2018 Update #1

This is my first update for my $200 Before 2018. I am trying to use up $200 worth of makeup before the new year. I also want to try to use up 20 makeup items as well. I know in my next update in June, I will have at least 3 more full size items to add in. I just started this last month, so I don’t have a ton of progress yet. I’m hoping to finish up a few more makeup and perfume samples this month to try to purge all that I have right now, which is a ton of samples. This is my progress so far and it is everything that I used up in the month of April.

Makeup Samples: 4 used up = $4


I’m counting all my samples used up as $1 each, but it does not go towards my beauty total of 20 items. I didn’t love any of these samples and I would not purchase any of them full size. I love trying out new items, but none of them were a good enough color match to get me to want to buy them. I thought that they were just okay.

Perfume Samples: 3 used up = $3


The only one that I am a bit interested to buy for fall or winter is the Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb perfume. I have so many other perfumes that I want to buy and even more that I want to use up. When I am in the market for a perfume for that time of year, I will keep this one in mind.

Lip Products: 2 used up = $5 + $8.40 = $13.40


I never realized just how cheap Colorpop really is. I might have to pick up a few here and there now that they are being sold at Walmart, at least online. Lip products are the hardest for me to go through, because it takes such a long time to use up. I would buy another Colorpop lip product and other things from the brand once I use up more stuff that I own. I will be buying the Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner once I have used up half of my colorless lip balms. It is so expensive, but so good on the lips and for them. The little tube is almost a third of the full size and it lasted me two to three months of nightly use.

Glowy Lotions: 1 used up = $7


I enjoyed using this GlamGlow illuminating moisturizer, but I wouldn’t purchase it. I needed to powder down the glow on this one in order to wear it. This had a lot of product in it and I used it during the work week to give my face an easy glow. It took me most of the month to use up. Glowy moisturizers aren’t for me. I think I’d rather use highlighter or a glowy blush.

In April, I was able to use up a total of 3 products out of 20, totaling $27.40 out of $200. I still have a long way to go to reach my goals, but at least monetarily I am 10% there. I am trying to use up a ton of things on there last legs in May, so I think June’s update will be a good one. I am been ignoring my foil samples, so I am going to try to be better this week and use up a couple. I’ve been working on my project pan, so I haven’t been focused on my samples.

With Love ❤


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Six Before Summer Intro

Hey Guys!

I am starting my six by summer project pan this week. I have picked out my six products and if I finish any of them up before the challenge ends, I will be adding a new similar product to the bunch. For this project, I have chosen a hair product, powder, eye, face, perfume, and skin care item. Two of the items are leftovers from my failed 7 Before Spring challenge. I am hoping to finish off 6 products to call this project a success!

Repeat Offender: Cup O’ Coffee Lush Face and Body Mask


I need to finish this off before it goes bad. There is two to three uses left. I made myself a promise that at least twice a week, I need to do a face mask and relax after I put Dean to bed. If I keep this promise to myself, this mask should be finished up in a few weeks, since I only like to use this mask when I’m going to be taking a shower after. This mask gets very messy in the sink, so I’d rather rinse it away in the shower. It sprays away the evidence! No cleaning the bath tub required.

Repeat Offender: Wen Sweet Almond Mint Volumizing Treatment Spray


The last third line is where I am at. I’m hopeful to finish this up by summer. I do not like this spray. I like using it to make my hair nice and sleek and it is great for that. I ind that it adds too much crunch for volume and it tends to flake in my hair. If I use this, I have to wash my hair out that night or the next morning. The flaking is too bad to just skip hair washing after application. It looks like I have serious dandruff by the end of the night.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in 45 Orchid Hush

I had to do two layers to get the swatch to show up. I think this color is so pretty for that light from within glow. It is a cream blush, but it turns into a powder finish. It melts into the skin and I just like the final result of it. I would repurchase if they still make this. If I use this up and a few other blushes, I will allow myself to repurchase this blush in a different color. I would go for a nice peachy glow.

DKNY Be Delicious Perfume in Fresh Blossom

I am about a third of the way through this perfume and it is the perfect spring time scent. It is floral and a bit sweet. I love this perfume and I want to get good use out of it. I would repurchase another DKNY Be Delicious perfume. I would get the original green apple one. I will allow myself to buy this perfume, when I have finished up 5 of my perfumes not including perfume samples. It only includes sprays, rollerballs, minis, and full sized perfumes. I have too many perfumes and I need to minimize my collection. In a perfect world, I want to have four perfumes: one for each season. DKNY would be my spring perfume. I just love the notes in it and it is a classic fragrance to me.

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo


Yes, you heard me right. I am going to be using this as an aluminum free deodorant. I need to use it up and since I don’t like it in my hair, I figure that I could use it as weekend deodorant. Not sure that I can use it ALL up before summer, but I am going to try and see if I like it that way. It is a good trail run to see how it performs. I want to get my dollars worth out of this product instead of just throwing it out.

Eyetini Shadow Tint in EC007 Violette

I like how you can build this up as an eye shadow or wear it as a tint or base under other eyeshadows. It is pretty much full, but it only has four grams of product in it. I think I can manage to use this up by wearing it every weekend as my base before using my Smashbox shadows. I’m kinda over the whole purple eyeshadow trend, but I want to use this product up. I think that I received this in an Ipsy bag.

I’ll be doing an update in about a month, I think. When I see updates start going up on Youtube, I will follow up with mine. Are any of you doing project pans? I would love to hear about it, so leave a link in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

With Love,


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7 Before Spring Finale

So, this project pan was somewhat of a fail, since I did not use up any of the items. I used every item in the project for a total of three weeks. I started this project really late, but I am still happy about all the progress that I was able to make in such a short amount of time. I will be sharing my 6 Before Summer post soon enough. Without further ado, let’s get to what this post is about.

Fantasy Vampire Perfume

I am so happy with my progress on this perfume and now, I will store the rest away for next Winter. I think I have just enough to last one more winter, before I will need to purchase another winter scent. I think I will go with that Bourbon perfume from Lily and James aka Mary-Kate and Ashley. I really like this scent, but it just doesn’t last past the two hour point and can smell a little like BO on next day clothes. It’s weird and I will not repurchase and I cannot recommend it.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

These are Before and After pictures by the way. You cannot really see the progress here, but I did use it for a week. I will continue to use this every night before I go to bed. It has become habit now.

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in No 2 Sunkissed

I’m proud with this progress, too. I have finished a third of the product, but I need a break from the color. I’m going to use up a different blush in the Spring, but I will come back to this in the summer. It is so light and long lasting. It is perfect in summer for that lit from within glow. It gives a nice rosy glow like you got a nice amount of sun. I really like this blush and I highly recommend them. A little bit also goes A LONG way.

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops in Radiance

I really like the subtle glow that this gives my cheeks, so I might actually use this as a facial oil in the morning. It absorbs fast and after I powder, it just gives a nice sheen to the skin. I am hoping to use this up in March, but we will see. I would not repurchase this, because I would rather use a highlighter that is not an oil.

Wen Volumizing Treatment Spray

I need to use this up, because I do not like it at all. It is alright to use up, but I will be happy when it is done and I will not be repurchasing anything Wen ever again. I am actually settling with their class action law suit, so I should be getting $30 in the mail one of these years. It is the least they can do for selling cheap products.

Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask

I only have a few more uses and then, I’ll be done. I am looking forward to emptying this out, but I’ll be sad when it’s done. I’ll have to wait until Dean’s birthday to pick more up during the sale. I want to purchase the blue mask, but this is a very good choice as well.

Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner in 01 Nude

I love this lip conditioner, but I look forward to using it up. I have it on my to buy list at Sephora for when I am close to running out of lip balms. I have about 7 lip balms right now, but I think I’ll buying this next year. I just got my tax money, so be ready for a few Sephora hauls. I have $200 that I am splitting up into 4 purchases to get the most out of the samples and deluxe goodies!

With Love ❤

Selena Hannah ❤

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Pan That Pallet Update 1

I have been working really hard on using up the products in the Smashbox Lightening Theory pallet. I have made major progress on the shade Sand and Sunrise. Almond is really pigmented, so I only need the tiniest bit. Sand and Sunrise has a lot of kickback and I bet that’s why I have used as much product as I did. I try to build up Sand by layering it, but it still doesn’t really show up on my skin. It is great to use as a base though and I find that Almond blends better with another shadow underneath; otherwise, it tends to skip and drag a little. I love putting Sunrise all over the lid as my lid color. This gives my eyes a very natural look with a bit of shimmer. I love pairing it with the gold cream highlighter, the nude blush, and a bold colored lip.

I have been playing around with Sunlight, which the copper color next to the gold Sunrise. It is a bolder look, but I love that color as well. It is the same formula as Sunrise, so I really like it as a lid color as well. As soon as I hit pan on Sunrise, I will start using Sunlight as my lid color, which is better suited for summer anyways. I’ve been enjoying my first pallet, but I have to say that the darker colors are a bit patchy and muddy looking. I’ll have to experiment with them more. I’m not drawn to dark colors. I’d much rather have lighter shades than darker ones. I like darker ones for the crease and outer v. You definitely want to tap off the excess, because a little goes a long way with these.

I’m hoping to hit pan on Sand and Sunrise by next month, so I can move on to Linen and Sunlight. I honestly have no hope of hitting pan on almond, since it is so pigmented. I might be able to pull it off as a contour shade though.

That is it or my update! I’ll update you guys some time in April!

With Love ❤







7 Before Spring

Hi Everyone!

I’m really late with this project pan, but one of my Youtuber’s just started this project as well and I wanted to do it with someone else. This project pan ends on March 20th, so there will be no progress video just the finale after March 20th. Without further ado, here are the 7 products that I want to use up before Spring!


  • Wen Sweet Almond Mint Volumizing Treatment Spray: This has been in my collection forever and I just want to use the last of it up.


  • Lush Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask: I only have one or two uses out of this left and I want to use it up before it goes bad.


  • Fantasy Vampire Perfume: This is a Winter scent and I want to use up as much as I can before Spring. I won’t be taking it out again until next Fall/Winter, so if I can use the whole thing up I’ll be happy as a clam.


  • Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub: I never remember to use this product before bed. I thought that if I put it in a project that I would remember it more and actually use it. I don’t want it to go bad on me and I’ve had for a good long while.


  • Pixi Sheer Check Gel in No 2 Sun Kissed: I love this cheek gel, but it is getting old. It’s probably the oldest makeup in my collection. I want to use up as much as I can, because I love it and don’t want to see it wasted. It is so easy to wear. I just smear some on my cheeks and blend with a brush and I am good to go.


  • Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner: It smells like roses and really conditions my lips. I love it and I want to use it. I’ll repurchase this at some point.


  • Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops in Radiance: This is easy breezy makeup as well. I use it as a glowy highlighter before I powder and head out the door. I want to try the actual highlighter drops after this sample.

With Love ❤

Selena Hannah